BODY ROCK: Not Your Average Fashion Show

By Heather Goldin, Multimedia Editor


What makes your body rock?/ PHOTO By Heather Goldin

What makes your body rock?/ PHOTO By Heather Goldin

Who says there is a certain mold to fit into when it comes to modeling? A fashion show of a new breed broke away from the social construct of fashion Thursday evening, and left the era of Twiggy in the dust.

On Feb. 27, Off the Cuff Magazine  and the Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism teamed up in the hopes of encouraging guys and gals of all body types at Boston University to be confident and work it on the runway.

At any one time there were about 100-150 guests in attendance, with more coming and going throughout the night. Fashion shows featured lines from ASOS, Rent the Runway and The House of Findings, a vintage clothing line. Held at 808 Commonwealth Avenue, the art gallery was the perfect venue for unconventional models to show off some awesome clothes.

Unlike typical runway shows — where spectators sit poised and still, observing the fashion walk by them — attendees at this rocking show were encouraged to dance to the beat of DJ CSC’s music and cheer on the confident models, both male and female, while they walked the runway. Although fashion was the focus of the show, event organizers also added to the theme of body confidence with body-painting, photo-taking, and vintage clothing to buy

The Art of Maximo Davis/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

The Art of Maximo Davis/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

In one corner of the body-empowering event, Maximo Davis paints lines and shapes in blue, white, red and gold on the bodies of two BU students. Attendees watch Davis in action as he walks around his subjects, deciding where to paint next. Body painting is Davis’s medium of choice, complimenting his work with a matching background.

The models weren’t the only ones looking fabulous, everyone who showed up dressed to impress in their favorite unique styles. I wouldn’t be surprised if more Body-rocking fashion shows pop up on campus in the future.


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