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Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil sued for wrongly predicting early spring

By Kristina Saliba, Staff Writer

Punxsutawney Phil 'predicts' the end of winter in this photo from the spring of 2012/ PHOTO VIA

Punxsutawney Phil ‘predicts’ the end of winter in this photo from the spring of 2012/ PHOTO VIA

This March I grew extremely tired of opening my yellow Warren Tower curtains only to see more snow falling down on Comm Ave. Every day before those snowfalls, I would be foolishly led on by the melting snow on the sidewalks, mistakenly led to believe that maybe…just maybe…this time it would be gone for good.

But no.

I blamed everyone from Mother Nature to my roommate and random passersby. But I never thought to take it as far as the Ohio prosecutor who “light-heartedly” filed a criminal indictment against the man truly responsible for it all: Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania’s groundhog.

Coming from someone who was overjoyed to hear that the groundhog’s forecast called for an early spring, this indictment of an animal seemed weirdly appropriate to me. However, The Huffington Post has recently reported that though Phil was the one indicted, Bill Deely, the groundhog’s handler and President of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle, was going to take the blame.

The Huffington Post reports Deely heroically claiming, “I’m the guy that did it; I’ll be the fall guy. It’s not Phil’s fault.”

I personally don’t believe that I would do the same, especially because this is apparently the second year in a row that Phil’s forecast has been “misinterpreted.” Maybe Phil should be a little bit clearer. Maybe Phil should be a little bit more considerate towards those who have been opening up their curtains every morning with anxiety.

Recently, however, The Associated Press has released an updated article reporting that the Ohio prosecutor, who had filed this “tongue-in-cheek” indictment, dropped the charges this Tuesday, March 26. If Phil was worried before, which I’m sure he was, he has no criminal record to worry about now.

Normally, I would be bothered that Phil was let off so easy, but these past few mornings I’ve been opening up those white Warren curtains to find blue skies and an actual sun. I think I will let myself start hoping this time, but if it snows, I’m happy I know who I can definitely blame now.

Groundhog Phil predicts early spring

By Staff

Groundhogs have been predicting whether or not the winter will be longer since 1877. PHOTO VIA Flickr user Steve-23

The world’s most well-known rodent made headlines today. At Groundhog Day 2013, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow when he emerged from his winter residence, thereby predicting an early spring.

It seems our 19th century ancestors had a solid sense of satire, or just deep-set superstition. According to ABC news, predicting when spring will start has been entrusted to groundhogs in Punxsutawney since 1877.

ABC also reports that Punxsutawney’s dutiful groundhogs predicted a longer winter 99 times and an early spring only 16, which makes this year rare.

An early end to winter is welcome news to all New Englanders, though hard to believe with icy temperatures and a forecast for snow tomorrow.

Fellow groundhog “Staten Island Chuck” was also entrusted with the all-important prediction of who will win the Super Bowl tomorrow. He chose the Ravens as the victors over the 49ers. Only time will tell if the furry foreseers are right.

Grammy’s recap

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

J-Lo pushes the boundaries outlined in the dress-code memo sent to all Grammys attendees/PHOTO VIA

J-Lo pushes the boundaries outlined in the dress-code memo sent to all Grammys attendees/PHOTO VIA

Last night was one of the biggest events of February. No, not Groundhog Day. It was the GRAMMYs. As with any award ceremony, there are just as many people watching to see who wins the awards as there are to see what unfolds during the ceremony. When approaching something of this magnitude it always helps to break it up.

First off: the fashion. Before the event even took place the fashion was causing a stir. Prior to the GRAMMYs, a memo had been sent out to all the attendees, asking for a more conservative attitude when dressing for the awards. This meant less cleavage, less side boob, and more clothing.

The first to test the memo, and arguably the person who caused it to be sent out in the first place, was J-Lo. She wore what is sure to be an unforgettable leotard, dress mash-up. In her defense, the memo didn’t say anything about the legs.

Carrie Underwood's stiff gown, onto which cheesy images were projected throughout her performance/PHOTO VIA

Carrie Underwood’s stiff gown, onto which cheesy images were projected throughout her performance/PHOTO VIA

My ultimate favorite of the night was Carrie Underwood. During her performance, her stiff dress caused her to stand absolutely still. And as if that weren’t bad enough, she then proceeded to have horribly cheesy computer graphics projected onto said stiff ball gown. Someone really should have stopped her.

Then there were the performances of the night, ranging from anti-climactic to completely bizarre. The night started with, for lack of a better word, a confusing performance of “We are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift. The performance was set up to be a mix between a three ring circus and Alice in Wonderland and I’m pretty sure she had the stage maxed out to capacity. The worst part? I don’t even see how all those characters related to the song. Later, it rained onstage, but that was just for Fun. (Feel free to enjoy that pun.)

And finally, the actual awards and acceptance speeches. Among the outrageousness here, Kelly Clarkson managed to insult and then compliment someone in about fifteen seconds, saying, “Miguel, I don’t know who the hell you are, but we need to sing together.”

The night was not without its fabulous highlights and embarrassing disasters. As always and we can all relish and relive them on YouTube until next year, or at least until the Oscars.

Taylor Swift’s GRAMMY performance of “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

February is for music lovers

The world is toying with us. The same day Punxsutawney Phil told us Spring was coming early, the gods decided to spit on us all day leaving puddles the size of the groundhog’s beloved Pennsylvania at every turn. The day we hear the great news that Britney Spears released the title and artwork of her new album (it’s here by the way), The White Stripes break up (read about it here). But never fear, because Boston is serving up a pretty ludicrous lineup of great acts in the month of February, and The MUSE is here to highlight a few of them for you.

Feb. 11 – Tea Leaf Green with The Bridge @ The Paradise

Tea Leaf Green. Photo credit Todd Roeth

Well if you haven’t heard of Tea Leaf Green by now then you haven’t been listening hard enough. The folk-tinged piano melodies of Trevor Garrod mixed with the funky guitar pyrotechnics of Josh Clark and the fluid backbone of bassist Reed Mathis and drummer Scott Rager combine to make them one of those bands whose genre can’t be defined fully and is constantly going to new places (check out some past reviews here or here). And The Bridge are no slouches either. It’s bluegrass and soul, Southern rock and funk, and their touring behind their newest album National Bohemian, which, if it’s anything like their hallmark first two albums, should be prepared to be on heavy rotation in the MUSE office (Check out coverage here). You can download the jukebox-y, Rolling Stones-esque track “Rosie” for free through the band’s web site too.

Feb. 17 – Robert Randolph and the Family Band @ The House of Blues

Robert Randolph, however you feel about his studio offerings, has always been a captivating live performer. Blending his gospel roots with his new-school soul-blues feel and the pure bliss of the performances of the Family Band, Randolph never fails to bring a positive and energetic element to each show. Their newest album, the T-Bone Burnett produced We Walk This Road, may showcase a band that has finally found its niche.

Feb. 25 – Galactic with Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue @ The Paradise

It’s hard to not let overwhelming excitement for this show overtake daily life – just remember we still have three weeks to wait. It’ll be a New Orleans throwdown at the Paradise when Galactic takes the stage to lay down their instrumental madness, and they’ll be joined by the legendary Cyril Neville for the second straight year (here’s a reminder). But the groove party doesn’t start when Galactic emerges, because Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue will be bumping their self-styled “supafunkrock” led by Shorty’s prowess on both trombone and trumpet as the opening band. And since New Orleans funk is always a family affair, you just KNOW there will be collaborations. Oh yes, funk collaborations. Somebody call the mothership.

– Dan Rys, MUSE Editor