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A freshman’s perspective: BU vs. BC

By Brandon Lewis, Staff Writer

During this time of the year, thousands of college students enthusiastically support their respective football and basketball teams. These two sports seem to dominate the collegiate athletic scene across the country. However, at Boston University, hockey seems to be the standout sport. If you are not a hockey fan before you arrive in Boston, you’re likely to become one by the time you leave. Whether you are an avid Terrier fan or dismiss hockey altogether, it is impossible for you to avoid the notion that Boston College is our most hated opponent.

I was introduced to the rivalry between BC and BU while I was applying to BU a year ago. I didn’t think much of the rivalry because I was not an admirer of hockey. Now that I am a full-fledged Terrier, I realized that it is my duty to support my school’s contention with the Eagles.

BU HockeyThis Sunday marks the Terriers’ first hockey game of the season against Boston College. It will also be my first time experiencing a BU vs. BC game, which I hear is a wild, spirited experience. After beating 5/6 North Dakota last Saturday, the 4-2-0 men’s hockey team looks to win again this Sunday at Agganis Arena. Last season, the BU men beat BC twice and lost to them twice. They’re also attempting to maintain their undefeated record, 2-0-0 at home and continue the solid play within their conference.

As a freshman, I am excited to just be able to experience all the hype surrounding the contentious rivalry. When I attended the BU vs. Providence game in mid-October, I was baffled at the anti-BC cheers despite  the fact that BU was not playing BC at the time. (And I thought the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry was malicious…) Well, I have learned that BU is not shy when it comes to voicing its distaste of its rival.

School of Management freshman Abena Amoakuh echoed my excitementt:

“Oh man, I just bought my ticket,” she said. “I can’t wait to go to the game and cheer on my Terriers. I’m not really a hockey fan, but I’m all about school spirit and supporting our teams. I can’t wait to yell ‘BC sucks!’”

The good news for Terrier Nation is that BU leads BC in their head-to-head record. Since the first game contested between the two teams on Feb. 6, 1918, BU leads the series 127-114-17. I am confident that my first BU vs. BC game will be one to remember, hopefully with a Terrier win. Don’t let us down Terrier men, we don’t want bragging rights given to those wannabes in Chestnut Hill.


Veg Out: Mexican food at El Pelón

By Katie Doyle, Food Editor

As any foodie will likely tell you, Boston isn’t known for its Mexican food. Aside from the Boston University mainstay, Sunset Cantina, which seems more beloved for its margaritas than anything else, the city isn’t exactly celebrated for its take on south-of-the-border cuisine.

Add in another factor—a vegetarian diet—and it becomes even more difficult to find decent Mexican food in Boston. Nix eggs and dairy if you’re a vegan, and it seems it might just be impossible to find any Mexican place in the city, let alone one you’d like to come back to.

That is, until you try Fenway’s El Pelón Taqueria at 92 Peterborough St., just a quick walk from Kenmore Square. El Pelón is very much a grab-and-go restaurant: a glimpse behind the counter reveals a bustling kitchen, which continuously sends out tacos, burritos and quesadillas five to ten minutes after an order is placed.

Despite the casual setting, though, El Pelón has an eclectic, welcoming atmosphere, with one wall decorated with the requisite Mexican props and the other covered with photos from fans of the taqueria sporting El Pelón shirts all across the world, everywhere from the Berlin Wall to the Great Wall of China. If that’s not enough to convince you this place’s worth a try, it was also the recipient of a “Best of Boston” award in 2011.

El PelonWhen you taste the food, you’ll see why. Forget Chipotle or Qdoba because El Pelón serves up authentic Mexican fare. The restaurant also fills a much-needed niche, offering vegan and vegetarian choices. There are plenty of vegetable-based options, and you can even select to substitute regular cheese with vegan cheese, a rare opportunity at any restaurant, let alone a hole-in-the-wall taqueria right by Fenway Park.

I started my vegan meal off with the plantains, which were lightly fried to achieve the perfect balance between crispy and soft. The plantains’ poignant sweetness was balanced nicely by a dash of salt, while the fire roasted salsa added zest without overshadowing the distinct flavor of the plantains. While this antojito—or Mexican street snack, which literally translates into “little whim”—was only $3.95, it was easily filling enough (and certainly appetizing) to serve as your main meal.

For my entree, I selected the black bean quesadilla with vegan cheese. For only $3.25, it’s cheaper than what you can find at Chipotle or Qdoba, but there’s just no comparison in terms of the quality. While I’m not a huge fan of vegan cheese in general, El Pelón’s take on it was pretty convincing, though perhaps the odd aftertaste that generally accompanies vegan cheese was simply camouflaged by the generous helping of black beans.

El PelonEither way, for a vegan quesadilla, it was pretty good. And with a side of El Pelón’s delicious guacamole, it was even better. No matter what you order at El Pelón, a side of 75-cent guacamole is a must. It was fresh and tangy, with a whole range of flavors that complemented the avocado base, including onion, garlic, tomato and lime. Plus, it was clearly homemade, unlike the pasty, pallid attempts at guacamole that you might find at other establishments.

Next time you’re by Kenmore Square, take a short walk and try this place. As a fan of southwestern fare, I’ve tried Mexican cuisine in as far north as Montreal (big mistake) and as far south as Tijuana (best ever), and have found the folk knowledge that Mexican food gets worse as you get farther from the border to be true. Geographically speaking, then, El Pelón should be somewhere in the middle—but, as it would turn out, it actually comes out on top.

El Pelón is also located at 2197 Commonwealth Ave. in Brighton.

Multimedia: BU vs. BC

By Lauren Dezenski and Sam Sarkisian, Daily Free Now Multimedia Staff

With Monday’s Beanpot championship hockey game on the horizon, the Boston University/Boston College rivalry looms large in the minds of many students. We asked BU students what they disliked most about our Newton Neighbor, BC.