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FreePOut: The end of No Shave November

By Michelle Jay, Multimedia Editor

Now that November has ended, it’s time to see how the gentleman of the FreeP faired at No Shave November after our initial look at them. Spoiler alert: no one made it all the way through. Various reasons were given: interviews, itchy, scraggly, life. Here’s where they each stood on returning from Thanksgiving break on Dec. 1., as decided by me.

Winner: Kyle, City Editor.
Despite shaving probably a few times, Kyle still wins. He keeps his neat and tidy and looks quite nice with his new haircut.

Kyle, city editor, the "winner" of FreeP "No Shave" November PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Kyle, city editor, the “winner” of FreeP “No Shave” November PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Runner-up: Steve, city associate.
I’m pretty sure he shaved at some point as well. Or else he might look a bit like Steve the Pirate right now.

Steve, city associate, the runner-up. PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Steve, city associate, the runner-up. PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

The rest in no real order:

Chris, editor-in-chief.
He, like the rest, gave up and shaved a few days before Thanksgiving break. He said it was getting too scraggly and disgusting. But he hasn’t shaved since then. He’s back to trying.

Chris, editor-in-chief. PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Chris, editor-in-chief. PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Brian, opinion editor.
He was never really trying as his television duties keep him clean shaven.

Brian, Opinion editor, unhappy to have his picture taken today. PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Brian, Opinion editor, unhappy to have his picture taken today. PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Conor, sports associate
Conor gave up the day after the original post and shaved multiple times since then. Despite his nice start, this admission dropped him out of the running for winner.

Conor, sports associate PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Conor, sports associate PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Andrew, sports associate
Also gave up, also shaved multiple times, also could have won.

Andrew, sports associate. PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Andrew, sports associate. PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

And that’s how the males of the FreeP do No Shave November.


FreePOUT: No Shave November in the office

By Michelle Jay, Multimedia Editor

Unlike last year’s fall office, this year’s fall e-board and associates group is more evenly balanced between guys and gals. This means No Shave November is a go in the FreeP office. Here’s our boys’ beginning stages.

Chris, Editor-in-chief
He tries, really. His request for this post to be postponed in order to grow more facial hair was denied. IMG_6523

Kyle, City editor
He is one of the better beard growers of the office. Currently, he is in the lead for best beard. However, he has an interview on Thursday that will probably force him to shave.

Brian, Opinion editor
He can also grow a decent beard. However, due to his television responsibilities he tends to stay more clean shaven.

Andrew, Sports Associate
Despite being one of the youngest in the office, Andrew can sport a good beard when he wants. He’s just starting out for the month now.

Conor, Sports Associate
Our Southie boy, Conor matches his classic Boston accent with a nice start to his beard. Currently, he is in second for the best beard. Plus Clancy, his Boston Terrier, wins him some points.

Steven, City Associate
He’s yet another one who can grow a man beard. He’s on his way.
As for the ladies of the FreeP, our general opinion is that beards are not our favorite things. Rachel, campus associate, put it best saying, “A survey of Daily Free Press staff opinions reveals that while very few women staff members are turned on by facial hair, 99 percent of staff members, both male and female, would not walk away if J-Kraz [John Krasinski of “The Office”] leaned in at a bar.”

Check back at the end of the month to see how our boys fared.

FreepOUT: Staff Introductions 2013-2014

By Michelle Jay, Multimedia Editor@michelllelynn
and Samantha Wong, Blog Editor @samzwong

Chris Lisinski. Editor in Chief/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Chris Lisinski
Position at the FreeP: Editor-in-Chief
Age:  20
Hometown: Bellport, New York
Why the FreeP?  I joined the FreeP because I wanted to get more involved on campus and develop my writing skills.

Most awkward/embarrassing story: Yesterday an English professor asked me what I remembered from reading “Gawain and the Green Knight” in an earlier class. Trying (poorly) to describe the Green Chapel deep in the woods, I said “something involving green.” Now I’m viewed as the dumbest kid in class.

Sofiya Mahdi. Managing Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Sofiya Mahdi
Position at the FreeP: Managing Editor
Age: 21
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Why the FreeP? I joined the FreeP because I’m not a journalism major and I wanted to gain some writing experience in a different field.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: My most awkward first day of class was in kindergarten when I was on the playground and started crying because other kids were trying to hug me.

Margaret Waterman. Campus Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name:  Margaret Waterman
Position at the FreeP: Campus editor
Age: 20
Hometown: Concord, Mass.
Why the FreeP? I joined the FreeP because I worked in Boston the summer before transferring to BU and I wanted to get involved before I showed up on campus in September. I’m also a journalism major so I was excited to pursue it extracurricularly.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: As for a bad first day story, I don’t really have one. I’ve definitely done embarrassing things on the first day — without question — but I’ve probably blocked them out. On the first day of field hockey camp at UMass one year, I dropped a plate full of food in the middle of the dining hall during our first meal and the entire huge room, packed with girls, went totally silent. It was awkward.

Kyle Plants. City Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Kyle Plantz
Position at the FreeP: City editor
Age: 20
Hometown: Syracuse, New York
Why the FreeP?  I joined the FreeP because I wanted to get some experience in journalism before I decided on what my major was going to be. I didn’t know if I wanted to do news/editorial or broadcast, but my experience at the FreeP has made me want to pursue writing for a newspaper or online news outlet.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: My most awkward first day of school was when I was in 8th grade during lunch when some of my friends put applesauce on my chair and I went up to get a snack and didn’t check my chair when I went to sit down. Long story short, I had to walk around the rest of the day with a huge applesauce stain on my butt. Everyone loved me.

Sarah Kirkpatrick. Sports Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Sarah Kirkpatrick
Position at the FreeP: Sports editor
Age: 19
Hometown: Mukilteo, Washington
Why the FreeP?  I joined the FreeP to write about cross country and ended up doing a lot more than that.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: My most awkward first day of school was my senior year of high school. I had foot surgery two weeks prior to my first day and was on one of those knee scooter things, so all the teachers made a way bigger deal than they needed to about making sure I was comfortable. And all of my classmates wanted to ride the scooter around the classroom.

Brian Latimer. Opinion Editor/PHOTO via Michelle Jay

Name: Brian Latimer
Position at the FreeP: Opinion editor
Age: 20
Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey
Why the FreeP? Unknown
Most embarrassing/awkward story: For the past 5 or so years I have had a case of the hiccups. It’s not like I hiccup 24/7, but I get them every day. Today, in a class of 88 people, I hiccuped so loud in the front row the professor stopped speaking, stared at me and chuckled.

Sarah Fisher. Photo Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Sarah Fisher
Position at the FreeP: Photo editor
Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania
Why the FreeP? I joined the Photo section of the FreeP half by accident – I’ve always loved photography, but I never had a chance to shoot as a photojournalist. I shot for my high school newspaper, but I wasn’t wild about shooting school meetings and fundraisers. With FreeP, I’ve seen so much more of Boston than I would have otherwise, all while building my portfolio.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: This past Tuesday, I fell asleep in one of my classes. When I woke up, I started nodding enthusiastically to whatever my professor was saying, so he called on me in front of the entire 100+ people lecture hall. I just turned red and waited for someone else to answer.

Michelle Jay. Multimedia Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name:Michelle Jay
Position at the FreeP: Multimedia editor
Age: 21
Hometown: Westmont, Illinois
Why the FreeP? I joined the photo staff of the FreeP when I got to BU because I enjoy using photos to tell stories. I figured this was as good a place as any to do so. Somehow, I’m still here, just telling stories in a different way this semester.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: On my first day of 6th grade, there was a class on my schedule that wasn’t actually my class. There was a class in that room and I kept getting sent back there. But, it was an 8th grade Spanish class and I was supposed to be in study hall.

Christina Janansky. Features Editor/PHOTO VIA Michelle Jay

Name: Christina Janansky
Position at the FreeP: Features editor
Age: 21
Hometown: Egg Harbor Town, New Jersey
Why the FreeP? Since my senior year of high school, I knew I wanted to pursue journalism, though I didn’t really know what kind. I joined the FreeP my sophomore year for this very reason – to figure out where I could best ‘fit’ within the journalism world. And I found it through doing the FreeP, which rules.
Most awkward/embarrassing story: My most awkward first day happened my freshman year of college. My roommate and I were walking to the FitRec so I could meet her parents before class. Her mom, the most welcoming lady ever, immediately greeted me with a huge hug. Her dad, on the other hand, continued his business call, paying no attention to us at all. After talking for a few minutes, my roommate and her mom decided to get in the car and head to the bookstore – but I still hadn’t met her dad. Given how friendly her and her mom were, I waited around for a couple minutes for him to get off the phone and, when he finally did, I began approaching him. When I was about one foot away, he put his arms out…so I thought, ‘oh, he wants a hug.’ So I wrapped my arms tightly around him for a good 10 seconds before I realized he wasn’t hugging me back… Turns out he had put his arms out in an attempt to get around me on the sidewalk/had absolutely no idea who I was.

FreepOUT: A visual review of the year

By Editors

As Spring semester 2013 comes to a close, we bring you our most impactful photos and stories. Thank you for your continuos support with The Daily Free Press. Our print issue will return in Fall 2013, stories and updates will be posted on our website periodically throughout the summer.

‘Snowbrawl’ draws hundreds, BUPD take student into custody

Students participate in ‘Snowbrawl Fight part two’ February 9 on the Esplanade after Winter Storm Nemo dumped two feet of snow February 8. PHOTO BY TAYLOR HARTZ/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Students participate in ‘Snowbrawl Fight part two’ February 9 on the Esplanade after Winter Storm Nemo dumped two feet of snow February 8. PHOTO BY TAYLOR HARTZ/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Brownstone fire leaves $5 million in damages

A three-alarm fire destroys the fourth and fifth floor of a Back Bay brownstone February 20. PHOTO BY MICHELLE JAY/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

A three-alarm fire destroys the fourth and fifth floor of a Back Bay brownstone February 20. PHOTO BY MICHELLE JAY/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Total cost of BU set at over $57K for 2013-14 academic year

Boston University officials released the tuition increases for the 2013-2014 school year March 18. The graph shows the change in the total tuition and housing costs since 1995. GRAPHIC BY CHRIS LISINSKI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Boston University officials released the tuition increases for the 2013-2014 school year March 18. The graph shows the change in the total tuition and housing costs since 1995. GRAPHIC BY CHRIS LISINSKI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Terriers fall to Northeastern in Beanpot first round

Senior captain Wade Megan hangs his head on the bench after Northeastern University scores its third goal in the first game of the Beanpot at TD Garden February 4. PHOTO BY MICHELLE JAY/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Senior captain Wade Megan hangs his head on the bench after Northeastern University scores its third goal in the first game of the Beanpot at TD Garden February 4. PHOTO BY MICHELLE JAY/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

FreepOut: Favorite hometown slang

We have a pretty diverse newsroom. We all come from different places in the country, and are equipped with different slang words that no one from outside our state, (maybe even no one from outside our hometown) will understand. We decided to collect some of them here for this week’s FreepOut.

Opinion Editor Brian Latimer, from the New York suburb of Montclair, New Jersey said commonly used terms include “skerp,” and “queeze.” “Skerp” is a verb meaning “to acquire,” and is used in the place of have a sip, come pick me up, borrow something or steal. “Queeze,” is a noun meaning “alcohol.”

Online Editor Melissa Adan, who comes from the exotic Miami, FL. says “living in Miami you learn a whole new language: Spanglish. That is the sexy language of speaking English and Spanish in the same sentences. For example, a normal English sentence: But that guy is really hot. Spanglish translation: Pero like that guy is super hot! Other examples include our famous Pitbull 305 “dale” and our need to say “ayyyy” for everything.” Check out this video to see a parody of how it is to speak in Miami.

Sports Editor Greg Davis, who hails from Long Island said the only colloquial slang he knows of is, “My dad just bought me a Mercedes,” to which he quickly added that he never had the chance to use the phrase. He then started crying.

Associate Sports Editor Sarah Kirkpatrick, of Mukilteo, Wash., says “The mountains are out,” is the way residents describe a clear day in the mountainous town.

Photo Editor Michelle Jay, from Chicago, Ill., said that the term “pop,” is used to describe what the rest of us know as soda.

Campus Associate Margaret Waterman, says that everyone in her hometown of Concord, Mass. uses the term DWAI to tell people to relax. It is an abbreviation of “don’t worry about it,” and was popularized by a local high school cross country runner before some students made shirts featuring the saying. The runner graduated in 2008, but the phrase lives on.

And finally, some colloquialisms brought to you from Los Angeles, Calif. by yours truly (Hilary Ribons). There’s the copious usage of the term “dude,” which refers to both men and women, and is occasionally used as an expression of disbelief, as in, “Dude! That sucks,” or simply “Duuuude.” Also, the term “kickback,” which refers to a chill, non-party that involves alcohol and sitting around with 10 or less friends in someone’s dingy living room.

FreepOUT: Best sports moments of all time

We have compiled a brief list of the best sports moments of all time. Well, at least according to the Freeple (Freep +People…get it?). We’re not biased or anything.

Chris Lisinski, Campus Editor:

Manchester City went into the final game of the season needing a win. A few weeks earlier, they had defeated archrivals Manchester United to ensure if City won all the remaining games in the season, they’d win their first league title in 44 years and first ever Barclays Premier League title. Despite that, they went into injury time down 2-1 to lowly QPR. After tying the game, Sergio Aguero capped off a truly brilliant season with a moment straight out of a classic sports movie. The way the commentator’s voice cracks as the ball hits the back of the net sums it all up— the comeback made against all belief to end such a long and painful title drought.

Greg Davis, Sports Editor

NFC Championship Game: New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers Jan. 20, 2008
It had been 17 years since the New York Giants lifted the Lombardi Trophy — a drought that included an embarrassing 34-7 defeat against the Baltimore Ravens in the big game in 2000. No 6-seed had ever won the Super Bowl, but after taking down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys, the 6-seed Giants were one game away from America’s most prolific sporting event. Visiting the Green Bay Packers in “The Frozen Tundra,” Lambeau Field lived up to its nickname, as the teams fought tooth and nail in -20-degree weather. After two missed field goals from Lawrence Tynes in the fourth quarter, the teams headed to overtime, when Tynes made amends by nailing a 47-yard game-winning field goal to send the underdog Giants to Super Bowl XLII.
Skip to 5:30 to check out Lawrence Tynes game-winning field goal.

Michelle Jay, Photo Editor:

The top sports moment was when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010. It was overtime in game 6 at Philadelphia. Patrick Kane took a pass at the sideboards at the top of the circles, skated in and took an impossibly angle shot. Despite no one seeing it going in, Kane knew he scored and went crazy. I’ll never forget that moment in my life. I was a senior in high school and watching the game at home with my dad and younger brother. We are life-long Blackhawk fans. My brother went insane and started running around our house screaming. I started jumping up and down. To top it all off my brother and I went to the championship celebration parade in the city, waiting hours on the street to be in the front row as the team came past on double decker buses.

Felix Hernandez throws his hands in the air at

Felix Hernandez throws his hands in the air at Safeco Field after throwing the first perfect game in franchise history. Image source: thestartingfive.net

Sarah Kirkpatrick, Associate Sports Editor:

Felix Hernandez’s perfect game on August 15, 2012 was definitely the best sports moment of all time. Seattle baseball has long been the laughing stock of sports media, and understandably so — the Mariners have not made the playoffs since 2001. For 11 seasons and counting we have conceded, “Well, maybe next year,” sometime around June. But in the midst of yet another sub-.500 season, Felix Hernandez threw the first perfect game in franchise history. For one day at least, we got a chance to celebrate. Moreover, it proved what Seattle fans knew all along — that Felix is truly King.

According to Siri the Miami Heat "are on a roll." Screenshot by Melissa Adan

According to Siri the Miami Heat “are on a roll.” Screenshot by Melissa Adan

Melissa Adan, Online Editor:

The best sports moment is currently happening: Miami Heat’s win streak. They have currently won 27 games in a row. This just shows why either a) You can’t hate the Heat or b) You really hate the Heat. I’m sorry Celtics fans, the Miami Heat’s win is close to beating the NBA record for consecutive wins, which was a 33 game streak by the LA Lakers in 1971-72. It’ll be sweet when the Heat hold this new record.

Hilary Ribons, Blog Editor:

Of course the Lakers hold the record winning streak. That’s simply because Los Angeles is the best. Tough luck trying to steal our title, Miami!

As someone who does not at all follow sports, I’m going to take this opportunity to assert the awesomeness of my city of origin by saying that anytime the Lakers, the Dodgers or the Kings win a game, it’s the greatest sports moment of all time.

FreepOUT: Newsroom goes Anchorman

By T.G. Lay, Managing Editor

With filming for Anchorman: The Legend Continues reportedly beginning next month, it only seemed fitting that a news team as successful, attractive and fun-loving as Ron Burgundy’s band of misfits pay homage to the venerable News Team 4.

As I met with the members of our editorial staff one Sunday, I realized some striking resemblances to San Diego’s number one news team. Naturally, we decided to snag a few frames from the film and emulate the characters to the best of our ability.

So, there was only one thing we could do … BUY NEW SUITS!

Well not really. We already had suits for the most part, but who doesn’t love to dress up? Needless to say, we look damn good and damn similar to News Team 4.

Sure, certain nuances are missing, such as the impeccable facial hair and the color coordination, but we did pretty well for a budget of $0. Check out the results in the juxtapositions below.


Strikingly similar?
Left to Right: Gregory Davis as Brian Fantana, Jasper Craven as Champ Kind, Emily Overholt as Veronica Corningstone, Chris Lisinski as Brick Tamland, T.G. Lay as Ron Burgundy.

anchor freep.jpg

You stay classy, Boston University.

FreepOUT: Novembeards in the office

By Lauren Dezenski, Online Editor

Girls run the world at the FreeP this semester (to steal the phrase from Beyoncé). With an e-board made up of all ladies except for  Kevin the sports editor, No Shave November doesn’t quite meet its original meaning. But thank goodness for the associates: Tyler, Chris and Jasper (plus assistant Greg) are all in some state of facial hairiness.

Thus, I’m honored to present the Novembeards of the FreeP.

Exhibit A:

Kevin Dillon, sports editor and our reigning Novembeard champion. Well, that doesn’t actually exist because I just made it up, but Kevin *IS* sporting the sickest beard at 648 Beacon St.

When asked to describe his beard, Kevin said, “It got real itchy, so I have had to shave the neck part of the beard.”

Neck beard grows in three times as fast as the regular beard, Kevin said, and had he not taken preventative measures, he would “look like Gandalf with a neard.” Neard is a portmanteau of “neck” and “beard.” That Kevin, always combining words.

Exhibit B:

Chris Lisinski, current campus associate and next semester’s campus editor. This weekend was the interview process for postion selection (congrats to all chosen), and because of this, Chris was forced to shave off his beginnings of a Novembeard. As of Monday night, Chris is steadfast in his pursuit of the truest Novembeard, despite this weekend’s razor action.

I’m thinking that shaving process looked a little something like this:

Fear not, Chris. Beards grow back.

Exhibit C:

Resident cherub and City Associate Jasper Craven. Baby boi is next semester’s city editor and with his clean shaven face, boasts the face of a baby angel.

I see you with those Beats headphones, Jaspy.

Don’t be fooled by his cherubic visage ladies and gents. During last week’s snowstorm, Jasper was riding his bike to cover an event for the FreeP, fell and scraped up his knee, thus BLEEDING FOR THE FREEP. That’s dedication if I know any.

Exhibit D and E:

Tyler Lay and Gregory Davis. Tyler is next semester’s managing editor and has no care for maintaining his Novembeard. What a party pooper. However Greg, next semester’s sports editor, is keeping the enthusiasm alive and is a true gem.

Let us heed the words of Kanye West in light of these Novembeards: “No one man should have all that power.”

Stay tuned for updates on the beards’ progress as November elapses.

FreepOUT: Campus editor’s playlist

Like Emily’s choice beats? Add the Campus playlist from our TheDailyFreePress Spotify account.

As much as I feel like putting a paper together is nonstop neuroticism, today I was left with some time to sit and stare at my computer in the office.

The result was this: a playlist of stuff I listened to while willing my faithful associates to edit faster.It’s a little bit all over the place because I have music ADD, but whatever, nobody’s perfect.

Please note: “Zombie By the Cranberries” by Andrew Jackson Jihad is my personal anthem about how many people ask me for cigarettes in Allston, and in front of Warren, and everywhere. Happy listening.

-Emily, your friendly neighborhood Campus Editor

**Look out for more editors’ playlists in the coming days and weeks. We have a lot of downtime waiting for the computer to open up/for our associates to edit stories.

FreepOUT: Five reasons why you should be on DFP staff

In honor of the Fall 2012 Staff Application going live (find it HERE), we combined our mind grapes to further persuade those perspective writers out there to join the best damn news team at 648 Beacon St.

-Rolls. Given our convenient location practically next to Bertucci’s, we editors are casually nursing a somewhat serious addiction to Bertucci’s rolls, and we may or may not be promising to bring them to the new writers workshop …

-Look popular. Not only will your phone blow up with text messages from our faithful associates to assign you stories, you’ll also be meeting and interviewing important people. You can also use these interviews as excuses to get out of things you don’t want to do. “sorryyyyy guys, I can’t go to that Nickleback concert, I’m on deadline. Next time!!!”

-Work. Then you can resist your parents’ nagging for you to get job by telling them you already have one! Don’t worry about getting a job as a hostess, you work in the newsroom now. And may or may not be paid in rolls.

-J-profs are obsessed with you. Real talk, this isn’t a drill. No joke. It exists. For realzies. Yeah.

-Chris Lisinski/the ladies of e-board. Enough said.

We hope you like what you see, because in’t no party like a FreeP party because a FreeP party is mandatory.

FreeP and blessings, E-board Fall 2012