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What’s going on, world?

By Olivia DeFrances, Staff Writer

A mysterious blast destroyed two Indianapolis homes and impacted 80 others Sunday, and the cause is still unknown, though under investigation. This year has brought hurricanes, natural disasters, bizarre weather, people claiming to have seen UFOs and now this. What’s going on, world?

No one in the area had reported smelling a gas leak, said Citizens Energy, and they have not found any problems so far involving gas lines or gas leaks. U.S. Rep. Andre Carson said a meth lab or bomb explosion has been ruled out, but Deputy Fire Chief Kenny Bacon said all possibilities remain open. A house appliance could have caused the incident, but investigation continues, authorities said. Resident John Shirley suspected a faulty furnace caused the explosion.


It will be quite some time before investigators release a cause of the explosion, and the public should remain patient, said Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs. It seems that gas was likely to be involved in the incident, but it cannot be determined whether there was an accident or it was intentionally set.

I’ve got the answer: the 2012 apocalypse is coming. If it wasn’t gas or bombs, what could it have been? An alien attack? An unheard of volcano? Who knows, given all of the nonsense that’s gone on lately.

Okay, probably not. On a more serious note, heavy damage was inflicted. Hundreds of residents were displaced from their homes, some of which were so destroyed that they will have to be torn down.  Two people were killed.  The two victims are thought to be Jennifer Longworth, 36, and her husband John Longworth, 34, but the release is as of yet unofficial.  The community has set up make-shift shelters in local schools and churches, and some people have gone to hotels. It’s really a fortunate miracle, given the amount of damage, that more were not killed. Residents found out Monday if their homes were safe to return to. The Southport Presbyterian Church, where many residents are being sheltered, received so many donations that the entire dining room was filled.  The other residents are doing their best to help out until the mystified victims can return to their homes.