Getting to know the Deans

By Taylor Burke

Dean Battaglino/ PHOTO BY Kenshin Okubo for the Daily Free Press

Dean Battaglino/ PHOTO BY Kenshin Okubo for the Daily Free Press

They may seem intimidating, but Dean Elmore and Assistant Dean Battaglino are much more than busy figureheads on campus. Rather, they are approachable, easygoing people who genuinely love their jobs and getting to know their students. Most people don’t know much about either of the deans’ lives outside of their jobs.

Assistant Dean Battaglino jokingly hesitates to reveal his most embarrassing moments. Instead, he says “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me,” and laughs. He advises students to walk carefully across the BU Bridge in the winter, given his flop on the bridge’s slick, iced-over metal pieces . He said that was pretty embarrassing, which we can all imagine.

Something else you probably didn’t know about Dean Battaglino: he loves  The Little Mermaid.

The reason? He claims that it’s both entertainment and a love story. Many of us can relate to these reasons.

When he isn’t watching Disney flicks, Assistant Dean Battaglino may be found listening to Norah Jones, watching the old version of Brian’s Song, or reading Breakfast with Buddha.

Dean Elmore/ PHOTO BY Grace Wilson for the Daily Free Press

Dean Elmore/ PHOTO BY Grace Wilson for the Daily Free Press

Dean Elmore, on the other hand, would rather be listening to John Coletrane or Nina Simone, and reading Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man. His favorite films are Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull or Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing.

Dean Elmore also calls himself a germaphobe, though he is never hesitant to shake someone’s hand.

He used to host a television show called Reality Check on PBS that focused on profiles of New England artists and other interesting people. He jokes that that gig was back when he had hair.

Dean Elmore’s on Twitter, too. Feel free to Tweet at him, but he says that he tends to accidently post publicly on Twitter when he thinks that he is direct messaging someone. After spending some time with the Deans, its easy to see that they’re not so different from all of us students as we may have imagined.


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