Hidden Gems: Uncovering your funky side

With all the snow and rain we’ve gotten in the past week, I know most of us dread leaving our rooms to venture into the bitter cold and puddles of slush. Going through the same routine of class, dining hall and dorm everyday can be a little dull. So this week, get away from the routine and head to Cambridge! While Harvard Square does have particularly charming places to see, getting off one stop before at Central Sqaure will have you a couple of minutes away from The Great Eastern Trading Co., an extraordinary costume shop that has hundreds of treasures to amuse the curious.

The name does no justification to what this store embodies. As one of the only stores located on this residential street about five minutes from the Central T stop, the Trading Co. humbly boasts vibrant colors and unique designs. The intricately decorated mannequins in the window draw you in to this boutique shop that is no bigger than the size of a CAS classroom. Here, you can find everything from Halloween costumes to belly-dancing skirts, extravagent jewelry to simples masks. Packed in every corner with little trinkets, the store brings together something for any personality type – some crazy checkered printed pants, a crop top from the 80’s or a simple, unisex, ornamental bracelet.

Whether it’s for a costume party or just some refreshing window shopping, The Great Eastern Trading Co. is a must-see locale minutes away from the touristy area of Harvard Square. Additionally, the two ladies that run the store are very helpful if you’re looking for something in particular. Most things are very reasonably priced. Regardless of whether you need anything, this store is a great place to explore with a few friends and to appreciate the diversity of Boston. So conquer the slush and make the T ride over to Centra l- you definitely won’t be dissappointed!

Great Eastern Trading Co.
49 River St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Shyela Malani, Blog Contributor


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