Top five Real Housewives moments of all time

By Frankie Barbato, Spotlight Editor

Here at the Daily Free Now, the Real Housewives are a huge guilty pleasure. In honor of the start of the Orange County franchise’s seventh season, here’s a compilation of the best Housewife moments yet.

1) Teresa flipping over the table (Real Housewives of New Jersey): While out to dinner, Teresa Guidice flips a table after cast-mate Danielle Staub told her to “pay attention . . . puhlease” in regard to some questions Teresa was asking. Apparently, Teresa was not okay with this attitude and decided that the best plan of action was to flip a table over and then pretend like she was really fine with everything about three minutes later.

2) Fight between Joe Gorga and Joe Guidice at the Gorga’s baby’s christening (Real Housewives of New Jersey): Apparently christenings aren’t peaceful affairs that bring families together. At his niece Audrana’s christening, Joe Guidice decides to attack Joe Gorga after Gorga makes remarks to his sister Teresa (the one who flipped the table a season earlier). A lot of punching, crying and yelling in Italian later, nothing got resolved and the baby’s christening wasn’t very holy.


3) Ramona’s questionable runway walk (Real Housewives of New York): Ramona Singer walks the runway at her friend Loris Dirans’ fashion show in Brooklyn. This is so great simply because she looks like a mess while she is strutting her stuff: crazy wide eyes and a really stiff walk. All in all, she stole the show and made for a solid “Housewives” moment.


4) Tamra and Jeana’s massive fight (Real Housewives of Orange County): Tamra Barney and Jeana Keough decide to lash out at each other during a party at Tamra’s house because Jeana said things about Tamra that she wasn’t so fond of. But of course Jeana claimed that the media “twisted her words.” As a result of this excuse—er, apology—maybe statement—Tamra throws a letter from her attorney at Jeana, which was dumb because Jeana could flick Tamra and she would fall down. And then the two started fighting. Typical.


5) Kim sings (Real Housewives of Atlanta): Kim Zolciak decides that being a housewife isn’t enough for her, and she pursues her inner musician. This clip is her performing her single “Tardy for the Party” at the Atlanta reunion. While recording this song with famous produce Dallas Austin, Austin memorably remarked that Zolciak’s voice sounded like “a beautiful house with a crack in the foundation.” Ouch. Guess she should have stuck to being a housewife.


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