In Your Words: New year, new you?

With the start of a new year and new semester, those all too familiar New Year’s resolutions should soon be on their way out.  More cliché than the actual resolution is the abandonment of that pledge to exercise more, use Facebook less or maintain a GPA worthy of showing your parents. Sure, it all seemed possible over winter break when you had no responsibilities and could naively plan how you would better yourself in 2011, but with the forthcoming essays to write, lab reports to complete and drunken escapades to engage in, disregarding that New Year’s resolution is not only acceptable, but generally expected as well. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. Know that countless other Boston University students have at some point forgotten their resolutions. So in the spirit of anti-self improvement, enjoy the following failed New Year’s resolutions:

–       “I made a resolution last year to be nicer to people and not be as sarcastic. I broke it after two months because the people in my high school were just too mean.” –Wil Pierce SHA ‘14

–       “I wanted to be vegan for a year, but it lasted less than two days because I have no self control.”-Maryanne Sutton SHA ‘14

–       “My resolution was to exercise more, but it only lasted a week because I’m lazy.” –Peter McElroy SMG ‘13

–       “I wanted to save money for a trip. It lasted a few months, but I spent it all on a different big purchase. I haven’t made a resolution since.” –Randi Nees CAS ‘14

–       “The ones I break usually involve diet or workout resolutions. They tend to last for about a month, but I always end up breaking them because they’re just too unrealistic and I forget about them.” –Danielle Lauto CAS ‘12

– Sarah Payne, DFP Staff


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