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Spotlight: NYC v. Boston

By Stacy Schoonover, Staff Writer

Obviously, Boston is better than New York City./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Roberto Zingales

Boston: home of the Red Sox, the Bruins, and Boston University./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Roberto Zingales

I spent this past weekend in New York, and while NYC is the “big apple” and the “largest city in the U.S.” I couldn’t help thinking how much I love Boston more. Don’t get me wrong, New York is amazing — but there is just something about Boston that makes it superior. Let me explain…

New York is amazing because:

1. 24-Hour Subway

This city never sleeps. While Boston just go the T to stay open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturdays, New York is transporting people on a Tuesday at 4 a.m., and it’s wonderful.

2. That being said, the city never sleeps

Boston’s bedtime is that of an old married couple having to wake up the next morning for a nine to five workday. New York has nightlife, bars, events and activities at all hours.

3. The streets are blocked, and they make sense

If someone told me I had to be at 42nd and 6th, I wouldn’t have to get out MapQuest, or take a cab just to avoid getting lost or being late. In Boston, the streets don’t make sense. Bottom Line.

4. Central Park is better than the Boston Common

Both are gorgeous… but Central Park has a zoo. A zoo, people! 1.317 square miles of adventures, playgrounds, animals, zoos, concerts, etc. is better than 50 acres of trees.

5. New York is the Cultural Capital of the World

Home to the United Nations and a hub of international affairs, New York is more cultural in food, fashion and other cultural markets. Boston is more centered on remembering the past with its strong historical background.

Boston is way better than New York because:

New York City has a lot to offer, but can it stand up to Boston?/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Chris Isherwood

New York City has a lot to offer, but can it stand up to Boston?/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Chris Isherwood

1. New York is too crowded

The traffic of the Boston Marathon is the traffic on a normal day on 42nd street in New York. Boston is more livable, and while Boston is still touristy, it doesn’t stand out as much as the most populated city in the U.S.

2. We have the North End

Enough said.

3. Boston smells better

There isn’t as much pollution, and that is a beautiful thing.

4. Sports

Yes New York has won 47 professional championships, but it’s the largest city in the U.S. Boston is the 21st largest city in the U.S., and has won 34 professional championships. Go Sox. Go Bruins. We win.

5. Boston is the hub of history

Home of the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party and many other significant moments of the American Revolution, there’s so many historical sights to see. We also have the first public school in the U.S., the first subway system and the Boston Common is the oldest city park in the U.S.

And most importantly, Boston is home to BU, the best school ever! So, we win.


Spotlight: Visit the MFA

By Stacy Schoonover, Staff Writer

Visit the MFA: it's free for college students!/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Kan Wu

Visit the MFA: it’s free for college students!/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Kan Wu

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston is free for college students, only a short distance from Boston University and has a lot of neat exhibits on display right now that are really worth checking out. Here are a few that can only be seen for a short time! Did I mention admission is free with your BU ID?

1. “To Boston with Love

Flags sewn in response to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings are on display in the Shapiro Family Courtyard this month. The MFA brought back the display as the one-year anniversary approaches. More than 1,700 flags were sewn with words of encouragement and thoughtful designs to show love and peace to the Boston community. These flags come from all parts of the world, and show global support for Boston.

2. “Permission to be Global

On display in the Henry and Lois Foster Gallery until July 13, “Permission to be Global” features Latin American art from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection. It shows what it means to be global today and includes paintings, photography, video and performance art.

"Think Pink" at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/ PHOTO BY Rosemary Merrill Loring and Caleb Loring, Jr. Gallery of Textiles, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“Think Pink” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/ PHOTO BY Rosemary Merrill Loring and Caleb Loring, Jr. Gallery of Textiles, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

3. “Think Pink

“Think Pink” explores how the color pink has changed in meaning and has influenced art and fashion over time. It’s on display in the Loring Gallery until May 26. The exhibit includes dresses, men’s clothing, jewelry, accessories and paintings.

4.”Quilts and Color

In the Ann and Graham Gund Gallery until July 27, “Quilts and Color” features approximately 60 quilts of bright colors and designs. Artists Paul Pilgrim and Gerald Roy put together the collection to show the work of mid-20th century art.

With hours upon hours of exhibits to explore, be sure to check these out before they are gone! These displays can’t be seen anywhere else!

Pop Culture Countdown: Snooki pregnant again and the “HIMYM” finale

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

Hey there, terriers! How was your week? Terrierific? Terrierble? I can’t think of a third “terrier” pun, so we’ll end that train of thought there. Spring has most definitely sprung, and I couldn’t be happier. So let’s celebrate quickly because we all know that eventually it will be winter again in Boston, and that thought is terrifying — I guess I did have another “terrier” pun. Nailed it.

6. Kesha performs for the first time post-rehab:

Yay! Kesha is back, and I love it. The star has dropped the “$” from her name and seems to be pursuing a more natural vibe. She performed in the Best Fest’s Petty Fest at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. The performance comes on the heels of her first post-rehab red carpet appearance at the Humane Society Benefit Gala, where she looked healthy and beautiful, glowing in a sparkly dress. Kesha went into rehab seeking treatment for an eating disorder, and ended up staying two months. While a proponent for loving yourself, Kesha found it difficult to practice, and we love her for putting her physical and mental health first. Welcome back, Kesha!

5. David Letterman announces retirement:

David Letterman, the longest-running late night host in TV history, is ending his 30-year reign in 2015 when his contract expires. The decision is something that he has been discussing with CBS president/CEO Les Moonves, and it’s not entirely unexpected. Last year, Letterman renewed his contract for only one year, leading many to speculate that the end was near. His departure will leave a hole in the heart of television as we say goodbye to this late night staple. There has been no word yet on who will potentially succeed Letterman.

4. Snooki is pregnant again:

Nicole Polizzi is expecting her second child with fiancé Jionni LaValle. The news came shortly after it was revealed that her best friend, Jenni Farley, is expecting a baby girl with her fiancé Roger. Polizzi and Farley appear on their show “Snooki & JWOWW” together, and always planned to be pregnant together. Snooki didn’t release the knowledge of her pregnancy to the public until her second trimester, but the news was leaked by an undisclosed source to the press. Polizzi is already the mother to Lorenzo Dominic, 19 months,  and wanted for her children to be close in age to each other.

3. “How I Met Your Mother” Finale:

It came, we saw, and it conquered our emotions. The finale to the long-running, intensely addicting, wildly popular “How I Met Your Mother” ended on March 31, 2014. Have you recovered yet? The finale was controversial, and if you didn’t like it, you may have a second chance at the ending. The creators of the show, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, announced that there will be an alternate ending to the series. “We were in the HIMYM edit room, trying to decide between two very different endings,” Bays tweeted, “We chose the ending we chose and we stand by it. But we loved the other version too.” The alternate ending will be released with the DVD set of the show’s last season.

2. Lupita Nyong’o is the new face of Lancome:

My queen, Lupita Nyong’o, was named the newest face of Lancome, becoming the first black woman to represent the French brand! It’s coming as no surprise that Nyong’o has been tapped to represent the luxury brand: her fashion statements are almost as talked about as her films, and her red carpet style choices have become iconic. Nyong’o has always loved the company, and adores its idea that “beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself.”

1. Miley Cyrus in Boston:

If Lupita is my queen, then Miley Cyrus is my religion. She came to Boston Wednesday night on her Bangerz tour, and by all accounts, the show was a watershed moment. Miley’s dog Floyd died two days previous to the show and the singer was distraught, taking to Twitter to voice her heartbreaking sadness. However, she promised to “try her best to be her best” for her Boston fans and she did not disappoint. Although the evening was fraught with sadness and a tear-jerking moment when Miley broke down and clutched a massive blow-up version of Floyd, she never ceased in her desire to put on an amazing show. Opinions on Miley are split, but I think we can all agree that her performance Wednesday night showed her strength, bravery and beauty. Miley, I applaud you.


InBiz: How it feels trying to find a subletter, as told by “Game of Thrones”

By Emily Overholt, Staff Writer

The Boston ice is finally melting which can mean only one thing: the semester is ending. For those of us who aren’t living in the palace that is StuVi, and who aren’t kicking it in Boston this summer, it means it’s time to convince someone to pay your rent (I mean ‘take your place’) in your Allston apartment.

GIF VIA Game of GIFS Tumblr user

GIF VIA Tumblr user Game of GIFS

In honor of my insane excitement about the season four premier, here’s what it feels like trying to find a subletter, as told by “Game of Thrones.” Get ready to press play and feel the struggle.

At first you’re hopeful. You love your apartment. It’s cheap, comfortable, you’re used to it. Look at that view. Everyone would want to live here.


GIF VIA giphy.com

Then you start trying to write a craigslist ad, and suddenly everything is awful. How have you been paying this much to live in a closet all year? WHO WILL CHOOSE TO LIVE HERE?


GIF VIA giphy.com

You start asking your friends to move in so you don’t have to deal with it. Even offering sweet deals.

GIF VIA reactiongifs.com

GIF VIA reactiongifs.com

When your friends move in you decide to throw caution to the wind. Who needs background checks? Please live here.

GIF VIA castofthrones.com

GIF VIA castofthrones.com

As time passes you start to realize that there really is no choice.  You no longer care who lives in your stuff but you try to get your roommate to get along with the strangers.

GIF VIA giphy.com

GIF VIA giphy.com

Your roommate shoots down your applicant.


GIF VIA nolanfans.com

You turn to the BU Housing Facebook group in a final moment of desperation.

GIF VIA giphy.com

GIF VIA giphy.com

And then you wait…

GIF VIA giphy.com

GIF VIA giphy.com

But eventually, summer is coming and surely everything will have worked out. Unless, of course, your last name is Stark.

GIF VIA giphy.com

GIF VIA giphy.com

Galentine’s Day

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Once again, it’s that time of the year again when chalk-tasting Sweethearts are back on shelves, heart decals are plastered on dorm windows, and couples seem to increase by the dozens.

Yes ladies and gents, it’s Valentine’s day, that holiday where we define love by the amounts of chocolates or flowers we get from our significant others and the sappy e-cards our parents send to us. It makes us question what love really is, and whether it even exists.

There’s a lot of deep thoughts going on about love, and sometimes they may even create some existential crises.

But this Valentine’s day I won’t be so focused on a single pity party. Instead, I see it as the time of year to celebrate Galentine’s day. As Amy Poehler states it’s a day for “ladies celebrating ladies.”

Usually Galentine’s day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s day, but for all us single ladies out there, we might as well make it a two day extravaganza! From going out to dinner with some of your favorite gals to making voodoo dolls of ex-boyfriends (I’m kidding, I promise), there are many great ways to celebrate.

Boston also has some fun events planned for the next week in celebration of Valentine’s/Galentine’s day. You can volunteer with animals (who doesn’t love kittens and puppies) or attend a glass-blowing class (after all, nothing says love more than glass-blowing).

Closer to campus, there are a variety of dating games going on. Here are just a few put on by different student groups:

1. The Dating Game! Hosted by BU Central

2. Speed Dating: Hosted by Towers RHA 

3. Hillel Speed Dating: Hosted by BU Hillel 

So whether you’re spending this weekend with your significant other or significant gals, love is in the air.

Texas Takes Boston: The MBTA

By Kate Ebeling, Staff Writer

Crowded T

Don’t be the guy who leaves his backpack on   the seat next to him/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin, Multimedia Editor

Who said mass-transit was easy?

Having grown up in Houston, the concept of mass transportation extends as far as our METRO bus and a sad excuse for a light rail that has maybe five miles to its name.

I first heard of the mysterious Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority from a friend who had spent a summer with extended family. She warned me of the perils the green line plagues Boston University students with, the confusion between inbound and outbound lines, and the struggle of putting money on a Charlie Card, only to lose it the next day.

I listened with little more than contempt for the basic plebeian that couldn’t figure out a map.

My first day in Boston, I took the green line the wrong way twice, got lost in Southie, and had to call my dad (a former New England resident) who actually laughed at me and hung up twice, just to be funny.

Having spent a couple months in Boston now, I’ve learned a few do’s and don’ts of riding the MBTA.

1. Push all the way to the back.

Yeah, you might have to get off in a few stops, but there are about 50 people behind you that also have places to be. Make some space and don’t stand around.

2. Always give up your seat if you think someone else needs it more.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched people sit with their headphones in and sunglasses on, acting like they can’t see the mom with a baby, diaper bag and groceries in hand, make her way onto the T and stand around, swaying with the lurching of the train as it makes its abrupt stop into the next station. Stand up and help someone out, you look a lot cooler being a nice guy than sitting there ignoring the world.

3. Take your bag/backpack off.

And don’t put it on the empty seat next to you. The T is crowded enough as it is, and no one believes that your bag is more deserving of a seat than them. Don’t even try to make an excuse for that one, it’s not going to work.

All in all, some pretty incredible things can happen on the T. I’ve watched a woman go into labor on the red line, and I saw a couple in their wedding attire get on right near Copley with such a look of pure happiness that I might have shed a tear or two and then gotten off at the next stop to make sure nobody witnessed me crying. I’ve sat in the back of a T car on a Friday night, surrounded by my friends and feeling incredibly happy as I pay a mere two dollars to avoid the brisk Boston air.

Getting used to the T is something that is a continual process, and I will never be a subway surfer like Bostonians are. But I will admit that even though it runs late, it breaks down and occasionally hits a pedestrian or two, the T is a blessing to a broke college student, and as much as this Texan would prefer to drive, the MBTA is a solid substitute.

Facebook Turns 10

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Facebook turned 10 this week, and don't we feel old./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Johan Larsson

Facebook turned 10 this week, and don’t we feel old./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Johan Larsson

It’s hard to believe that Facebook has been around for a decade! That’s over half my life thus far. To be honest, I can hardly imagine life without Facebook and I’m sure that most college-aged students would agree.

In celebration of spending 10 years online Facebook has launched “A Look Back,” a neat little personalized video of highlights from the user’s time on the site (soon you can edit it!).

It starts off at the beginning, stating when you joined and then it goes through your first moments (embarrassing photos from middle school), your most liked posts, and the photos you’ve shared. And while this 62 second flashback is happening, nostalgic instrumental music plays in the background.

It’s almost like watching a wedding montage between you and your Facebook profile.

Let’s face it, whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve basically been in a relationship with Facebook for the past few years. We’ve used it to stalk our exes (we’re all guilty of it and we know it), keep in touch with friends back home and get to know our college classmates.

As someone who couldn’t visit Boston University before move-in, Facebook was how I got to know more about on campus groups, academics and campus life in general.

Facebook is used for much more than just personal profiles: political campaigns, fundraising and outreach are all different instances that individuals and companies have used Facebook for something other than connecting with friends.

I’ve seen my friends post links to help disaster relief or raise money to support the fight against cancer. Last April, when the Boston Marathon bombing happened, Facebook was a way for friends and family to reach out to one another. Here is Facebook’s 10 stories that they shared to give users a feel for how Facebook has been changing lives for 10 years.

Though this social media site does not define our generation, it is a reflection of who we are and where we are going.

Two Schools, Two Pianos

By Alex H. Wagner

Although the idea of dueling pianos tends to share connotations with a Bugs Bunny cartoon, in reality the act of playing music in a pair or group brings unlikely groups together. In this instance, that divide is the Charles River separating Boston University and Harvard.

For the first time, BU and Harvard students played a joint recital at Boston University’s Tsai Performance Center, as part of the Two Piano Project, a collaborative effort between piano programs at the two schools. The projected was formulated last summer by BU’s Piano Department chairman Boaz Sharon, BU doctoral candidate Anna Arazi and George Ko, Co-President of the Harvard College Piano Society.

Auburn Lee, one of the Harvard pianists, agrees that the shared recital between schools is something special. Having pianists from both schools “coming together to make music…that’s really the coolest part.”

When asked what his personal goals were for the evening, Lee kept it simple: to play well, and to tell a story.

The Two Piano Project turned out to be quite a treat, especially after several pianos hit the streets of Boston last Fall for the “Play Me, I’m Yours” art project.

Check out BU and Harvard battle it out on the piano below:

Snow My Gosh!

By Sabrina Katz, Staff Writer

Snow day in Boston, just like a “white Christmas.”/PHOTO VIA Flickr user wei²

I knew that coming to a city like Boston for school would be a great opportunity to meet plenty of people my age, learn about a historical city and become independent from my parents.

One thing that especially appealed to me was the idea of getting to see snow all winter long. I’ve certainly seen snow before on a couple different accounts, but seeing it snow more than once in an entire winter is completely new to me.

Sure, it’s hard to give up the mild winter season I’m used to in the South, but the Boston snowfall feels like magic. I always thought the song “White Christmas” was a far-fetched hope, but it turns out, it actually does happen in Boston!

There’s really nothing like opening your dorm blinds and seeing the streets covered in patches of white. That was my first experience in snowy Boston. It feels ethereal, especially to someone who’s not used to the temperature dipping below 40 degrees the entire winter season.

When I was able to go outside (I finally got to break in my brand new snow boots!), the snow was still falling. During my first few moments, I just stood there on the sidewalk: breathing in the crisp air, feeling snowflakes fall onto my coat and soaking up this lovely winter day.

Unfortunately, after walking in it for two minutes, the snow became less phenomenal. The flakes were getting in my face and blinding me, I didn’t have a hat to protect my hair from getting snowed on, and taking out my iPod to listen to some music was a big no-no.

Turns out, snow is just like rain! You don’t get soaked right away, but when the snow melts on you, it feels just as unpleasant as the wet stuff in the middle of summer. Looking around at the other students walking down Commonwealth Ave., I thought to myself, “Those people with umbrellas don’t look so dumb after all!”

My first snow day in Boston is definitely something I’ll remember for a while. It wasn’t all pleasant, but it represents the kickoff for all the other snow days I’ll get to experience during my time here. For future reference, I’ll know just how to enjoy the winter weather: by staying inside, sipping on some peppermint tea, and enjoying the snowy view from a comfy spot.

What I Missed Most About Boston Over Thanksgiving Break

By Sabrina Katz, Staff Writer

The grass is always greener on the other side./PHOTO VIA Flickr user araza123

After spending three months working at BU, I was more than ready to take a break. I was so excited to go back to Texas for a week that I never realized how much I would miss Boston, the place that had grown to be my new home.

Sure, by going to Houston I’d get to meet up with old friends, see my family, and visit the amazing Galleria (twice!), but by the end of the break I was pleased to return to school and get back to studying.

My little trip brought to mind all the things that Boston has offered me and showed what I truly miss the most about Beantown.

1. The T – Getting behind the wheel was a huge treat during my few days back home. But one thing I really disliked was always having to find a darn parking spot. Public transportation is basically nonexistent in Houston, so going to the shopping center a few miles away meant getting in the car, driving over there, and searching endlessly for the closest parking spot which was two lots over.

2. Having every type of cereal I could want whenever I wanted it – While sitting at home one afternoon, I began craving a huge bowl of Cinnamon Chex and Sargent Choice granola (if I could buy it by the box, I totally would). Unfortunately, the only cereal in my house was off-brand Honeycombs and my dad’s cheerios. But hey, I love cooking so I can’t really complain.

3. Being in the same vicinity as all my friends – If you didn’t know, Houston is one of the largest cities in America, with a circumference of about 60 miles. With friends from all over the place, it’s hard finding a good time to see a buddy who lives 20 minutes away. Here at school, if I want to meet up with someone, they’re just a quick text away. And if you’re one of those lucky souls whose house is down the street from their best friend’s, I tip my hat.

Over the break, my dad brought up an old saying: “the grass is always greener on the other side”, meaning you may not always be happy with what you have. But being away from school has made me those things more, so that when I got back it felt that much better.

But you know, I really wouldn’t mind going to Houston right now so I could wear my sundress and sandals and enjoy the 79 degree weather…