Awkward middle school/high school photos featuring Audrey Fain

By Lauren Dezenski, Features Associate Editor–Blog

Audrey Fain is one half of the Daily Free Press’ intrepid team of chief photographers, and lucky for us, her awkwardness has been captured by her medium! This Southern sweetheart gives the FreeP the sorority representation it needs, so everyone throw up your diamonds for our girl, Audrey!

Audrey (left), then

What made you so awkward? Isn’t everyone awkward?

Describe your awkward persona in three words: indecisive, shameless, & sporty

What was your favorite pose for photos? Either duck lips or open-mouthed, surprised with a peace sign pose. Because that’s completely normal.

Favorite social media site for sharing pictures? I’ve only ever used Facebook—I never had a Myspace.

What’s changed from your middle school/early high school years? I have become much more decisive and aware of what I want.

Audrey now, with her little sister. So precious!


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