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LOLThursday: Talk show host gets monkey-slapped

By Jacob Carter, Staff Writer

Recently, a local talk show host discovered the consequences of teasing a monkey.

On her show “Great Day Houston,” Deborah Duncan devoted a segment to a Capuchin monkey, which had a role in the film “Dr. Doolittle,” and its trainer. All goes well until the trainer decides to let the host try to feed the animal. She playfully withholds the food from it, and as a result, she is greeted with a firm monkey slap.

The way Duncan handles the situation must be singled out for praise. She does not lose her composure or become flustered with embarrassment. Rather, she laughs it off and says she’s sorry for teasing the monkey.

In reality, the Internet is rife with images and videos of monkeys physically abusing humans as well as other animals. There are monkeys slapping adults. There are monkeys slapping children. There are monkeys slapping cats and dogs. The movie “Night at the Museum” even featured the Capuchin monkey as it wreaked havoc on an unsuspecting Ben Stiller.

No, Deborah Duncan is not the first individual to suffer abuse at the hands of a primate, and she will most certainly not be the last. This is a pervasive problem in our current society, and I intend to be the first to stand up and fight against it.

Monkey slapping cannot be tolerated, and if we all stick together, we can combat the furry-handed violence that threatens to undermine the sanctity of the nation. However, I can’t argue with the comedy that ensues when monkeys go on slapping rampages.

Check out the video below:


Lol Thursday: Brozen, a love story

By Ann Singer, Staff Writer

What do you get when you put together two good-looking athletes and a rendition of a “Frozen”song? Over one million views on YouTube of course!

Matt Kilby and Brad Borosak, both US Navy baseball players, released a video of them lip-syncing to the song “Love is an Open Door,” which has gone completely viral, garnering the attention of Good Morning America on ABC. Even celebrities like Zooey Deschanel have shared the video on social media.

In the video the two men perfectly lip-sync every line, getting the timing down perfectly. Matt Kilby syncs to Kristen Bell’s character Anna, and Brad Borosak plays Santino Fontana’s character Hans. The two men somehow get every emotion, every croon and affectionate side-glance right on, making this performance so much more adorable than any other “Frozen” rendition on the Internet (and there are are a lot of those floating around).

The video came to be because of the crush Kilby and Borosak share of one of the characters in the movie: Elsa. When trying to expose a fellow friend to the phenomenon that is “Frozen,” Kilby came up with the hashtag “Brozen,” as in bros who watch Frozen, and the video was born.

The video was originally shared just between teammates and Facebook fans, but with some urging the men shared it with the public, much to tremendous approval. See for yourself how two men who serve our country and play ball have shared their other talents. Enjoy!

LOLThursday: Worst “Wheel of Fortune” contestant makes viewers cringe

By Ann Singer, Staff Writer

Is it possible to be one of the worst “Wheel of Fortune” contestants ever while bringing shame to all college kids around the nation?

Julian Batts, a freshman and honors student at Indiana University, achieved this feat during the College Week episode of the show. He managed to miss three easy puzzles, which his neighbor Shelby seemed to pick up right away.

You would think that after a lifetime of schooling one would know how to pronounce the name of the well-known mythical figure “Achilles,” yet even with the completed puzzle right in front of him, Julian managed to butcher it, costing him one million dollars.

His second slip-up was slightly more understandable, even though he was only missing two letters. But by the third round, he was definitely thinking way too hard and this time it cost him a car.

Pat Sajak is an absolute doll throughout, giving Julian the old uncle-who-chuckles-at-your-stupidity shtick.

Nevertheless, Julian still managed to go home with $11,700 and advance to the bonus round of College Week. He told the Indianapolis Star on Monday that he blamed his mistakes on nerves and adrenaline and that he still went home as the champion of the episode.

Anyway, his mistakes still make me laugh. Take a look:

LOLThursday: Girl sings “Let It Go,” gets video-bombed by dad

By Katrina Uy, Staff Writer

By now, the birds are chirping, the warm weather’s finally kicking in, and we can more or less relax knowing that there probably won’t be any more snow until next fall. You’d think that all of the craze behind Walt Disney Picture’s latest movie “Frozen” would be over by now… or is it?

Maybe not. Just last week, a video surfaced on YouTube featuring one girl singing Disney’s hit song “Let It Go,” with her dad “video-bombing” his daughter and lip syncing to her voice while acting out Queen Elsa’s movements behind her.

Maybe it’s staged, maybe it isn’t – it looks like the person behind the camera definitely knew what her dad was planning to do but I don’t think the little girl did. In any case, this video makes for a solid minute of entertainment, because dang, this girl can sing! Not to mention her awesome dad putting the icing on the cake by dramatically taking his sunglasses off as she croons, “The cold never bothered me anyway!”

The success of the newest movie and especially its catchy soundtrack has inspired countless covers, including an Africanized tribal cover of “Let It Go,” as well as a hilarious medley of the movie’s songs performed and acted out by the a capella group Pentatonix.

Does this videobombing Dad do Elsa justice from the original Frozen scene? Are you 100% over hearing anything Frozen-related, or are you eagerly awaiting more news on it being turned into a new Broadway musical? Check out the video and comment below!

LOLThursday: “How I Met Your Mother” meets “Les Mis”

By Ann Singer, Staff Writer

What do “How I Met Your Mother” and “Les Misérables” have in common? Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris of course!

In an episode of “Inside the Actors Studio” with the cast of HIMYM, an audience member asked Segel and Harris to reenact the song “Confrontation” in honor of the musical’s return to Broadway this past month.

In case you didn’t already know, HIMYM is a sitcom about five friends living it up in New York City. The show surrounds the narrator, Ted Mosby and his future self telling his kids how he met their mother.

Since its premier in 2005, the show has gathered a loyal crowd and just recently aired the season finale on March 31 to mixed reviews.

Even after a failed 2006 revival of the play, and the 2012 Oscar-nominated film, however, producer Cameron Mackintosh hoped the “Les Mis” brand has not been overused so much that it would discourage people to come see a new live version.

But Segal and Harris have no problem bringing the classic to life in a truly entertaining, hilarious way.

As Alyson Hannigan (who plays Lily in the show) points out in the video, it’s been a long time since they last performed the song on the “The Megan Mullally Show” in 2006. Nevertheless, previously claiming it a song they love and frequent often, Segel and Harris didn’t hesitate a moment before diving right into the roles of Jean Valjean and Javert.

Halfway though, Cobie Smulders (who plays Robin in the show), who was sitting between the two, had to move out of the way and out of the intensity.

LOLThursday: Singing nun on Italy’s “The Voice”

By Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

Cristina Scuccia, 25, is a member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy family and native Sicilian. The nun killed it during the Blind Auditions of the Italian version of “The Voice” last Tuesday.

For those that don’t know how “The Voice” works, the four judges have their backs to the singer so that they can judge solely based on vocal technique, style and talent. If they push their button, the chair turns around signaling to the vocalist that that particular judge chose them to be on their team.

The funny part of this video was the faces of the judges as their chairs swiveled around to face Sister Scuccia. Sure, a woman veiled in religious garb is nowhere close to the stereotypical look of a pop vocalist, yet there she was. I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely be shocked.

With over 30 million hits on YouTube, this super star has taken the place of Susan Boyle, and then some. Sister Scuccia’s performance of Alicia Keys’ “No One” got all four judges to turn around, which is an uncommon feat.

She hopes that this performance will get Pope Francis to call her. But she didn’t just do it for the praise from the Pope.

“I came here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift. I am here to evangelize,” she said after her performance.

Sister Scuccia ended up choosing Italian rapper, J-Ax, saying, “I told myself that if they turned around, I would choose the first one.” In the competition, each contestant chooses to be on a judges’ team after getting their approval.

But seriously, check out the judges’ faces. It’s priceless to see their reaction to someone so unexpected from the social “norm” for a vocalist. Sit back, relax, and get ready to get your socks blown off.

LOLThursday: SXSW-goers talk about their favorite fake bands

By Jacob Carter, Staff Writer

The South by Southwest music festival was held in Austin, Texas last week, and in honor of the event, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel turned his hijinks toward the festival’s countless participants.

In a special edition of  “Lie Witness News,” — a comedic segment on his show devoted to a reporter posing questions to people on the street about phony news items — SXSW attendees were asked what they thought about a variety of fictitious indie bands.

I’m not sure how many people the reporter asked in the course of her day, but it is clear that she was successful in finding a large number of individuals willing to proclaim their ardent support for an array of ludicrously named bands, some of which included “Neil Patrick Harassment” and “DJ Heavy Flow.”

Out of all the interviewees, my favorite would have to be the guy from Montreal who apparently came all the way to Texas to see up-and-coming artist “DJ Cornmeal.” That is one dedicated (fake) fan!

Of course, it would be easy to watch this video and simply label all of these people as hipsters, posers, etc. But they could just as easily be succumbing to the effects of the television camera.

After all, when cornered by a TV crew, no one wants to look like an idiot. It is a moment for a person to shine and obtain his or her brief moment of fame. In fact, it is hard to know whether I would have behaved differently in such a situation: shove a camera in my face, and I’m just as liable to spout my endless love for “Willie Nelson Mandela” as these poor suckers were.

LOLThursday: Harry Potter Cast Sings Taylor Swift

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if the Boy Who Lived could recite every word of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” heartbreak anthem? Well, thanks to the editing magic of YouTube team SilvaWare Productions we know exactly what that sounds like.

Just in case you forgot or don’t know who Harry Potter is (or you just want to relive the story), AVbyte did a fantastic “Draw My Life” video that will answer all of your questions. Also, because everyone needs a little more Harry Potter in their lives, check out this short clip depicting what it would be like if the boy wizard came to life.

While avoiding writing an essay, I stumbled upon a video that includes two of my favorite things: Harry Potter and Taylor Swift. This three minute video strings together clips of the cast saying words from Swift’s song in ways that will make you wish you had these editing skills.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of the gang come together to create the musical number. It even features Draco, who demonstrates how his seemingly menacing voice can actually churn out a beautiful melody. It’ll bring a good chuckle while you reminisce on scenes you’ve forgotten from Harry Potter.

So muggles, take a break from studying for your midterms (or procrastinate for another few minutes), and enjoy the wonderful voices of the wizarding world.

Lol Thursday: Olympics go Mario Kart

By Katrina Uy, Staff Writer

Speed skating is a dangerous, yet thrilling, sport to watch, but you know what would make it even better? Green shells, item boxes and banana peels. That’s right: Mario Kart.

In a video titled, “Sochi 2014 – Speed Skating Double Dash Final,” filmmaker Michael Shanks edits a speed skating race from this winter’s Olympics by adding some of the most infuriating weapons from the Nintendo’s franchise, and the result is pretty awesome.

Speed skating is one of those sports that require a mixture of skill and chance to succeed – crashes and falls from other skaters can make or break your chances of medaling. U.S. speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, arguably the face of short-track, won a silver medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics after the two South Korean skaters who were in first and second place at the time crashed. Similar instances are not uncommon.

So what better way to poke fun at the drama and high stakes of the Olympics than comparing it to Mario Kart? It’s genius. The best part is that Shanks’s video makes Mario Kart Olympics seem so real because of the risky nature of speed skating.

After all, what’s better than the bad-ass feeling of knocking out the guy in front of you with one clean hit of a red shell or lightning bolt? Anyone who’s ever played the game knows what I’m talking about. Don’t deny it.

Let out those maniacal laughs and go ahead and punch the air because you’ve landed sweet victory.

LOLThursday: Fake Torch Run in NYC

By Jacob Carter, Staff Writer

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games are coming to an end, but that does not mean an end to the glory that they inspire.

Last week, prank group Improv Everywhere orchestrated a fake torch run in New York City, complete with 400 willing participants to play the part of encouraging spectators. You may recognize this group’s work from their “no pants subway ride” prank.

Their video on the fake torch run was only posted Monday, but it will not be long before its joyfulness and patriotism inspires countless YouTube users everywhere.

The video opens with one of the group’s members posing as an injured Olympic Torch runner. She goes up to various people on the streets and asks them if they would be willing to complete her section of the run and pass the torch to its next recipient. Though the first few people sheepishly decline, the woman is eventually successful in obtaining several eager replacements.

As these new participants round the final corner of their run, they are greeted by the applause of countless supporters, all of whom are a part of the elaborate operation. The ruse is then continued via a fake news interview with an on-sight reporter from their team.

What I love most about this video is even though a joke is technically being played on the people who acquire the torch, the organization is not being mean-spirited in their prank or causing any embarrassment.

There are so many good feels in this video, especially when it comes to watching the runners proudly finish their leg of the run as they are cheered on. People of all ages are given the fake honor of passing on the olympic torch, including what appears to be a boy no older than 3. All of the American flags and balloons make me wish that I was around to be asked to run this fake passing of the torch.

Just as in the real Olympic games, this video is at its core about establishing a sense of joy and togetherness.