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Lauren in London: “You can’t sit with us!”

By Lauren Dezenski, Staff Writer

What happens when you smell different./PHOTO VIA Lauren Dezenski

This past week was my first full week of classes (four days of four hours of classes, which for the record is more than I was doing back in Boston so that’s an adjustment in and of itself). After my four hours of morning classes on Monday, I decided to be a good student and head over to neighboring Imperial College for a study session. They also have a pub on campus so I figured I’d get a pint as I worked my way through my Government and Politics of the European Union textbook. Aren’t I such a good student?

The union pub thing (it’s still not really clear what the place is called) is basically a big room with a couple of tables, big windows and high ceilings that apparently gets pretty wild on Wednesdays when classes are in session. Oh, and of course, a bar that stretches the length of the room.

Walking into the union (we’ll call it that), there had to be no more than five people in the place (probably because it was 2 p.m.), including the one bartender woman that gave me a pretty glare-y once-over as I walked over to the bar. Actually, it felt like all five people in the establishment turned and stared as I walked into the place. Like they could smell it on me that I wasn’t from here (or even a real Imperial student). Finding a spot to sit felt like that scene in Mean Girls where Cady tries to navigate the lunchroom only I didn’t have a posse like Janice and that guy who’s too gay to function telling me where the awkward foreigners sit. Because that’s apparently now my clique du jour. At least no one growled at me.

But alas, faking it until I make it is among my primary skills so I plunked down in the corner of the union with my pint and textbook and did my best not to be distracted by the freakishly good music being played. Seriously, they played “Hey Ya,” “99 Problems” and “Milkshake.” I kept kind of laughing at the music because it was great (I was drinking a pint, after all), and the bartender and other patrons just kept looking over at me with these weird judge-y stares. In hindsight, this might be because I ordered a pint at 2 in the afternoon.

People trickled in and out of the union during my three hours of studying (that music was really distracting) and I couldn’t help but feel like I was just this weird magnet with my funky and arguably fresh American scent.

Once I finished my work, I resisted the urge to slam down my glass and yell “FOR AMERICA” or drop the mic or something (because that would be rude). I have no proof or real knowledge that anyone in the place actually even noticed I was there, but it was strange to feel like I was sticking out like a sore thumb.

One of my friends on the program is originally from England and has been acting as my cultural ambassador. I told her about my experience (“IT’S LIKE THEY COULD SMELL THAT I’M AN AMERICAN!!!”) and she said it’s probably true. She also said that no one really cares. If you’re from America, you look like an American and people can observe that the same way you know a German when you see one and that’s that. But really, no one cares.

I still haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be going back this week. If I do make it back, I’ll just have to resist the urge to sing the national anthem or start a “USA” chant.


FreepOUT: Staff Introductions 2013-2014

By Michelle Jay, Multimedia Editor@michelllelynn
and Samantha Wong, Blog Editor @samzwong

Chris Lisinski. Editor in Chief/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Chris Lisinski
Position at the FreeP: Editor-in-Chief
Age:  20
Hometown: Bellport, New York
Why the FreeP?  I joined the FreeP because I wanted to get more involved on campus and develop my writing skills.

Most awkward/embarrassing story: Yesterday an English professor asked me what I remembered from reading “Gawain and the Green Knight” in an earlier class. Trying (poorly) to describe the Green Chapel deep in the woods, I said “something involving green.” Now I’m viewed as the dumbest kid in class.

Sofiya Mahdi. Managing Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Sofiya Mahdi
Position at the FreeP: Managing Editor
Age: 21
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Why the FreeP? I joined the FreeP because I’m not a journalism major and I wanted to gain some writing experience in a different field.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: My most awkward first day of class was in kindergarten when I was on the playground and started crying because other kids were trying to hug me.

Margaret Waterman. Campus Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name:  Margaret Waterman
Position at the FreeP: Campus editor
Age: 20
Hometown: Concord, Mass.
Why the FreeP? I joined the FreeP because I worked in Boston the summer before transferring to BU and I wanted to get involved before I showed up on campus in September. I’m also a journalism major so I was excited to pursue it extracurricularly.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: As for a bad first day story, I don’t really have one. I’ve definitely done embarrassing things on the first day — without question — but I’ve probably blocked them out. On the first day of field hockey camp at UMass one year, I dropped a plate full of food in the middle of the dining hall during our first meal and the entire huge room, packed with girls, went totally silent. It was awkward.

Kyle Plants. City Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Kyle Plantz
Position at the FreeP: City editor
Age: 20
Hometown: Syracuse, New York
Why the FreeP?  I joined the FreeP because I wanted to get some experience in journalism before I decided on what my major was going to be. I didn’t know if I wanted to do news/editorial or broadcast, but my experience at the FreeP has made me want to pursue writing for a newspaper or online news outlet.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: My most awkward first day of school was when I was in 8th grade during lunch when some of my friends put applesauce on my chair and I went up to get a snack and didn’t check my chair when I went to sit down. Long story short, I had to walk around the rest of the day with a huge applesauce stain on my butt. Everyone loved me.

Sarah Kirkpatrick. Sports Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Sarah Kirkpatrick
Position at the FreeP: Sports editor
Age: 19
Hometown: Mukilteo, Washington
Why the FreeP?  I joined the FreeP to write about cross country and ended up doing a lot more than that.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: My most awkward first day of school was my senior year of high school. I had foot surgery two weeks prior to my first day and was on one of those knee scooter things, so all the teachers made a way bigger deal than they needed to about making sure I was comfortable. And all of my classmates wanted to ride the scooter around the classroom.

Brian Latimer. Opinion Editor/PHOTO via Michelle Jay

Name: Brian Latimer
Position at the FreeP: Opinion editor
Age: 20
Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey
Why the FreeP? Unknown
Most embarrassing/awkward story: For the past 5 or so years I have had a case of the hiccups. It’s not like I hiccup 24/7, but I get them every day. Today, in a class of 88 people, I hiccuped so loud in the front row the professor stopped speaking, stared at me and chuckled.

Sarah Fisher. Photo Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Sarah Fisher
Position at the FreeP: Photo editor
Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania
Why the FreeP? I joined the Photo section of the FreeP half by accident – I’ve always loved photography, but I never had a chance to shoot as a photojournalist. I shot for my high school newspaper, but I wasn’t wild about shooting school meetings and fundraisers. With FreeP, I’ve seen so much more of Boston than I would have otherwise, all while building my portfolio.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: This past Tuesday, I fell asleep in one of my classes. When I woke up, I started nodding enthusiastically to whatever my professor was saying, so he called on me in front of the entire 100+ people lecture hall. I just turned red and waited for someone else to answer.

Michelle Jay. Multimedia Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name:Michelle Jay
Position at the FreeP: Multimedia editor
Age: 21
Hometown: Westmont, Illinois
Why the FreeP? I joined the photo staff of the FreeP when I got to BU because I enjoy using photos to tell stories. I figured this was as good a place as any to do so. Somehow, I’m still here, just telling stories in a different way this semester.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: On my first day of 6th grade, there was a class on my schedule that wasn’t actually my class. There was a class in that room and I kept getting sent back there. But, it was an 8th grade Spanish class and I was supposed to be in study hall.

Christina Janansky. Features Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Christina Janansky
Position at the FreeP: Features editor
Age: 21
Hometown: Egg Harbor Town, New Jersey
Why the FreeP? Since my senior year of high school, I knew I wanted to pursue journalism, though I didn’t really know what kind. I joined the FreeP my sophomore year for this very reason – to figure out where I could best ‘fit’ within the journalism world. And I found it through doing the FreeP, which rules.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: My most awkward first day happened my freshman year of college. My roommate and I were walking to the FitRec so I could meet her parents before class. Her mom, the most welcoming lady ever, immediately greeted me with a huge hug. Her dad, on the other hand, continued his business call, paying no attention to us at all. After talking for a few minutes, my roommate and her mom decided to get in the car and head to the bookstore – but I still hadn’t met her dad. Given how friendly her and her mom were, I waited around for a couple minutes for him to get off the phone and, when he finally did, I began approaching him. When I was about one foot away, he put his arms out…so I thought, ‘oh, he wants a hug.’ So I wrapped my arms tightly around him for a good 10 seconds before I realized he wasn’t hugging me back… Turns out he had put his arms out in an attempt to get around me on the sidewalk/had absolutely no idea who I was.

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