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The Beauty of Dance: Mother/Daughter Duet

By Shivani Patel, Staff Writer

Hope you all had a wonderful, but most of all relaxing spring break away from this frigid weather.

Now, time for what you all are (hopefully) looking forward to – dance.

Fans of “The Ellen Show” will recognize this one. Ellen came across a YouTube video of 3-year-old Heaven King and her mother, Tianne King, dancing to “End of Time” by Beyoncé “Queen Bey” Knowles.

In the video, Heaven, who was 2-years-old at the time, dances an entire routine with her mother. The camera focuses in on Heaven, who surprisingly has most of the moves memorized. The dynamic between the two can be described with one word: adorable.

Her mother, Tianne, is actually a dance teacher back in New York, so it seems natural that her daughter picked up some of the moves. When asked whether she would want to be a dancer in the future, Heaven cheekily replied that she is a dancer.

Then, the duo performed their routine on “The Ellen Show” stage. If possible, they were even cuter and better this time around. Ellen, after congratulating them, gifted them with tickets to Beyoncé concert and a chance to meet the Queen herself.

It’s no surprise that this video captured the attention of over 24 million viewers.

Honestly, it’s nice to see a heart-warming interaction between mother and daughter dancers especially after seeing shows such as “Dance Moms.”

The Lifetime show covers the Abby Lee Dance Company’s dancers, but specifically these dancers’ mothers. To further their daughters’ careers in the business, they take any means necessary, which often results in bickering among the mothers themselves leading to stress on their daughters.

While this show may be entertaining, the reality of the mothers and dancers are scary. The amount of pressure put onto these girls by their mothers can, at times, be unhealthy.

Perhaps the mothers of “Dance Moms” could stand to take a lesson from Tianne King when it comes to treating their daughters in respect to dance.


Pop Culture Countdown: Jimmy Fallon, Pitch Perfect 2, and Snowbrawl 2014

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

6. Britney Spears Saves “How I Met Your Mother”:

We’re starting this week off with the Princess of Pop. After guest-starring on the popular CBS comedy, Britney Spears has been credited with saving “How I Met Your Mother” from getting canceled in its fourth season, according to HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. She portrayed Abby, a stalker-eque, crazed receptionist in love with Ted Mosby. Her appearance came right after the writers’ strike, and HIMYM was teetering on the edge of getting the axe. Luckily, Spears swept in and boosted ratings that have been high ever since. Now the show is nearing the end of their ninth and final season, with the last episode set to air on March 31.

5. Justin Bieber:

By now, everyone’s eyes are on Justin Bieber. From peeing in buckets to posing for pictures with ladies of the night, he is one train wreck that we just can’t give up. But his latest legal woes have a bit of a new development.

Police pulled Bieber over  for speeding late last month but it turns out he wasn’t actually speeding at the time he was pulled over. Although, according to his rented yellow Lamborghini, which has a built-in GPS system that recorded the car’s speed just hours before his arrest, Bieber was going over 136 mph at one point in his joyride. That, paired with the alcohol and drugs in his system, could have had serious repercussions. On the bright side, no one was hurt, and the pop star hasn’t become another prison cautionary tale (yet).

4. Jimmy Fallon’s last show:

Moving on to big and better things as the newest “The Tonight Show” host, Jimmy Fallon wrapped up his last episode on his “Late Night” show. In true Fallon fashion, he went out on a high note with jokes and music, saying he would really miss his 12:35 a.m. time slot and competing for viewers with a “vegan chopper commercial.” He ended his show with The Muppets — because of course why wouldn’t he — and got a little emotional in his monologue.

Fallon will replace Jay Leno as “The Tonight Show” host, as Seth Meyers moves into “Late Night.”

3. Sage Kotsenburg:

American Olympian Sage Kotsenburg won the Winter Olympics’ first gold medal by utilizing a move that he had never used before. And that’s all fine and dandy, but what I think the real story here is just how much of an awesome bro Kotsenburg is. He has a brother named Blaze, and he uses words like “mega” and “stoked.” It’s nice to see an Olympian with a real, honest personality. I’m not afraid to admit that I want him to be my best friend.

2. Pitch Perfect 2:

Pitch Perfect 2 is happening and I am getting all of the feels again. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have signed on, and Kendrick even signed on without reading the script. I don’t even know if the movie even needs a script. In my opinion it only needs Kendrick reading her Tweets, Wilson speaking words, and a capella versions of “We Can’t Stop,” “Young and Beautiful” and “Timber.” You heard it here first, readers.

1. BU SnowBrawl 2014:

Okay, this might not be worldwide pop culture news, but it sure has a big impact on our little community. Wednesday, Boston University declared a snow day for the Charles River Campus, as I’m sure you are all aware. And if you’re not aware, then seriously what were you doing?

Anyway, in true snow day spirit, a Facebook event was created for one fantastic, gigantic mega-blowout snowball fight on the Esplanade. It was epic and beautiful. And — shameless plug — if you check out BU Today’s Instagram account and look up their SnowBrawl picture, you’ll see me. You’re welcome, world.

Fashion Padawan: That Time I Dressed Up for Ellen + Bonus Padawan

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

The Green Monster and Rosie the Riveter all thrown into one./PHOTO VIA Danny McCarthy

Ellen came to Boston. The tweet read: “Who’s ready to win some World Series tickets? I’m talking to you, Boston. Marsh Plaza at BU. 5pm. Be there.”


This statement should have read, “A representative of Ellen DeGeneres is holding a competition for, like, three people to win Red Sox tickets after standing in the cold for five hours.”

However, no one knew that originally.

At 3:30 p.m., I went with two friends to CVS to pick up green makeup and hairspray. Now, I was hoping that Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t super popular and no one would have read her Twitter challenge. That didn’t happen. The line for the cash register stretched back into the depths of the store.

Armed with a Halloween set of paint and blue and yellow spray paint, we literally sprinted back to the dorm, ripping through our rooms for anything green or Sox.

I wore a green t-shirt, green jeans (yeah, I own green jeans) and a fabulously assembled pair of red boxers on my head. After applying green eyeliner, I looked like a slightly more feminine version of Rosie the Riveter. Seriously.

However, even in my green glory, I was a candle to the flame that was my next-door neighbor, who only wore a pair of green boxers and green body paint. We all wandered down to Marsh Plaza, where, shockingly, we weren’t the most outrageously dressed. There were people head-to-toe in thick green body paint, a Gilly suit (respect, respect) and someone who was literally draped in towels.

I admit, I wanted the Red Sox tickets, but after an hour and a half of standing out in the cold and drizzle, I was ready to go home. I took my tight pants and my aching shoulders — we thought it would be a good idea for my friend to sit on my shoulders so that we got more attention. SPOILER ALERT: It sucked as an idea. Worst idea ever — back to Warren to take a warm shower of defeat.

In the end, I didn’t get to see Ellen and I didn’t win Red Sox tickets. But I got to dress like an idiot with my friends and walk up and down the streets of Boston like a gypsy. Because when will I next get to be in college and dress in green and go crazy?

Answer: St. Patrick’s Day.

May the Fashion be with You!


Are you completely lost as to what to wear for Halloween? Are you allergic to dairy? I can help you with one of those two things.

Let’s face it, college is expensive. And buying massive amounts of queso (I crave the cheese) probably doesn’t make my bank account any happier. So if you’re like me and can’t deal with shelling out some Benjamins or Andrews, here are some quick and easy Halloween costumes you can do:

1. Borrow a floor mate’s eyeliner and draw whiskers and a frown on your face. Smear the remaining eyeliner around your eyes. Pair with a white t-shirt and a pair of homemade cat ears that you cut from printer paper and you are…


2. Go through your closet and find a dress shirt and a pair of substantial boxers. Slap on some running sneakers and you are…


3. For this you need a buddy. Dress your friend in a white t-shirt and write across the front, “Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House”. Then, wear an oversized sports jersey and tighty-whiteys underneath. Stick your tongue out, and you and your friend are…


Seriously, you’re welcome.

May the Fashion Be With You.

Sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’ announced

By Maya Devereaux, Staff Writer

The beloved "Finding Nemo" characters will be returning to the big screen in the prequel, "Finding Dory"/PHOTO VIA www.telegraph.co.uk

The beloved “Finding Nemo” characters will be returning to the big screen in the prequel, “Finding Dory”/PHOTO VIA http://www.telegraph.co.uk

Sequels often have a way of being, to put it nicely, horrible. (Think, “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde,” “Grease 2,” “Dumb and Dumberer,” I could go on forever). Fortunately, we have Pixar to raise the standard as the animation studio’s sequels continue to impress audiences that includes people over the age of eight (the whole Toy Story franchise, DUH?). With “Monsters University,” the sequel to “Monsters Inc.,” out this June, next on the line up is …(drumroll please) “Finding Dory!”

According to an article on Reuters.com, there will be a sequel to the much-acclaimed “Finding Nemo.” The Pixar film, released in 2003, amassed four Academy Awards and a 99 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That kind of sets the bar high for its sequel, if you ask me. But with Ellen DeGeneres reprising her role as Dory, the film should be in good hands. Going off of the title, hopefully you have gotten the idea that it will be Dory, the fun loving pacific regal blue tang fish, who gets lost this time around.

Though not many details on the project have been revealed to the public yet, we do know that the film will be set along the California coast and will feature Nemo, his father and the fish tank gang, according to Reuters. All other characters are still up in the air as of now, but I know we’re all hoping Bruce the shark and Crush the awesome sea turtle will make an appearance.

Though there are high expectations for Finding Dory, Pixar seems to know what they’re doing and thus far, has not disappointed us. Plus, Ellen Degeneres commented that the script is “fantastic,” which probably means that it is.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2015 for this film, which leaves a ton of time for anticipation. In fact, we have to wait until the end of 2015. Finding Dory is set to be released in November of that year, which in turn means Pixar still has that much time left to make it completely awesome. By that time, I will have graduated college already, but that won’t make me any less eager to go catch it in theaters!