Facebook Adds Gender Options

By Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

It seems like the leading social media network has finally caught on to the fact that gender identity isn’t just about male or female anymore. Facebook added more than 50 new gender options for people who do not strictly identify as male or female Thursday, Feb. 13.

Some of the new options include (but are not exclusive to): transgender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender queer and intersex. Facebook even goes so far as to let users choose whether they want to use female, male or neutral pronouns.

For those who are confused about the difference between sex and gender: sex is a biological term, which refers to anatomy and hormones. Gender, on the other hand, refers to society’s constructs of gender roles and behaviors.

There are many people who are against Facebook’s new feature, like Fox News Contributor Todd Starnes.

In my opinion, it is highly insensitive, disturbing and unacceptable to state that being a trans person is the same as identifying with a “pine cone or a chicken or a weed whacker,” as Starnes claims. It is sickening that there are people in this world who can even think those kinds of thoughts.

In this day and age, Society celebrates the ability to conform to the boxes and roles, but that should not be the case. A human being should be celebrated, no matter who they are or how they identify themselves. Humans are smart. We can change with time and effort.

These new gender options may not apply to some people, but to the ones that it does affect, it makes a difference.

The Daily Beast even has a detailed glossary of most of Facebook’s new gender options.

The bottom line: We should respect all humans, in all forms. People are people, and we are all beautiful. We should all be celebrated and given the same respect as everyone else. If we want to change society, we must first change ourselves. And this is a step in the right direction. Thank you, Facebook.


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  1. doctorjeannephd

    Kyra Louie wrote the words which carry more weight than that ‘news media reporter person’ because it is well placed and speaks to the matter of humanization. I, Jeanne Moore, Phd, accept and respect the wide diversity of how any adult wants to self describe, and I only place one single reservation on that freedom of self description: The
    describer must ‘first and formost and constantly NEVER’ inflict force of actions or beliefs upon another human being of any age. That’s it; that’s the only Moore Prime Directive Additionally, disclosure is not always in a person’s own best interest; time-ing is the determining factor and goes with ‘need to know’. What is the “disclouserers'” intent or purpose in either telling or withholding personal information? Disception is not a good idea and is never a good way to begin a hoped for long term relationship. This is an excellent topic to open up for individuals to actually list what they would want to use as their own discriptive term/s; Let the people speak (to this topic of self labeling). And with any section showing all the now available options for personal information displaying there ought to always be a caution statement about both giving out too much personal information and about being led into giving out private info. Precaution statements deserve aka REQUIRE a prominent proper placement in each area were private details are to be publically listed and the warning statement must be written by a non judgemental person with a proper non biased and humane rights of self protection attitude Serious stuff this giving out of detailed information vs the witholding of information in an act of luring or attempt to deceive others for the purpose of self gain! There are real dangers here in this information ‘give away’; do continue with this public discussion.
    signed : Jeanne Moore, Phd, LMFT MA, a protector of humans.
    >doctorjeannephd, freedom, Moore, Interactional Analysis, humans, behavioral change plans, ABA, self feedback, (661)831-3185, education

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