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Arizona Bill Promotes Discrimination for All

By Ann Singer, Staff Writer

Arizona bill would have allowed further discrimination./ PHOTO BY Ann Singer

Arizona bill would have allowed further discrimination./ PHOTO BY Ann Singer

Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed SB 1062, a bill commonly known as “that Arizona anti-gay bill,” last week against the desires of conservative Christian activists, her main supporters. The bill would have allowed businesses to deny services to the LGBT community based on religious beliefs.

Amid all the hype, have people bothered to look at the actual bill to see what makes it anti-gay? Compared to most legislation, which spends hundreds of pages explaining itself, SB 1062 was a whopping two pages with not one mention of the LGBT community. The bill uses the term “person,” defining it as “any individual, association, partnership, corporation, church, religious assembly or institution, estate, trust, foundation or other legal entity.”

Whether heterosexual or homosexual, black or white, Christian or atheist, the vague wording of this bill implies that anyone can be legally denied a service using the scapegoat of religious beliefs.

This also means the bill would’ve made it okay for conservative Christians, the main proponents of the bill, to discriminate against other Christians, i.e. Catholics against Protestants, Baptists against Latter Day Saints. This wasn’t the original goal of the bill, but it’s the kind of turmoil that could happen if it did.

Besides, religion should not be used as an excuse to discriminate. Religious texts, however they phrase it, emphasize tolerance and loving others. No matter what your beliefs are, in the end we are all human beings struggling and striving for the same basic goals, and as human beings we know some things — no matter our skin color, sexuality, or beliefs — are fundamentally wrong.

They say history repeats itself. Looking back, Americans used religion to support slavery and segregation. As a nation we grew out of that, and maybe we can grow out of this too. Religion is supposed to not only be a belief base, but a source to teach moralistic values, so why should such a thing be used to back such an ugly entity that is discrimination?

One of the founding ideals that America and democracy are built upon is the freedom to worship. But this freedom works both ways, and worship shouldn’t infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others. One of the most beautiful parts of this nation is the ability to think and do what you want; but there is a limit to this. You can do what you want, until it negatively affects others. The proponents of SB 1062 did not take careful enough consideration of their prose and their intentions, which led to the demise of this discriminatory bill.


The Beauty of Dance: The Single-Sex Dance Group Conundrum

By Shivani Patel, Staff Writer

Some of the more underrated groups in dance are the single gender groups. Audience members tend to look for interaction and dynamic between guys and girls, which usually comes naturally. And it is entertaining to watch because while guys and girls may do the same dance, their technique is quite often different from each other. That dynamic is lost in a single-gender group performance.

I decided this week to focus on all-male dance teams. Specifically, Mos Wanted Crew (not a typo)The crew, based in Los Angeles, is a group of all male dancers founded in 2010 by Myron Marten, who is also the co-founder of World of Dance Tour. Made up of different dancers and choreographers, the group has competed in competitions including America’s Best Dance Crew, a popular dance competition show on MTV.

In this particular video, they were competing at World of Dance: New York in 2013. I find it telling that they chose to start out with a song by a female artist. In reality, they’re proving that they need females to show concepts like sensuality. In this segment, while hard hitting, the choreography is more fluid. With moves like the ones they pull off at 1:21, it’s easy to tell that they are all comfortable with each other, and as a result, their dancing is even better.

They then contrast the light song with a more hard-hitting, “manly” song to showcase both their control and power.

In the second segment, they don’t hold back energy or power. They hit every move with precision with moves not as fluid as the first segment, but just as strong. In the next songs, they go on to demonstrate both fluidity and power within their moves and expressions.

With so few dancers on stage, their cleanliness is imperative. I think one of the best things about this crew is that while they all have individual personalities while dancing, they come together and function as one cohesive unit, which makes watching them all the more enjoyable.


Facebook Adds Gender Options

By Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

It seems like the leading social media network has finally caught on to the fact that gender identity isn’t just about male or female anymore. Facebook added more than 50 new gender options for people who do not strictly identify as male or female Thursday, Feb. 13.

Some of the new options include (but are not exclusive to): transgender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender queer and intersex. Facebook even goes so far as to let users choose whether they want to use female, male or neutral pronouns.

For those who are confused about the difference between sex and gender: sex is a biological term, which refers to anatomy and hormones. Gender, on the other hand, refers to society’s constructs of gender roles and behaviors.

There are many people who are against Facebook’s new feature, like Fox News Contributor Todd Starnes.

In my opinion, it is highly insensitive, disturbing and unacceptable to state that being a trans person is the same as identifying with a “pine cone or a chicken or a weed whacker,” as Starnes claims. It is sickening that there are people in this world who can even think those kinds of thoughts.

In this day and age, Society celebrates the ability to conform to the boxes and roles, but that should not be the case. A human being should be celebrated, no matter who they are or how they identify themselves. Humans are smart. We can change with time and effort.

These new gender options may not apply to some people, but to the ones that it does affect, it makes a difference.

The Daily Beast even has a detailed glossary of most of Facebook’s new gender options.

The bottom line: We should respect all humans, in all forms. People are people, and we are all beautiful. We should all be celebrated and given the same respect as everyone else. If we want to change society, we must first change ourselves. And this is a step in the right direction. Thank you, Facebook.