Five reasons to live in specialty community residences

By Heather Goldin, Multimedia Editor

The time has finally arrived to choose a housing option for next year. You know you don’t want to be stuck in one of the freshman dorms, so you may want to start doing research on the Boston University Housing website. Do you go for one of the well-liked sophomore dorms? Cross your fingers and hope to get pulled into Student Village? Ditch your housing deposit completely and opt for somewhere off campus? How about a specialty community residence?

It’s not the first residence option that comes to mind, but there are actually several benefits to specialty community residences at BU. Not convinced? Here are some reasons to consider an SCR.

1. Sweet Crib

SCRs are far different than your average college dorm. Forget sharing a bathroom with your floor of 30-something, brownstones limit your entire floor to no more than eight residents. It is also notable to mention that each floor of the brownstone has two bathrooms, complete with little cubbies for your bathroom storage needs. Did I mention there’s a kitchen in the basement?



2. Kitchen Access

Love cooking? SCRs allow students the luxury of making a meal at home when they don’t feel like trekking to the nearest dining hall. You can bake goodies for friends, or invite the friend group over for a dorm-cooked meal.



3. Common Ground

SCRs give students a way to instantly forge a connection with their roommates. Whether you share a common language, major or passion, SCRs are a great way to make friends with common interests.



4. Role Models

Where do you see yourself two or three years from now? Your special community resident adviser might be none other than future you. RAs and upperclassmen in SCRs have great insight on leadership positions and events. Older students are also great to talk to about anything really: stress, life, the universe, you name it.



5. Adult-like Responsibility

Forget waving your BU IDs in front of security guards (and the hassle of signing in your overnight guests), SCRs program your IDs with tap access to the residence. In addition, only residents who live in a specific specialty residence can get in with their ID. With so much freedom, SCRs are a great way to mature during the college years.



Don’t believe me? Take it from current students living in specialty community residences this semester.

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