Two Schools, Two Pianos

By Alex H. Wagner

Although the idea of dueling pianos tends to share connotations with a Bugs Bunny cartoon, in reality the act of playing music in a pair or group brings unlikely groups together. In this instance, that divide is the Charles River separating Boston University and Harvard.

For the first time, BU and Harvard students played a joint recital at Boston University’s Tsai Performance Center, as part of the Two Piano Project, a collaborative effort between piano programs at the two schools. The projected was formulated last summer by BU’s Piano Department chairman Boaz Sharon, BU doctoral candidate Anna Arazi and George Ko, Co-President of the Harvard College Piano Society.

Auburn Lee, one of the Harvard pianists, agrees that the shared recital between schools is something special. Having pianists from both schools “coming together to make music…that’s really the coolest part.”

When asked what his personal goals were for the evening, Lee kept it simple: to play well, and to tell a story.

The Two Piano Project turned out to be quite a treat, especially after several pianos hit the streets of Boston last Fall for the “Play Me, I’m Yours” art project.

Check out BU and Harvard battle it out on the piano below:


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