’90’s throwback playlist

By Hilary Ribons, Blog Editor

I was out with friends recently when some pop-y rifts drifted through the restaurant’s radio, catching my attention and dredging up memories of frosted spiked hair and Britney Spears in her prime.

Tracks from the ’90s.

Officially weirded out by my flashback, I quickly surveyed the restaurant. Everyone was around my age. It then occurred to me: we’re a demographic.

Us twenty-somethings are being recognized as patrons of this restaurant; catered to with music that is no longer popular. Music of a…bygone era.

Just like our parents.


We’re getting old. Like, really old. Old enough to be marketed to separately than the next, younger generation.

This realization has come to me was on the tail end of other trends that I’ve been recognizing lately. On Facebook, people are starting to graduate college. They are beginning their careers, getting married, having kids. It’s strange to witness. You simultaneously recognize the realities of your age and gawk at the status updates in disbelief.

As a kid, adulthood seems so far away.

As a young person, you think there will be a big, momentous, marked step into adulthood.

But in reality, you wake up one day (or, in my case walk into a restaurant) and realize somewhere along the way, you started to get….well, old.

So for all you ’90’s kids out there, here’s a throwback. Remember what you were doing when these songs came out? When they were on the radio? On your portable CD player? Take some time to reminisce, and celebrate your  last approximately two decades of life.

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