The Daily Free Press guide to Bu A Capella

By Staff Writer Kristen Gloss

Boston University has a host of a capella groups that sing tunes both near and far.  Check out what these groups had to say about themselves and give them each a listen!

Chordially Yours:

This is the “sassiest a cappella group,” said business manager Leanne Curley, a junior in the School of Education. This tight-knit group of females perform covers of The Beatles, Florence and the Machine, Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds and other bands.

“We have a great knack for choosing a variety of different voice types, like jazzy, choral, belting, and others, which creates a really dynamic group,” Curley said. “In addition to that, we have some pretty sweet dance moves, both choreographed and non-choreographed.”

In their spare time, she said they are also “big fans of going to Sunset Cantina and eating plates of nachos.”

Established: 2001

Members: 16

Singers who auditioned this year: 80

Singers accepted: 3

Where to find them: Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall and Times Square

The Allegretos:

The Allegretos are known for adding fun twists to classic songs, said senior Julia Horne, the group’s secretary. They take influence from a variety of contemporary artists, including Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Panic at the Disco, Adele, Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons and The Pretty Reckless.

“We’re serious when we need to be during rehearsals, but we also know that singing is about having fun. We sing because we love it, and we definitely let that show during our performances,” Horne said.

Established: 1995

Members: 16

Singers who auditioned this year: over 100

Singers accepted: 5

Where to find them: Winter and spring concerts are at the end of every semester, BU Night of A Capella and outside on Marsh Plaza.

The BU Dear Abbeys:

This all-male group includes no music majors, but students who claim to sing for the fun of it, said president Daniel Taylor, a senior in the College of Engineering. While they have diverse interests, Taylor said they enjoy hanging out and making music together. Their performances focus on classic rock, pop, alternative and indie music, among other genres.

“To my knowledge, we are the only large all male group (until last year we were the only all male group). Our style tends to be a little goofier and relaxed while maintaining the essential musical integrity that has become our standard,” Taylor said. “We want the audience to love the music and have fun! The sound of an all male group is inherently different than a coed group or an all female group so in that way I would say we are unique.”

Established: 1992

Members: 13

Singers who auditioned this year: about 75 people

Singers accepted: 3

Where to find them: States across the country and around New England, high schools, sporting events, weddings, street corners, and a shows at the end of each semester in Morse Auditorium.

Kol Echad:

Kol Echad, the co-ed Jewish a cappella group on campus, means both “one voice” and “everyone” in Hebrew, said business manager Alanna Wolf, a sophomore in Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and music director Arielle Solomon, a sophomore in CAS.

Kol Echad sings in both English and Hebrew, with songs by popular American artists such as Matisyahu and Guster, popular Israeli artists such as Idan Raichel, as well as commonly known Jewish traditional songs. Their upcoming CD is called “One Voice” and uses their name to portray the way they sing and blend their voices into one.

Established: 1995

Members: 17

Singers who auditioned this year: over 30

Singers people accepted: 6

Where to find them: Temples, nursing homes, Jewish festivals, TOMS Club’s “One Day Without Shoes,” New York City during winter break and fall and spring concerts

Aural Fixation:

This all-female group takes road trips and has gigs around the country. “We have an annual retreat to the Cape, and hang out all the time. And, of course, we eat Sunset nachos like it’s nobody’s business,” said president Veronica Bacher, an SED senior.

“We are a bunch of talented singers who are also close friends: we love working and singing together. We have a distinctive personality; we love to add sassy choreography and mash up songs. We are creative and fun, and can always be counted on to bro out,” Bacher said.

Established: 1997

Members: 15

Singers who auditioned this year: About 70

Singers accepted: 2

The Treblemakers:

The Treblemakers are “versatile, vocal and sometimes awkward,” said president Emily Yung, a College of Communication senior. Aside from focusing on music, vice president Mandi Goldberg, a senior in CAS, said that they consider themselves to be a family.

With an interest in ‘80s music, members said they have covered various artists, including Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Muse, Billy Joel and Michael Buble.

Established: 1996

Members: 16

Singers who auditioned this year: over 100

Singers accepted: 6


Terpsichore is not your typical all-female a cappella group, said COM junior Kara Andrew. “We stand out because we tend to choose songs that are not typical ‘girl group’ songs. We like to rock out,” she said.

The Terps sing songs from various genres, including “King of Anything” by Sara Barreille, “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls, and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye.

Established: 1989

Members: 14

Singers who auditioned this year: 71

Singers accepted: 4

BU Sweethearts:

While the Sweethearts are one of the smallest a cappella groups, president Katie McCormick said they are also one of the more untraditional. This all-female group sings oldies and jazz pieces, often in the signature four part harmony of “barbershop music,” the CAS junior said.

Established: 2002

Members: 8

Singers who auditioned this year: over 80

Singers accepted: 4

The BosTones:

The BosTones are a “soulful sounding group who likes to just chill out and sing with each other,” said president Aaron Coleman, an SED senior. Their performances include covers of Otis Redding, Queen, The Beatles, Kanye West, John Legend and Mumford and Sons.

Established: 1995

Members: 17

Singers who auditioned this year: around 200

Singers accepted: 6

In Achord:

In Achord, the oldest co-ed a cappella group on campus, has competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella and won awards for arrangements, choreography and solos, said president Tina Yip, an SMG senior. They have also been recorded on “Voices Only,” an a cappella compilation CD.

“We take pride on our arrangements, diverse soloists and energy on stage,” Yip said.

Established: 1990

Members: 12

Singers who auditioned this year: almost 120

Singers accepted: 2


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