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With finals comes comfort food

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

The inevitable “Dawn of Finals” is approaching, and with it comes the accompanying stress. Happiness during these hard times seems like an intangible dream, but fear not, I bring you a solution! I bring you the glory of microwave comfort food. We can’t all have the option of making a cake in a fancy thing called in oven, so I’ve provided some options for even those suffering in the dorms. Feel free to take a break for a couple minutes to enjoy some tasty treats with absolutely no health benefits. Actually, force yourself to take a break. It’ll do you good.

Finals food

MEME VIA frabz.com

Puppy chow

Human puppy chow / IMAGE VIA laprochainefois.blogspot.com

Microwave s’more: Unfortunately, we can’t all have jolly campfires in the hallways, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy some melted heaven. I caution first-timers to keep a close eye on them as they cook because these things take merely seconds to turn into the size of the Stay Puft marshmallow man. Recipe: … shouldn’t be necessary. Optional add-ins: peanut butter, white chocolate

Puppy chow: Possibly one of the best inventions of all time and another extremely easy recipe that can be shared with multiple people. The only hard part is getting it all to mix just right, but hey the chunks are the best part. Recipe: click here! Optional add-ins: any chocolate candy that can melt

Nachos: In case you need something salty instead of sweet, this is a completely customizable option that takes mere minutes to make. And for added atmosphere, why not play some classic Mexican music while you put it together. That will spice up your life. Recipe: If you really need help, here. Optional add-ins: barbeque sauce

These are just some ideas to get you started, but keep in mind some of the best comfort food is the stuff you come up with on your own. What could be more perfect than throwing some of your favorite things together in one melted mess? All in all, good luck defeating finals and happy eating.


Surviving Mugarfest

By Ryan Galindo, Staff Writer

Boston University finals

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Boston University finals are approaching! Time to dust the cobwebs of your notes from circa September (feels like forever ago) and start making those flash cards and study guides because exams are about a week and a half away. In a week, we’ll be in study period, or dead week, as I’d like to call it (even though it doesn’t exactly last for a week). And yes, this could mean free days, but it’s called study period for a reason.

But where to study? Definitely not in your room, right? With the temptation of your comfy bed and snacks, you’ll probably end up slacking and dozing off. Not good. Oh, say what? You want to study at Mugar Memorial Library, with its abundance of tables and desks with convenient outlets, and most importantly, silence and that scholarly atmosphere?

Fat chance.

Mugar meme

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In what could undoubtedly be Mugar’s busiest periods of the year, students flock to the library to grab a seat and get on top of their studies. Really, on top of them. A third of these kids are asleep with a notebook as a pillow. But if you’re planning to join Mugarfest this semester, as I’ll call it, here are a few tips to secure your spot and more:

Be an early bird: Pretend it’s Black Friday, except you’re hoping to grab your favorite corner in Mugar as opposed to a new flat-screen. With thousands of students that attend BU, most of them will have the same idea as yours to study in the library. Ensure that your spot isn’t taken by getting there early.

Interchange with a friend: Do you have a friend that wants to study in Mugar, too? Great. Assuming that the library is insanely packed, you can share a desk with him or her, and by that I mean they can have the spot for six hours and you can have it for the next six. While your friend studies, go out and take a break or catch up on some sleep. Then go back and let your friend have that same opportunity while you study. It’s like watching the fort, except you’re guarding a desk.

Be courteous: There are other students who need to study just as badly as you do, so play nice and be respectful to those around you. All typical library rules apply, like no talking and no music. Also, please refrain from saving seats for people. Be nice and share.

Mugar meme

MEME CREATED VIA memegenerator.net

Get some rest: I shouldn’t have to explain this because you’ve heard it all before. And if you’re one of those people who bring their own sleeping bags to the library and sleep under tables, make sure that you secure your stuff or that a friend is watching them while he or she studies.

Get energized: Don’t forget to take a snack or a drink with you. Your brain needs sustenance to function well.

Get ready: Make sure that you’ve got all your textbooks, notes and computer with you. It sucks knowing that you left key material back in your dorm and that you’ll have to make a short trip to retrieve them, which puts your seat up for grabs.

Happy studying, Terriers!