InBiz: Things You Wish You Could Buy With Convenience Points

By Emily Overholt, Staff Writer

Oh Convenience Points. The magical currency of terriers all over Commonwealth Ave. While they’re great for snagging some late night Domino’s or some overpriced shampoo in City Convenience, there are some things you just can’t get. Despite being sold in places that accept the points that you bought on your iPhone a minute before getting to the cash register, you won’t be walking away with any of these:

1. Cigarettes

They sell them in the City Convenience on West Campus, but you aren’t allowed to use your Monopoly money to get both those chasers and your weekend pack of smokes. It’s probably for the best though, one pack costs more than a small pizza these days.



2. Beer

In the biggest moment of irony, the BU Pub proudly displays a “we accept convenience points” tag on the backside of the beer tap, but the bartenders can get pretty testy when you don’t have cash on hand to pay for your lager. It’s okay though, at least you can get a sandwich in the proximity of a Blue Moon when you’re low on real funds.

King of the Hill


3. Scratch Lottery Tickets

Another City Co. item that just isn’t meant to be. Just think of the pure profit of buying a scratcher with points and winning real money. You could go to the Pub and get a beer then.



4. Cabs

As if the current Hockey East standings weren’t enough to make you mad at Boston College (they’re ranked #1 compared to BU’s #10), the BC version of Convenience Points, “Eagle Points,” get them a cab ride as well. But then again if I had to go out in Chestnut Hill I’d make the school subsidize it too.



5. Papa John’s Pizza

RIP good breadsticks…




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