Life in sensational Sydney

Day 1 (a couple of days late!)

I have been traveling for almost 12 hours. For someone who is used to taking one-hour flights from Baltimore to Boston (or vice versa), 12 hours is arduous. Especially with the knowledge that there is still a 14-hour flight separating me from the shower that I so desperately need already.

I am participating in the Travel Writing in Australia program with BU, so I’ll be living in Sydney for two months and going on a semi-cross-country trip to interview locals and get a feel for more of the rural Australian towns. While I’m beyond excited to live across the world until July 20th, I am currently basking in my misery at LAX. Although I did see a semi-famous person within five minutes of departing my plane – Eric Stoltz, look him up – I do feel slightly out of place amidst the colorful fashions and general summer attire. I am dressed in all black down to my sunglasses, repping the east coast all the way.

There is a possibility that this half-day flight could be doable, however, if there is an electrical socket in/near my seat. If there isn’t, I am doomed to die the slowest death imaginable and will arrive in Sydney a hardened corpse. But I am praying to the Airline Gods that they understand flights from Los Angeles to Sydney are in the top five most horrendous travel experiences imaginable (I assume) and will be merciful enough to hook a sister and her fellow sisters and brothers up. If not for the simple fact that I bought two seasons of “Mad Men” and season one of “The Wire.”

At this point, I truly have no idea of what to expect. I have to admit that as much as I am excited, I am exponentially more nervous. I am not one for icebreakers and I am certainly not one for awkward conversations – I’m the type to reveal something about myself that ends up completely shocking the other person, in an attempt to demolish the ice in one fell swoop. Adjusting to life at BU in that first week was difficult and as I sit in this terminal waiting to take a shuttle, surrounded by what I know to be other program attendees, I am experiencing déjà vu.

Of course, I have nothing to complain about – I’m going to Sydney! I suppose it’s just natural to have these initial fears, none of which involve the plane crashing into the Pacific Ocean, surprisingly. I could be having the problems some of my fellow students are having, which is that their travel agents (in connection with BU) CANCELLED THEIR TICKETS by mistake. I’m actually watching a guy hyperventilate. At least I know I’m getting to Sydney and am only worried about the actual arrival.

So cheers, mates, and I’ll report back after settling in!


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