Off the record week 5: Chelsea’s picks

Off The Record is a weekly MUSE installment exploring the favorite music of the Daily Free Press editorial staff. Each week a different editor will pick their five favorite songs. Week five features our City Editor, Chelsea Diana. Enjoy. 



“Florescent Adolescent”- Arctic Monkeys

Fun and witty, with just a touch of bitterness, “Fluorescent Adolescent” is my favorite. The lyrics may be tinged with regret and hopelessness, but the beat is fun and I love to dance silly while listening to it!

“Lost in the Supermarket”- The Clash

When I was a middle school wannabe punk I would listen to “Lost in the Supermarket” on repeat for hours (and still do). My angsty 13-year-old self listened and thought, “Yeah the Clash had it right, screw suburbia,” even though I’ve never lived in the suburbs… I still love it today and it never gets old.

“Ooh La La”- Faces

I saw this Faces album at a garage sale this summer and bought it, despite not owning a record player. Currently it’s sitting at home collecting dust, but I knew no one else would buy it and I couldn’t let it get thrown in the trash. “Ooh La La” is sweet and a little sad, but it’s perfect for a rainy day.

“Don’t Rain on my Parade” – Barbra Streisand

Please don’t rain on my parade for this one, but I’m a secret musical junkie. While I can’t sing or dance, I’m like a gay man when it comes to anything Barbra related— aka obsessed. Funny Girl is one of my favorite musicals and in my eyes this lady can do no wrong; just ask Duck Sauce.

“Go the Distance” Hercules

Haters gonna hate, but Disney’s the best. (Not the Michael Bolton version though, yuck)


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