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Boston University Facebook groups

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

One of the more popular of the many BU Facebook groups, BU Confessions/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin, Daily Free Press Staff

One of the more popular of the many BU Facebook groups, BU Confessions/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin,  Staff

Over the past few months, trends in hilarious Facebook groups have prompted Boston University to create some witty groups of its own. We have already covered the notorious Banana University, but that is just one of the many entertaining pages.

Similar to Banana University, Bedtime University is also based on the participation of the students who like the page. The more submissions each group has from students, the more the group grows.

The popularity of other BU Facebook groups such as BU Confessions and BU Crushes work a slightly different angle on student interest. Unlike picture-based groups, these pages are based off of anonymous submissions, and with the help of survey tools such as Survey Monkey and Google, not even the creator of these groups know who are submitting them.

A vast range of well-written, borderline inappropriate, and ‘what were they thinking!?’ posts create addicting groups that have students clicking the refresh button to see if the page has been updated within the last minute. BU Confessions was liked by over 4,000 people- that’s more people than are in this year’s undergraduate freshman class.

Keep in mind that these popular groups are not the first groups from Boston University. In fact, there is an entire community on Facebook that you can have access to with your bu.edu e-mail called Groups at BU. Groups at BU help you find Facebook groups that are related to the university in some way. Many of these groups can be categorized as being a mutual interest, residence, or course/school.

Facebook groups for BU are being created constantly, and it is even possible to create your own BU Group. Some of the best groups I’ve found so far aren’t nearly as popular as others. Here are some of my favorite (underrated) Facebook groups for Boston University:

BU Compliments

One of the groups that should definitely be as popular as BU Confessions, BU Compliments is a feel-good group that is all about “spreading positivity to fellow Terriers” as the page’s “About” section explained. Through a Facebook message, you can send an anonymous compliment to the moderator of the page who will then post it up. People who read the page are also encouraged to tag their friends so that they can be sure to see that they have been complimented.

Boston University Wine and Cheese Society

For the classiest BU students who are over 21, the BU Wine and Cheese Society is meant to educate undergraduate students about the culture of wine and cheese pairings.

Overheard at BU

Another page that has been created for multiple college campuses already, Overheard at BU is exactly what it sounds like. The entertaining part of this page is that many overheard statements are taken out of context.


Free and for sale

By Hilary Ribons, Staff Writer

We are serial deal-seekers, makers and money-savers. We have slim wallets made slimmer by our penchant for purchasing hot pockets and Ramen at 7-11. We are college students. And where there are deals, you better bet we will find them. I’ve made it easier for you this time by exposing one of Boston University’s Facebook groups’ best-kept secrets. The “Free and For Sale” Facebook page is a public group that as of now has about 1,920 members. The title is pretty much self-explanatory. All the stuff you find on there is either—wait for it—free or for sale. The page is a forum for “fridges, futons, textbooks and tons of other stuff,” according to the page’s about section.

It's free meme

(Or for sale)

It keeps its promise. On the groups wall, tons of BU students write posts advertising things that they are selling, getting rid of or looking for. And they include everything. Here’s an amusing list of items being sold and requested that I saw while perusing the page:

– A Wally the Green Monster Pillow Pet
– An LED desk lamp
– A November bus/train pass
– A Wii console
– An “everything must go” closet sale
– An iPhone
– Fairy wings
– Concert tickets
– Recording services

BU Free & For SaleStudents offer help (and sometimes sarcasm) to their peers, either responding to their requests with offers of their own, or directing them to places where they can buy or sell what they are looking to. Most of the items on the page are lightly used, and the owners are looking to get rid of them quickly and conveniently, so they are cheaper than they would be off-the-shelf. It’s a pretty convenient way to buy or sell something, since it’s all located within the BU community. Usually, buyers and sellers contact each other via message or phone if they are interested in making a transaction.

There you have it—I just catered to your weaknesses—convenience, low prices and the allure of new crap. Have at it. If nothing else, join for the sheer amusement of seeing what people post.