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Boston “bar crawl”

By Hilary Ribons, Blog Editor @hilaryalexisr
and Seline Jung, Multimedia Editor @selinejung

Some of the DFP staff ventured out on a Friday night for a “bar crawl!” Check out the list on our Foursquare map to see where you’re headed. Here’s what we found:

A cozy atmosphere awaits at Tommy Doyle's/ PHOTO BY Hilary Ribons. CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL PHOTO SLIDESHOW

A cozy atmosphere awaits at Tommy Doyle’s/ PHOTO BY Hilary Ribons. CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL PHOTO SLIDESHOW

Tommy Doyle’s:

Located on the side of a small street in Cambridge, Tommy Doyle’s looks like a house from its warm interiors to its wood siding. There was and upper and lower level, but on the night we were there, the upper level had a cover charge and the lower level was a private event. The atmosphere on the main floor is in between a nice sit-down place and a club. It’s a good place to hang out with friends and casually sip drinks before heading to a full-fledged club.

Hong Kong:

From the outside, this bar/club looks like your average neighborhood Chinese food restaurant. But don’t be fooled by the Hong Kong‘s looks. Once you pass the bouncer, make a sharp left, and go up some stairs and you’ll get to a second level. A well decorated bar is packed with people in their twenties and thirties socializing, standing in groups or sitting in offset corner booths with tables. The bartenders are friendly and interactive. But wait, there’s more.

There is a third floor as well. The night we attended, there was a long wait for the floor and most of our party did not get to go up. Part of the excitement surrounding the third floor was the hype that was created amongst the people waiting to go up.

The dance floor was pagoda-themed, and smaller than the lower two floors. Perhaps the biggest allure of the Hong Kong it feels like you have discovered a new scene each time you ascend the stairs.

A cosmo at Mass Ave Tavern/ PHOTO BY Hilary Ribons. CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL PHOTO STORY.

A cosmo at Mass Ave Tavern/ PHOTO BY Hilary Ribons. CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL PHOTO STORY.


There are plenty of dance clubs/bars in Boston, but few have no cover charge. This is one of the few. Storyville usually has a small line. Once inside, you descend a flight of stairs and have the option of entering one of two rooms. The first is lit with red lights and has a bar, and, behind a half-wall with rentable booths, a dance floor. The second room has blue lighting, its own music and a different, calmer yet still dance-worthy atmosphere. This club is good for decent drinks at a decent price, dancing, and saving money. The age group can be a little older, but if you go with a group of friends it’s a lot of fun.

Mass Ave Tavern:

Spacious sports bar/restaurant on Mass Ave and Newbury St. The service at Mass Ave Tavern is fast and friendly and the ambience is laid back but a bit nicer than your average sports bar. It’s not a typical college crowd, but if you don’t want to be bothered by anyone and just want to throw back a beer or two and eat nachos (seriously, the nachos could feed a party of 10) with your friends, Mass Ave Tavern is your place. There is also a foosball table and an array of board games to play, a fun and laid-back addition that mad Mass Ave stand out. Specialty cocktails include the Bee Keeper, which our fellow FreeP staffer described as “rye whiskey [with] fresh lemon and honey [to] really balance it out. It’s palatable and complements it instead of drawing attention to the alcohol.”

Grendel’s Den:

In our opinion, this was by far the best place of the night. Located right in the heart of Harvard Square, Grendel’s is located in the basement of a charming white building. It does sort of feel like a den – prepare to feel cozy but not suffocated, as can be the case in many bars frequented by college students. The crowd is young, the bartenders are trendy and tattooed, and prices are wallet-friendly. But beware of the specialty drink called “Kanye’s Workout Plan” – it sounds cool, but according to our taste-tester, it tasted more like watered-down mint syrup mixed in with some vodka than a refreshing lime-infused drink.

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CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL PHOTO SLIDESHOW. Patrons sit inside Mass Ave Tavern/ PHOTO BY Hilary Ribons

Patrons sit inside Mass Ave Tavern/ PHOTO BY Hilary Ribons



By Steph Solis, Staff

On nearly every freshman’s checklist is his or her first visit to FitRec. My freshman-year roommate and I crossed that off our list on the first week of school, but instead of working out, we just took the tour and left. We went back in for a minute, realizing we hadn’t ordered the smoothies we wanted.

I went back to FitRec Monday morning after two-and-a-half years.

Why didn’t I take advantage of this extravagant resource that probably cost our alumni (and many of us) a chunk of tuition? Well, unlike many athletes and BU biddies, I don’t live near West, nor did I desire to move there to be closer to the gym. I admire their discipline, but I’d rather have a shorter walk to classes and avoid the crowds in West for the BUS on snowy mornings.

Having a more easy-going schedule this semester, and having noticed that my jeans are much tighter than they were when school started, I decided to attempt working out regularly.

In the process, I have begun to compile my very own workout playlist. Just to warn you, there is no trace of Katy Perry on my playlist. Nor is there any One Direction, Justin Bieber or Britney Spears. Instead, I bring to you a compilation of Classic Rock and Punk with a sprinkle of Hip Hop and Lady Gaga (who, in my world, stands as her own category).

So if you like spunky workout music that you probably won’t find at the clubs, or if you’re new to FitRec-ing like me, give these a chance.

Here are a few highlights.

“Are You Experienced?” Patti Smith Cover

The Pattie Smith cover is much more mellow than Jimi Hendrix’s original, but it’s perfect for stretching.

“The Distance” by Cake

This is probably best if you’re on a track field (because I would clearly know), but it’s one of those motivating songs that make you feel cool and stuff.

“Funk Soul Brother” by Fatboy Slim

Because it’s in every other movie and makes people want to dance (or, in Bruce Almighty’s case, makes him want to take his clothes off).

“Right Here, Right Now” by Fatboy Slim

This is one of those songs where you’re either in a really cool daydream as a spy running from the enemy or a really bad nightmare where you’re about to die first. Either way, it’s worth adding to your playlist.

“Knights of Cydonia” Muse

Listen to this while on the elliptical and imagine yourself running into an epic battle that will determine the fate of the world. Once you’re in a groove, this song can be the perfect energizer.

“Single Ladies” by Beyonce

If the song’s beats don’t give you incentive to work out, you can picture yourself as Beyonce while you workout. Sounds like enough incentive to me.

“Rabiosa” by Shakira

Don’t get distracted by Shakira’s sex appeal here. The song’s bachata-style beats add some necessary flavor to your workout, and might make you want to dance in the middle of FitRec (I wouldn’t recommend it, though).

“Bad Girls” by M.I.A.

One of the best songs to workout to. Not sure if it’s the sick beats or M.I.A.’s empowering message of women’s rights. When I listen to this song, I like to think I’m almost as bad ass as the Saudi Arabian women in the video who defy their male counterparts by driving and brandishing massive weapons. One way or another, I convince myself to keep running until the song ends and tone those thighs.

“BYOB” by System of a Down

It’s one of the heavier songs on this playlist, but it’ll get you to workout. That, or if you’re like some students I know, it’ll scare you into running faster.

“Apple Tree” by Wolfmother

Lyrics aside, it’s a fast-paced, rock song with a feel-good, don’t-give-a-f— tone. If you’re looking for fun, but not pop-heavy, I highly recommend.

FreepOUT: Top headlines of 2012

Boston University and its surrounding city was full of surprises in 2012 and the FreeP was here to cover it all. We had protests and arrests and accidents, oh my! But with 2012 coming to a close The Daily Free Press has compiled some of the news highs and lows of the year.

1. On Feb. 19 men’s ice hockey junior defensemen Max Nicastro was charged with sexual assault. However, the charges were later dropped.
Charges dropped against former BU mens hockey player

2. Boston eagerly awaited election results.
Tensions stir as Boston awaits election results

3. When the campus was plagued by armed robbers, racial profiling became an issue on campus.
Students still feel racial tension despite robbers arrests

4. BU legend, former University President John Silber died leaving the community (and the FreeP) many memories of his turbulent presidency.
The legacy lives on,  John Silbers impact on BU

5. Three Students died in a car accident in May while studying abroad in New Zealand
Vigil remembers NZ students
Road conditions in NZ crash analyzed by expert, police say

6. Following the administration’s announcement it was suspending the gender-neutral housing initiative students organized a demonstration and were subsequently threatened with arrest.
Students threatened with arrest at GNH demonstration

7. The MBTA emptied our wallets but still didn’t get us to class on time.
Passengers face fare hikes as MBTA awaits potential revenue

8. The community surrounding the BU biolab continued to fight against its operation, but the FreeP got in for a tour.
Residents speak out against biolab at forum
Biolab scheduled to begin operating in February
Reporter’s notebook: tour of the BU biolab

9. After a slew of bike accidents community members called for increased safety for cyclists.
Officials, advocates seek increased bike safety

10. Two bodies were found in the Charles, proving nightmares about early morning crew practice to be true.
First body found in Charles River ID’d as Cambridge man

Here’s to a new year full of even better coverage!

—Freep E-board Spring 2013

FreepOUT: Novembeards in the office

By Lauren Dezenski, Online Editor

Girls run the world at the FreeP this semester (to steal the phrase from Beyoncé). With an e-board made up of all ladies except for  Kevin the sports editor, No Shave November doesn’t quite meet its original meaning. But thank goodness for the associates: Tyler, Chris and Jasper (plus assistant Greg) are all in some state of facial hairiness.

Thus, I’m honored to present the Novembeards of the FreeP.

Exhibit A:

Kevin Dillon, sports editor and our reigning Novembeard champion. Well, that doesn’t actually exist because I just made it up, but Kevin *IS* sporting the sickest beard at 648 Beacon St.

When asked to describe his beard, Kevin said, “It got real itchy, so I have had to shave the neck part of the beard.”

Neck beard grows in three times as fast as the regular beard, Kevin said, and had he not taken preventative measures, he would “look like Gandalf with a neard.” Neard is a portmanteau of “neck” and “beard.” That Kevin, always combining words.

Exhibit B:

Chris Lisinski, current campus associate and next semester’s campus editor. This weekend was the interview process for postion selection (congrats to all chosen), and because of this, Chris was forced to shave off his beginnings of a Novembeard. As of Monday night, Chris is steadfast in his pursuit of the truest Novembeard, despite this weekend’s razor action.

I’m thinking that shaving process looked a little something like this:

Fear not, Chris. Beards grow back.

Exhibit C:

Resident cherub and City Associate Jasper Craven. Baby boi is next semester’s city editor and with his clean shaven face, boasts the face of a baby angel.

I see you with those Beats headphones, Jaspy.

Don’t be fooled by his cherubic visage ladies and gents. During last week’s snowstorm, Jasper was riding his bike to cover an event for the FreeP, fell and scraped up his knee, thus BLEEDING FOR THE FREEP. That’s dedication if I know any.

Exhibit D and E:

Tyler Lay and Gregory Davis. Tyler is next semester’s managing editor and has no care for maintaining his Novembeard. What a party pooper. However Greg, next semester’s sports editor, is keeping the enthusiasm alive and is a true gem.

Let us heed the words of Kanye West in light of these Novembeards: “No one man should have all that power.”

Stay tuned for updates on the beards’ progress as November elapses.

FreepOUT: Covering Silber

By Lauren Dezenski, Online Editor

Eight hours. That’s how long it took for The Daily Free Press Fall ’12 E-Board to rummage through our office archives on Thursday in a frantic effort to piece together full coverage for former Boston University President John Silber’s death.

It’s no stretch to say the E-board members can recount his or her location when they found out Silber died.

It was shocking, but didn’t come as much of a surprise, either.

“He was 86, had a life well lived and his death wasn’t unexpected,” said Managing Editor Sydney Shea.

Those who could flocked to the newsroom for much of the day Thursday. Many, including Campus Editor Emily Overholt, Social Media Editor Sofiya Mahdi and Associate Campus Editors Chris Lisinski and Amy Gorel were in the office from before noon until 8 p.m.

“This happened on our watch,” Shea said. “It fell on us [The Daily Free Press] to portray him as truthfully as possible.”

Lisinski and Gorel worked for much of the day on a piece on Silber’s legacy.

“We dug through archives and interviews and learned as we went, doing coverage that as students, we wouldn’t have learned otherwise,” Lisinski said. “We were then able to take what we learned and transmit it to our reader base as much as possible.”

Though many news outlets posted Silber’s obituary within a few hours of the announcement, The FreeP held back, not posting our copy until around 2 p.m.

“We don’t always get it [the story] first, and that’s something that we have to work on,” Editor-in-Chief Steph Solis said.

Much of the pace of coverage had to do with the student body in mind. It now fell upon us to inform thousands of students about someone we barely knew ourselves, yet led a huge transformation that brought BU to its current state as one of the top research schools in the country. We sought stories that had a deeper analytical look, ultimately taking longer to develop given the reams of newsprint archives in the office.

The keyboard function “control-find” was sorely missed, to say the least.

Ultimately, the stories’ research quality took precedence over churning them out at break-neck pace, and we stand behind that decision.

“Our job is to educate the student body,” Solis said. “What I think we did was respond from the present state. And in the present state, we as a paper and as a student body have moved on [from the harsh sentiments toward Silber of previous decades].”

In the past, Silber was known for his antagonistic role with not only students and staff, but also The FreeP. We were also known to give it right back to him, too. Nowhere was this clearer than in the archives.

“I think having the opportunity to look back on the archives [ … ] adds character in ways that no obit or sound bite can provide,” Solis said.

If Silber and The FreeP’s relationship is worth noting, so too is the fact that as a staff,  “We didn’t have extreme opinions of him,” Shea said. “We didn’t have an agenda behind this.”

As Boston University students, Silber is essentially a historical figure, and at The FreeP, our work included seeking to comprehend him. We determined understanding Silber’s relationships ultimately leant itself to the coverage as a whole, as well as our efforts to correctly portray him.

“He was a man that operated at both ends of what most people would consider right and wrong,” Lisinski said. “He [Silber] brought a lot to BU and did a lot for the future of the university—faculty and future students, but at the same time, he upset a lot of people and alienated a lot of people.

“I think when looking at him [Silber], you have to take both aspects into consideration. No person is black and white and you can’t look at anything simply. I think he’s a fantastic piece of evidence that you can be right and wrong at the same time.”

FreepOUT: Photo editor Abbie’s playlist

A track listing of Abbie’s chosen beats

If you’ve ever visited the sketchy Freep office, no doubt that I’ll be sitting in my torn up chair in the photo corner, under the tic-inducing flickering light. But today, I did a little more than my usual photo editing and crying myself to sleep due to hunger to present you all with a playlist I use to calm me down when everything else in the newsroom (hi news) is getting chaotic.
P.S. Justin Bieber 4ever.

-Abbie Lin, Photo Editor Fall 2012


FreepOUT: Campus editor’s playlist

Like Emily’s choice beats? Add the Campus playlist from our TheDailyFreePress Spotify account.

As much as I feel like putting a paper together is nonstop neuroticism, today I was left with some time to sit and stare at my computer in the office.

The result was this: a playlist of stuff I listened to while willing my faithful associates to edit faster.It’s a little bit all over the place because I have music ADD, but whatever, nobody’s perfect.

Please note: “Zombie By the Cranberries” by Andrew Jackson Jihad is my personal anthem about how many people ask me for cigarettes in Allston, and in front of Warren, and everywhere. Happy listening.

-Emily, your friendly neighborhood Campus Editor

**Look out for more editors’ playlists in the coming days and weeks. We have a lot of downtime waiting for the computer to open up/for our associates to edit stories.

FreepOUT: Five reasons why you should be on DFP staff

In honor of the Fall 2012 Staff Application going live (find it HERE), we combined our mind grapes to further persuade those perspective writers out there to join the best damn news team at 648 Beacon St.

-Rolls. Given our convenient location practically next to Bertucci’s, we editors are casually nursing a somewhat serious addiction to Bertucci’s rolls, and we may or may not be promising to bring them to the new writers workshop …

-Look popular. Not only will your phone blow up with text messages from our faithful associates to assign you stories, you’ll also be meeting and interviewing important people. You can also use these interviews as excuses to get out of things you don’t want to do. “sorryyyyy guys, I can’t go to that Nickleback concert, I’m on deadline. Next time!!!”

-Work. Then you can resist your parents’ nagging for you to get job by telling them you already have one! Don’t worry about getting a job as a hostess, you work in the newsroom now. And may or may not be paid in rolls.

-J-profs are obsessed with you. Real talk, this isn’t a drill. No joke. It exists. For realzies. Yeah.

-Chris Lisinski/the ladies of e-board. Enough said.

We hope you like what you see, because in’t no party like a FreeP party because a FreeP party is mandatory.

FreeP and blessings, E-board Fall 2012

Introducing, FreepOUT: The Editors’ Blog


Welcome to the inaugural post of The Daily Free Press editors’ blog. We come in peace. This is a way for you to get to know the folks behind the keyboards and computer screens. We’re the virtual red pen-wielders, and let’s face it, we want the world to know what we’re doing, and why.

We like to think we’re interesting people, and this blog will be our outlet of sorts.

This won’t be all fun and games (though there will be some of that). We’ll use this site to explain difficult editorial situations and insight into our inner workings, along with lots of posts about what we do in the office while waiting for the pinwheel of death to stop spinning on the office’s Mac.

Spoiler alert: lots and lots of Bertucci’s rolls and Nigel Thornberry YouTube videos.

The editors’ blog is our means of communication with you, the readers, so you get a feel for our quirks and, ultimately, who we are as an e-board. You’ll even occasionally see posts from our lil’ associates.

So, world, it’s nice to meet you.

FreeP and blessings,
The Daily Free Press E-board, Fall 2012

Awkward middle school/high school photos featuring Audrey Fain

By Lauren Dezenski, Features Associate Editor–Blog

Audrey Fain is one half of the Daily Free Press’ intrepid team of chief photographers, and lucky for us, her awkwardness has been captured by her medium! This Southern sweetheart gives the FreeP the sorority representation it needs, so everyone throw up your diamonds for our girl, Audrey!

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