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An Allston without noise

By Brandon Lewis, Staff Writer



Imagine Allston without rowdy college students and loud, lively parties on the weekends. You probably can’t because Allston is a neighborhood defined by its collegiate party scene. If students want to enjoy themselves on the weekend, Allston is the place to be.

However, regular residents don’t seem to agree. Many non-college residents of Allston-Brighton have been known to contact the the police to voice their annoyance with the excessive noise of the neighborhood. And now, attempts to control noise have been taken a step further. The Daily Free Press reported on a new ordinance Tuesday that has proposed more police patrols of the area along with hefty fines for party hosts and attendees whose noisiness disturbs neighbors.

One resident interviewed even suggested that noise-makers should receive a fine of $500 for a first-time offense and $1,000 for a second-time offense. Don’t you think fining students is a little extreme? Besides, it would be pretty difficult to implement. At a noisy, crowded party, who would be fined? Random guests or the hosts of the party or …?

Let’s face it, we are in Boston, where thousands of students roam the metropolitan area. The Allston-Brighton neighborhood is known for housing many college students, who host many college parties. Residents should anticipate higher noise when choosing to live here. Allston is not the ideal place to raise a family or to live peacefully. Sorry, but that’s a fact. Residents need to know what they’re getting themselves into when moving to Allston. It may be an affordable place to live, but if you don’t like noise, don’t move here. If you have outgrown the party scene, then Allston-Brighton should not be on your prospective neighborhood list.

The residents of Allston-Brighton have to accept the reality that they are living in a neighborhood that will always be plagued by noise and parties as long as Boston remains a college town. If they can’t accept this, then I’m afraid it’s time to find new homes.


Allston: better get your flannel on

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Who is a hipster? Among other things, someone who appreciates vinyl, are masters at discovering obscure bands and love flannel and cut-off shorts. Where do they thrive? Apparently Allston-Brighton, as Forbes just ranked the area 18th on its “Best Hipster Neighborhoods” list.

A glimpse of the racks at Urban Renewals located on Brighton Ave.

When attempting to find the local “hipster haunts” in Allston-Brighton, it doesn’t take much effort. There’s an abundance of cafes, ethnic restaurants, taverns and bars.

Let’s start off with a look at the retail end of hipster life. There is the always standard Goodwill for thrifty finds. Not to be over-shadowed though is the more localized Urban Renewals, a warehouse of a thrift store. The system is a bit different as it’s a smaller operation: cash only and no dressing rooms, but with all of the possible merchandise a hipster could build a wardrobe enviable by any other hip street walker.

A peek of the expansive stock at In Your Ear Records on Commonwealth Ave.

The small basement shop of In Your Ear Records has records, cassette tapes, movies, CDs and accessories in unimaginable numbers. I have absolutely no idea how the staff manages such a behemoth of an inventory, but hours could be spent in happy pursuit of that one great musical find.

Of course sometimes the old boom box or record player just isn’t enough, and you need a live concert. Countless bars double as music venues providing that intimate atmosphere. One bar to consider is Great Scott, known for its indie rock/alternative concerts besides its other popular weekly events.

Steet view of Twin Donuts located on Cambridge St.

Another vital part of the hipster life: food. Cafes are a must in hipster life, and just like bars, Allston is far from a shortage of these. Cafenation is a café and creperie with the expected coffee shop ambiance and any hipster would love their Nutella crepes. Feeling productive in the morning and want some breakfast food? Twin Donuts provides an ample supply of homemade breakfast goods at an incredible price.

This list could go on, because if there is one thing hipsters excel at, it’s finding the best secrets in any market. Whether you’re looking for a new vintage shop, an insult to the posh clubs of New York, or a solid spot to judge facial hair, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to follow the “in” (or is it “out”) crowd.