In Your Words: Student voting rights

The In Your Words section of Daily Free Now asks BU students for their opinions about the topics dominating the news.

A new law proposed in New Hampshire would forbid college students from being able to vote in the state in which they go to college, unless they lived there prior to attending school. Is this just? Should students be able to have the option of voting in the state where they go to college?

“I believe students should be able to vote in a different state. Most students go away for four years and therefore are affected by political leaders. Students should have a say as Americans – even if they are only there for school.” – Hazel Lopez, COM ’14

“College students live in their college towns for nine months of the year for approximately four years, so they should have the ability to vote and have a say about their temporary residence.” – Claire Ha, COM ’14

“I think that because laws which might be voted on might affect students, it is important that we can be involved whether from out of state or not.” – Carol Kozma, COM ’14

“I don’t think we should be able to vote in the state we go to school in because a lot of us don’t know enough about the issues in the state to vote properly and make a just decision.” – Sloane Williams, CAS ’14


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