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Storify: Sounding off on Nicastro

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    By Lauren Dezenski, Features Associate Editor-Web

    A collection of reactions to Junior Defenseman Max Nicastro’s arrest and suspension from the Boston University hockey team following an alleged incident of sexual assault.

    Max Nicastro and Corey Trivino should apologize to @hockey_east and the City of @Boston for their actions. Continue reading

Multimedia: Super Bowl XLVI

By Lauren Dezenski and Sam Sarkisian

In honor of Sunday’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, we asked BU students how they are gearing up for the big game. Continue reading

Sam and Saba on Sports: Final Four Edition

Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy. Photo Illustration Credit Sumner Lambert

SABA: March Madness means the best college basketball teams duke it out to ultimately reach the “Final Four.” Here at The FreeP, we celebrate March Madness, but Sam and I also have our own final fours to predict.

First, we determined the Boston University colleges that would make it to the top.

  1. College of Communication
  2. College of Arts and Sciences
  3. College of Engineering
  4. School of Management


  • COM (yeah, we’re biased) has the most informed students.
  • CAS has the people advantage – not only are there a LOT of them but they are multi-skilled (all majors from Political Science to Mathematics). So many majors…so many people…
  • ENG could probably take over the world if they wanted to
  • SMG – the suits say it all. They could get people to financially back their win by paying off other people

In my opinion, ENG would win. They are quiet but brilliant, like secret agents.

My formula for this win: Genius (ENG) > Money (SMG) > People (CAS)  > Information (COM).



But in all seriousness, I want to, of course, give COM the advantage but simply can’t in my right mind because brackets are all about math and all of the three other schools can actually do math.

CAS is too general to crack into the championship (Arts AND Sciences, I mean c’mon).

So I’ve got ENG vs. SMG in the final, and as smart and crafty as the Engineers are, give me the SMG Moneybags. Money wins championships. Look at the Yankees. (Wait, can I say that with the Red Sox’ expensive offseason acquisitions leading to our inevitable World Series title in October? Damn straight I can.) The Moneybags would smoothtalk their way to a crown or straight pay off anyone in their way.

Next up in our quartet of Final Fours, we’ve got the Houses from everyone’s magic school: Durmstrang Institute. No wait, make that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In ranking order, we’ve got Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Saba, you know more about the wizarding world than I do so you get this one going.

SABA: Though the wizarding world is complex (more than most Muggles can understand), it’s pretty easy.

Slytherin = bad guys  (sorry Salazar, we aren’t all snake-loving, Mudblood trashing meanies)

Gryffindor = courageous! Risk takers! FTW: Harry Potter

Hufflepuff = Too much love, not enough TOUGH love

Ravenclaw = Pretentious but smart

So clearly, Gryffindor wins. As usual. Sam, you’re a Hufflepuff (clearly) so make your case.


I want to say the Puff SO BAD!!! It’s all about hard work and being fair. You know, some of the greatest qualities known to man.

But you’ve got to put Gryffindor and Slytherin in the final two because that good vs. evil matchup fits really nicely.

In this championship, each school throws forth its most powerful alum. So that gives us Lord Voldemort vs. Harry Potter. We know how that goes. If you don’t, go back to 2007 and figure it out. Hurts not to go with an upset there, but that battle’s already happened in the real world so I’m kind of handcuffed there.

Third bracket. Everyone’s favorite early-morning or late-night beverage: coffee.


We realize there are thousands of coffee shops across the nation. Sorry hipsters but we’re going mainstream with our comparisons because we don’t even know where to begin with independents.

For us BU kids, there’s CITY CO.  For New Englanders, there’s Dunkin’ Donuts. For Bostonians, there’s the local Espresso Royale. For the world, there’s Starbucks.

In Los Angeles, I prefer the independent coffee shops since I have a car and I am a local.

In airports, OR when I am studying at the GSU (yay dining points!), I prefer Starbucks.

So I guess it comes down to Dunkin’ Donuts vs. City Co and I choose….CITY CO!

Dunkin’ coffee makes me too hyper too fast (I say this as I am drinking my cup of Dunkin’ coffee with cream and sugar).

City Co is perfect because I can pick and choose to my liking. For example, I can choose between Hazelnut Cream and good ol’ regular.

Not to mention buy nine cups, get the 10th one free! Sam?


CityCo doesn’t even make the championship for me. Sure, you get choice, but it’s a choice between crap and more crap. Sorry Sabs.

That leaves us with Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts. (Places like Espresso Royale try too hard for my liking. I’m a simple man after all.) I’m just such a big fan of Dunkin that I’m going to give it the nod here. Its coffee comes naturally a little sweeter than Starbucks, and that’s the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it. Plus, Starbucks is more expensive so that’s a negative. NEW ENGLAND REPRESENT!

Speaking of which, we’ll finish this week’s segment with the best states. And now for the completely biased account of one Californian:


Someone is still bitter about the Lakers defeating the Celtics…

Anyway, yes I will argue that California is better than the others in the big four of states: Massachusetts, New York and Hawaii.


  1. California has SUN. Nice weather. Yay fun in the sun.
  2. Because of reason one, the people are happier and friendlier. No Massholes, no obnoxious New Yorkers who walk and talk too quickly and too loudly, no SNOW to plow, no seasonal depression, no below zero temperatures, no wind chills, no icicles to kill people, etc.
  3. It’s HUGE. Sure, there are dead cities (like in all other states) but almost everywhere you go has something nice about it. So if you want to argue “Eff Los Angeles” go ahead, I’ll throw San Francisco your way.
  4. It is home to so many great things – great sports teams, great people, great historic sites, great beaches, great food, great art. Home of the gold rush, immigrants from South of the Border (WHO WE WELCOME), the gay rights movement, John Steinbeck, old Hollywood (>current Hollywood), Venice boardwalk, movie locations and so much more.

Hawaii is a close second though. And THEN Mass, but that’s only for Boston. ❤


Hawaii’s beautiful and all, but because it’s so far away, everything’s wicked expensive, expensive enough to get it out of our championship round. New York has NYC (the greatest city in the world) and the Niagra Falls but also has Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany, the Yankees, the Mets, the Knicks, etc. soooooooo yeah

I guess that brings us back to California vs. Massachusetts (with apologies to maybe Texas, Florida, Virginia, Maryland but certainly not North Dakota, Indiana or Utah).

1. You want your boring weather all year. TAKE IT. Give me the fall foliage, snowball fights in the winter and the spring explosion of green and color. That makes us appreciate our summers that much more.

2. Celtics 17 championships > Lakers 16 championships > Clippers and Warriors 0 championships. Red Sox 7 championships > Dodgers 4 championships in CA = A’s 4 championships in CA > Giants 1 championship in CA = Angels 1 championship > Padres 1 championship. Bruins 5 championships > 1 Ducks championship > 0 Sharks championships = 0 Kings championships. I’ll concede the NFL because of the damn 49ers.

Our state produces more championships per team (even though we only have one in each) than yours does. It’s not even a competition. Hell in baseball, we only have four fewer titles despite having five fewer teams.

3. Cape Cod is a pure slice of heaven, and that is not debatable.

4. History, man. America was practically invented here. Plymouth. Lexington and Concord. The original Tea Party. Revere’s midnight ride. Bunker Hill. John Hancock. Samuel Adams. Homes of both Adamses and JFK (we’ll forget about Coolidge). Compare that to Nixon and Reagan. Plus, California’s whopping 0 signers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

That means there wouldn’t have even been a California, as an American state mind you, in the first place had Massachusetts not led the way to freedom and independence.



All your arguments are valid but they STILL don’t make Massachusetts better than California.

Again, weather-wise, sure foliage is pretty but Mass. Winters are SO brutal that they will forever bring New England down.

Cape Cod is gorgeous but Cape Cod looks like any beach in California, such as MALIBU.

As a history buff I can appreciate Massachusetts BUT again, CA has some great history of its own. Ever see the movie MILK? Or Walk Out? History was still made, just later.

Finally, as Josh Cain pointed out UCLA and USC have combined 241 national championships so BOOYAH right back at you.

Yeah, I just countered all your counter-arguments.


The end of this final four match-up.

– Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy, DFP Staff

Sam and Saba Sports: Brigham Young controversy

Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy. Photo Illustration Credit Sumner Lambert

SAM: Our most loyal followers know that we here at S&S usually like to have a little bit of fun with our weekly posts here on the FreeP blog, but this week we’re going to take things in a slightly different direction.

Last week, news broke that Brandon Davies, the third-leading scorer and best rebounder on the Brigham Young University, was suspended from the team for violating school policy. Nobody quite knew what that policy was, and in today’s day and age, everybody’s mind jumped to the worst. Was it something criminal? Did he use drugs? Were his grades not up to snuff? So many questions about what would force a top-five team to suspend one of its stars.

Well, we finally got our answer.

Word came out that Davies had had sex with his girlfriend, and it was that act that violated the policy at the school – a Mormon institution – that prohibits premarital sex.

I’ll hold back on my statements for now, but Saba, what are your initial thoughts on a player being kicked off a team for having sex?

SABA: I think though the school is a Mormon institution, there could have been other ways to handle the suspension. Knowing that Davies, like all human beings, makes mistakes, BYU administrators should have definitely re-evaluated the violation.

Sure, he violated the school’s honor code by having sex. But, he was honorable by admitting his wrong offense. AND it’s not like he was having sex with a bunch of biddies – it was his girlfriend. A serious relationship.

A BYU spokewoman told The Washington Post that Davies future on the team and at the school is to be determined, something I find extremely ridiculous.

SAM: I know that’s what my original thoughts were as well.

But you do have to step back for a second and consider all the angles. Davies knew what he was getting himself into from the second he committed to the Cougars. He knew it was a Mormon school. He knew there would be rules that most would consider outrageous in this 21st-century world we live in. He grew up nearby for Heaven’s sake!

If of-age guys and girls want to have sex, I will never say that they shouldn’t. But if they do so in an environment where they might be repercussions, then they should be able to live with those repercussions.

SABA: Sex is sex. But I guess that’s not from a religious standpoint. I just can’t wrap my head around why BYU administrators would throw away a vital part of their basketball team and school community for something that certainly could have been mulled over for a longer period of time.

SAM: But rules are rules, Saba. If I was caught for underage drinking and was punished, I’d be angry but would accept it, and literally no one else would care. Now if someone on the BU hockey team was caught for underage drinking but got off easy because he was a vital part of the team and community, I’d be angry as all hell and so would everyone else who’s ever been caught for breaking a debatable rule.

Sex may be sex, but fair is fair.

SABA: We agree to disagree, Samwise.


Sam and Saba at the movies

Photo illustration by Sumner Lambert

SAM: Roll out the gowns and tuxes everyone, it’s Oscar season. Everybody in Hollywood and around the globe is glitzing and glamming it up in preparation for the biggest night for the people of the silver screen. Who will be named the best director in cinema for the 2010 year? Who was the most master of thespians? Will Toy Story 3 rightfully stake its claim as the best picture?

All answers will finally be revealed on Sund. . . hold on a tick. Son of a biscuit-eating bulldog, I missed it. So I was off on my prediction for Buzz and Woody taking home the trophy, wasn’t I?

Well instead of me giving my now-incorrect Oscar picks, Saba and I will instead grade the decisions made by the Academy in the four biggest categories: Picture, Director, Actor and Actress. But as always, since this is S&S on Sports we’ll use baseball terms to grade the various awards and performances instead of simple grades.

So Saba, the band’s playing me off on this intro. You want to get us started with Best Actress?

SABA: NATALIE PORTMAN. What a woman. Harvard graduate, talented actress, beautiful (even if she’s bald or pregnant!). Though I, like many, loved “Black Swan” I definitely had nightmares for about a week after I saw it. Goes to show that even when she’s crazy, she’s amazing. What does this mean in baseball terms? She had a home run?

SAM: I’m scared to give out a homer this early in the proceedings because I fear that it might be a slippery slope and we give everyone a home run.  But screw it, Natalie Portman deserves a home run every day and twice on Sundays. In fact, give her a grand slam because anyone who can look that beautiful with a bun in the oven totally deserves it. (Has it become evident that I didn’t actually see “Black Swan,” yet? Screw it, I don’t care. Grand slam for Ms. Portman.) Onto Best Actor.

SABA: I love me some Colin Firth. That sounded creepy. But yeah, I didn’t get to see “King’s Speech” but since the Colinator (yeah I just gave him that nickname) didn’t win for “A Single Man” last year (a damn good movie if you ask me) I would say he deserves it. Props to him for even acknowledging that his win was probably the “peak of his career.” Chick flick after chick flick Colin has been known as the sexy Brit. NOW he is the critically acclaimed Academy Award winning actor (who happens to be really good looking and my favorite one in “Love Actually”). I guess in baseball he would be a veteran ball player who is finally recognized for all his worth.

SAM: Kinda like Mike Lowell, then? Only if he had actually won the MVP randomly two years ago. I like the analogy. Firth’s definitely put in plenty to earn a golden trophy, and it’s not at all easy to play a person with a stammer. Both his and Natalie’s victories were the easiest thing to predict last night. Sort of like the Red Sox and Phillies making the World Series this year, but that’s a story for a different day. Anywho, now the most controversial choice of the night: Best Director.

SABA: We all thought it would be David Fincher. Then again, maybe by “we all” I only speak for the youth generation. Again, haven’t seen “King’s Speech” so I can’t judge but I really, really loved “Social Network.” I am naturally addicted to Facebook and therefore fascinated by the creation. Plus I read the book “Accidental Billionaires” before the movie came out so I was pretty sure it was going to be awesome. Anyway, Tom Hooper is kind of like an injured hitter getting a hit. Unexpected but not necessarily a bad thing (unless you’re rooting for the other team aka all those rooting for Fincher).

SAM: I see where you’re coming from with that analogy, but I’m going to call the selection of Hooper a straight-up error on the Academy’s party. “The King’s Speech” was an actor’s movie, there’s no denying that. I’ve heard it elsewhere and I’ll repeat it here: All Hooper did was put a camera in front of some great actors and let them act. Fincher made the movie what it was, a great overall film as opposed to the actor-driven Hooper choice. The Academy had a chance to make a solid choice, but it straight up dropped the ball. So the error’s appropriate in this case.

Alright I think we’re letting our Best Picture allegiances already shine through, but let’s move onto that now.

SABA:  Once again, “The King’s Speech” took the stage for best picture and once again I don’t know if I agree with this choice. I mean this year was one of those years where all the movies were amazing choices for various reasons. I KNOW you wanted “Toy Story 3” (which I also love because it defines our childhood) but I really wanted “Social Network” or “The Kids Are All Right” because both, in my opinion, capture today’s generation. And they are amazing. This would be one of those situations where it should have been a tie, but like baseball, there are no ties in the Academy Awards.

SAM: No, of course there’s no tying in either. Like Jack Parker said, “I have a closet full of ties. I’ve got enough ties.” Personally like you said, I think “Toy Story 3” should have won. It was crafted the best out of all the nominees and got the biggest reaction I think from a wider audience, obviously a sign of a great film. But because it’s animation (said in the most snarky way possible), the voters didn’t seriously consider it. Jerks. Out of the more serious nominees, I thought TSN should have won because I really believe it’s the “Citizen Kane” of this generation. However, I’m cool with “The King’s Speech.” It was good Oscar fare (a WWII film about a leader, but he’s like us because he has faults) so nothing too surprising to see it win. I’ll call it a decent single in baseball terms. It’s solid and you’re happy to see it, but you’ll forget about it in a few days (or years in this case).

Sam and Saba Sports: BU sports challenge

This week on S&S, Sam gives Saba a BU-themed sports quiz.

Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy. Photo Illustration Credit Sumner Lambert

1) Who was the coach of the BU men’s basketball team before Patrick
Chambers took over last season?

2) How many NCAA championships has BU won in men’s hockey?

3) Which men’s basketball player went down with an injury earlier
this season and is now out for the rest of his junior campaign? (Hint:
he was a tri-captain.)

4) Which BU netminder got his first shutout of the season Saturday
night in a 1-0 win over Providence College?

5) What is the highest the women’s ice hockey team been ranked this season?


1) Saba: Dennis Wolff because I asked the audience (a room full of editors)
and 50 percent (I’m guessing Editor-in-Chief Josh Cain and Sports
Editor Annie Maroon were those two people). Although, Farid Hamedy (my
dad) was a close choice for second pick (holla at Chelsea Feinstein).

Sam: You are correct, madam! Wolff coached the team for 15 years and led the team to two NCAA tournament berths before being canned in the summer of 2009. Chambers has coached the team now for two seasons and has a chance to lead the Terriers to their second straight America East championship game in March.

You’re 1-for-1, Saba. Have to say I’m impressed (even though it took some help from your friends).

2) Saba: SIX – this is a blind guess.

Sam: Ooooooh, so close. BU has actually won five NCAA men’s hockey titles: 1971, 1972, 1978, 1995 and 2009. Jack Parker has won the latter of those three trophies, and with the team fighting for a spot in this year’s tourney, there’s an outside shot that his team could compete for that sixth ring that you apparently think they have.

Now, 1-for-2. Let’s see if you can course-correct.


Sam: Alright, we’ll play Jeopardy! rules (shout-out to my boy Watson for proving his dominance over the human race in the area of useless information) and accept last names as answers. It was junior forward Jake O’Brien who went down with a foot injury that led to season-ending surgery. It’s easy to wonder precisely just how well the Terriers would be doing heading into the conference tourney.

Moving on up to 2-for-3. You’re like Ray Allen from 3-point land, Saba.

4) Saba: KIERAN – please tell me this is true Josh Cain.

Sam: I’ll accept last names, but NOT FIRST NAMES. You don’t know Kieran so you’re not on a first-name basis with the guy. Yes, the answer is Kieran Millan. Lucky for you, I’m in a giving mood and will award you half a point for getting the first name.

So that makes it 2.5-for-4. One last answer. At the buzzzzzzzzzer. . .

5) Saba: 1st –Power to women’s hockey.

Sam: Ehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (or however you’d do the onomatopoeia for a last-second buzzer). As much as I love BU women’s ice hockey coach Brian Durocher and wish the best for him in all things, I can’t quite say that the Terriers have reached No. 1 status quite yet. They peaked at No. 3 earlier this season before dropping to No. 5 this week. Not bad for a team in its sixth season of existence.

So that’s it. You finish 2.5-for-5, a nice and even 50 percent. In sports terms, that type of performance could either be pretty good or completely average. A .500 batting average, on-base percentage or shooting percentage are really, really good. A .500 winning percentage is as average as it gets.

Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t see things in sports terms, and 50 percent won’t get you those great grades in school I know you’re capable of in the classroom.

But since this is S&S on Sports, and we always see the world through sports-colored glasses, I will congratulate you on your excellent performance. Well done, Saba. Four for you. I don’t know of what, but I think you appreciate a Mean Girls reference.

Saba: HAH! 2.5 is pretty good, right? Anyway – did you score better than me readers?  (Probably) Post your results!


Super Bowl Sunday with Sam and Saba

SABA: This week we’ll be discussing the most popular Sunday event of the year: The Oscars!

Just kidding, that’s not sports-related. And probably not as watched as The Super Bowl.

Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy. Photo Illustration Credit Sumner Lambert

Three reasons why I basically know nothing about football:

1) I am from Los Angeles – the city with two baseball and basketball teams but no football team (although they are making that Farmer’s Field, so I hear. Bleh just means more LA traffic and more of CA’s budget gone to waste)

2) I go to BU – we ditched our football team years ago. So I don’t even have a school allegiance.

3) My parents are not from America – Super Bowl Sunday has always seemed like a very American family-oriented activity. I’m Persian. Football means soccer in Iran. Soccer > American football.

Anyway . . .What year of the Super Bowl is it again, Sam?

SAM: This shall be Super Bowl XLV between two titans of the National Football League. Representing the American Football Conference, the Pittsburgh Steelers. From the National Football Conference, the Green Bay Packers. (If you heard that as if it was read by the Voice of God, then I’ve done my job. If you don’t get that reference, your name is Saba Hamedy.)

The two teams have combined for nine Super Bowl championships in 11 appearances (Steelers are 6-1, Packers 3-1). Because of that remarkable success, the talking heads on TV and the Intertubes have argued that either one of those squads could be called “America’s Team,” whatever that truly means. I think that in sports like football where alliances are typically decided by geography, it’s BS to argue who all of America would root for in any given situation. But that’s just me. Call me biased, but shouldn’t the Patriots, what with their red-white-and-blue color scheme and nationalistic nickname, really be America’s Team? (Full disclosure: this side of the S&S discussion is a loyal Pats fan and is therefore very, very biased.)

But that’s the short version of a longer tangent that should be saved for another day. Saba, what’re you looking most forward to: the commercials, the halftime show by The Black Eyed Peas or y’know the game itself? (And preparation for disappointment mode starts. . . . . . . . now.)

SABA: See, if alliances are typically decided by geography then I have no alliance.

Who should I like? It’s like an identity crisis.

I really don’t like Wisconsin so I guess I’m all for Pittsburgh Steelers (shout out to sports editor Annie Maroon who hails from lean mean Pittsburgh!)

I really like Super Bowl commercials. I always watch them later on Youtube because I don’t usually watch the Super Bowl.

But I guess the Black Eyed Peas are cool . . .

Oh, and like you said, the game itself (which I’m sure The FreeP office will be streaming).

SAM: I guess I’ll take the opposite side then and say I want the Packers. I still harbor ill feelings over Super Bowl XXXI when the Pack defeated the Pats thanks to a 99-yard touchdown run by Desmond Howard. But I do like Aaron Rodgers as a quarterback – he’s only behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as best QBs in the league in my mind – and I also like Mike McCarthy as a coach. It’d be tough to get two better coaches together than him and Mike Tomlin.

That being said, this is really a vote against Ben Roethlisberger. I really can’t stand the concept of that good-but-not-great QB having as many trophies as Brady. Hope Annie’s OK with that.

SABA: You realize I have no idea what you’re saying

SAM: Ah, I see. Well, this is why they have the cool commercials. I’m just pumped for the Captain America trailer to come out. It’s gonna be aaaaaaaaaawesome. Which one you looking forward to Sabs?

SABA: I don’t know, Budweiser commercials are always pretty funny.

Perhaps they’ll do those hamsterville commercials like they do before bball games. Those are always a laugh!

SAM: What’s Hamsterville? (This is your chance to teach me something in S&S on Sports. Don’t drop the ball.)

SABA: Those commercials! You know the ones with hamsters and the Kia cars I think. Anyway they just roll on through Hamsterville.

SAM: Right, right. Those are awesome. Alright, let’s get down to our predictions for the game. I’ll take the Packers 31-27 with Rodgers leading the game-winning drive with less than four minutes to go. Extra point: the Black Eyed Peas will be the worst halftime show since Janet Jackson’s nipple made a breast – I mean guest – appearance back in 2004.

SABA: Haha Janet Jackson and her boob incident. Way back in the day. Anyway I’m gonna say Pittsburgh (on a whim) I don’t wanna say how many points because who knows!

Sam and Saba on Sports

Welcome to Saba & Sam on Sports! The blog where you respectfully laugh at Saba’s “thoughts” on sports and agree or disagree with Sam’s smart yet sometimes stupid commentary. It’ll be everything from discussions on the goings on in the Wide World of Sports to teaching Saba about different topics.

Though we aren’t (that) funny, we are going to try to promise at least some laughs. We’re even going to try and make it interactive! Sometimes a video, maybe a poll (For example: What should Saba learn about next?)

Look for us every Monday at this blog – you won’t regret it!

Sam: First up, your thoughts on your Los Angeles Lakers’ thrashing at the hands of my Boston Celtics this afternoon, there Sabs?

Saba: Listen, I’m not saying it wasn’t bad (because it was pretty bad) but it was definitely a ONE-TIME thrash. Remember, remember the 17th of June (you see what I did there?)

Sam: One-time? Ha. You’re showing your naivety, Saba. Do you need reminding that the Men in Green have won 17 championships, nine of which have come against the scumbags in purple and yellow (except for Magic, I respect Magic) to the Lose Angelose Losers’ 16. This wasn’t a one-time thing.

But that’s beside the point. We’re not talking about the past here  (or the far off past at the very least).  We’re talking about the C’s 109-96 win Sunday afternoon. So again I ask, what were your thoughts on your team’s horrendous loss? Or are you at a loss for words, seeing how bad the destruction truly was?

Saba: Scumbags in purple? Really that’s all you got? Anyway, like I admitted before the game was pretty damn pathetic. As Josh the editor-in-chief and my fellow Lakers fan said: “You know it’s a bad game when Kobe scores 40 points” because that means no one else did shit. I don’t know if the Championship got to their heads or if Pau was just acting like an oaf, but it was a pretty sad day for the Lakers.

I’m never going to say the Celtics played well. But I can say that the Lakers played poorly.

I still don’t understand why New England Dunkin’ Donuts cups have to have the Celtics symbol on them either. It’s like begging for spirit to spread in Boston.

I’m getting kind of nervous that someone is going to look at this blog and stab me in the middle of the night.

*Note to blog readers: Please don’t hurt me, I can’t help my allegiance!

*Note to self: That note to blog readers will probably get me killed even quicker.

Sam: I’ll take on the Dunkin’ Donuts cup controversy that you just created first. Listen, the cups have the logo not to “spread spirit” but to get people to actually buy coffee. People in New England naturally gravitate toward the shamrock so there’s no need for anything to spread.

As for Kobe, it’s not that no one else did anything; it’s the fact that Kobe did everything that was the problem. Did you know he had ZERO assists Sunday? That means he never passed the ball to anyone who scored even once. That’s a problem for the Lakers. He goes on these little power trips every now and again, where he’s all big and tough and “Oh, I’m going to shoot it every time down the floor because I think that I, Kobe Bean Bryant, am the only good enough to touch the basketball.” That leads to missed shots and teammates who get out of rhythm.

But anywho, speaking of Kobe, what’d you think about seeing Shaq in green at the Staples Center?

Saba: HIS MIDDLE NAME IS BEAN? I ❤ Kobe, even if he is an alleged rapist and ball hog. What you call ignorance I call respect.

SHAQ betrayed me. Back in the day, I was so sad about him leaving the Lakers that I saved the LA TIMES ad he placed that was like a goodbye to LA. I don’t know where that ad is anymore – maybe I burned it, maybe I didn’t.

It was weird seeing him by Kobe in that one camera shot.

SIDE ANECDOTE: My best friend Kenna and I were once deemed the Kobe and Shaq of our sixth grade bball team. Ballin’.

Now when I see Shaq all I see is a big, mean Green monsta’.

Sam: And a Green Monster he is (c’mon we all don’t have accents in Massachusetts). Definitely been a fine addition and will continue to be even as Kendrick Perkins gets more and more minutes at the center spot. And even if these two teams meet in the Finals again, all Shaq has to do is whisper in Kobe’s ear, “Hey, Kobe. Tell me how my ass tastes.” Then, he’ll be worth his weight in gold.

Finally as you know, there’s a big broomball game coming up Thursday at midnight between my team (The Great COMmunicators, and yes our mascot is Ronald Reagan. Don’t judge us.) and the FreeP alumni team. You’re supposed to be an objective observer, Saba, so who ya got? (May I remind you to choose wisely though because you don’t only have me to deal with but also Josh if you make the wrong selection.)

Saba: Let’s just say I’ll be the one in the audience wearing my 11C “COM in your face” shirt but also holding a FreeP. I don’t have an allegiance this time. Floor v. FreeP, never an easy choice.

– Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy, DFP Staff