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American Eagle rolls out out clothing line for dogs

By Devon Delfino, Blog Editor

Are you tired of only finding Halloween costumes for your pet? Doesn’t he or she deserve the chance to express their own personal style, from preppy to hipster, tailor-made to small, medium and large dogs? Do you want the chance to match outfits with your furry best friend?

Well now you can with American Eagle Outfitters’ new line of doggy clothing.

Personally, I think it’s adorable (and who doesn’t like staring at photos of cute dogs?). The site even offers links to matching human apparel, but there has been some skepticism as to if it’s real or just a crack at an April fools joke. I hope it’s real because my dog just has to have that ‘selfie’ beanie. Although if my dog dressed this well, I think I might be in danger of her showing me up because the outfits and the dogs featured in the campaign are seriously cute.

And yes, in case you didn’t already know, doggie outfits are actually a thing — not to mention “doggles” — though it looks like the campaign just uses regular sunglasses for more of a laid-back vibe.

In the promotional video for the new line, American Beagle Outfitters seems to poke fun at the frivolousness of a doggy clothing line while offering an adorable array of outfits. My favorite part of the site is the fundraiser for The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on the site, which pledges to give $1 per order purchased on the site for up to $100,000. What better way is there to both help out the ASPCA than by buying ridiculously cute outfits for your dog?

Either way, I’m just happy to see so many pics of adorable dogs wearing hilarious (and stylish) outfits. Check out the “dogumentary” below:


Fashion Padawan: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

These boots were made for walkin’…or for the extreme cold./PHOTO VIA Danny McCarthy

When it gets to late November and early December in Boston, you should know what to expect. I’m a lifelong New Yorker, but even I was unprepared — emotionally, physically, spiritually — for the North Pole crashing down Commonwealth Avenue a few weeks ago.

If you don’t remember a few Sundays ago, it was FREEZING. I went out for a total of 20 minutes with the intention of seeing a quidditch match, but apparently Harry Potter didn’t pack his thermal underwear because the tournament was over before I even got there.

And when I was waddling/cry-walking back to the warmth of Warren Towers, I realized that my winter garb was not up to snuff. And unless you’re super-prepared for the icy wrath of Tilda Swinton a la “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” you’re not up to snuff either.

So, here are a few things we need to get prepared for winter:

1. Insulated shoes: Oh, what’s that? These two things attached to my ankles are not blocks of ice? They’re feet? Thanks, Converse, for not letting me know. As much as I love Converse — roughly to the moon and back — I can’t keep wearing them. It’s time to break out the boots. I have a pair of black leather biker boots (tongue-twister) that I almost never wear, but I think I’ll have to reintegrate them into my wardrobe. If you don’t have boots, I would suggest a meander over to Zappos for free shipping, or American Eagle for some Sherpa-lined boots.

2. Turtlenecks: The name sounds vaguely horrifying, but I can’t argue with the results. Even if I wanted to, I can’t because the International Turtleneck Association refuses to answer my letters. Turtlenecks are designed to keep you warm, and if you wear them in the right way (neck folded down aesthetically) then this personal fashion do-not can become a fashion do.

3. Real gloves: I’m so guilty of buying — cough, stealing from my mom, cough — cheap gloves that seem like a decent purchase in the beginning but then make me want to cry. And in this day and age of iPhones, it is imperative to have touch-screen gloves for walking and texting in the cold. I recommend buying from L.L.Bean or Timberland; they’re less stylish than Urban Outfitters or H&M, but they’ll get the job done. The job: keeping your fingers from falling off because of horrible frostbite.

Once I get back in the green — aren’t I so hip? — I think I’ll devote some of it to getting the aforementioned items. Because once we are all wrapped up toasty and warm, we can appreciate the Christmas spirit. And those Christmas sales.

LOLThursday: Spray-on jeans from American Eagle

By Samantha Wong, Staff Writer

If there was a statue that allowed me to pay homage to skinny jeans, I would gladly pay tribute. Skinny jeans are generally the most flattering form of denim to date. I, along with most of the female population, have more than four pairs in my closet. Skinny jeans are not just limited to females either. Males (sadly) can and do take part in this fashion innovation.

However, as of late, the problem that has arisen is that some skinny jeans are not skinny enough. They do not fit because some jeans sag and bulge and make for an unflattering look, because each body is different.

American Eagle has recently come out with ‘Skinny Skinny’, the most flattering, most fitting jeans one can possible find. I rushed to the store’s website, only to find, what is understated as disappointment when the jeans were no longer in stock.

‘Skinny Skinny’ is American Eagle’s newest, possibly skinniest jean. The jeans are limited edition.

More notably, the jeans are from a spray can. One sprays on the jean for varying thickness and length, and creates the most flattering look for oneself.

However, as of right now, the cans are temporarily unavailable. No doubt due to the cans being sold out as soon as they hit shelves. The spray can jean, is not only unisex, but comes in two colors: ‘indigo’ and ‘bright light’.

Just kidding.

According to an article by the New York Daily News, it is all a sad joke on us folks who really want skin-tight jeans. AE’s new product, the very versatile spray-can skinny jeans, is the brand’s humorous marketing attempt at selling form-fitting jeans that targets a wide range of people. Nay, everyone. It allows more people to be able to happily indulge in skinny jeans without worrying about them being unflattering or worse, not fitting, since they spray right on to your skin.

Unfortunately, the jest at the skinny jeans craze means these spray-can jeans cannot be worshipped like their less versatile predecessors. Sigh.

Get the skinny on the skinnies here: