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Pop Culture Countdown: Full House Reunions, Grammys, and Beyoncé

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

Remember when I wrote about men’s fashion? I was so good at that, right? (Just agree with me.) Well, now I’ve decided to foray into the great wilderness that is pop culture, armed with only a dream and access to the Internet. Join me as we count down the top seven things that you might have missed this week in pop culture!

7. “Full House”:

Apparently there is a “Full House” reunion in the works! The iconic television show, which ran from 1987-1995, was almost a religion in my household, and its ongoing popularity has proved that it probably held the same position in the lives of others. According to an interview John Stamos did with CBS News, the project will be “sort of reunion-like, not with the full cast.” So who do you think will be in the Full House reunion? Let us know in the comments below!

6. Ron and Hermione: Happily Never After?:

My world is coming to a halt because J.K. Rowling, in a new article (in which she was interviewed by Emma Watson — perfection) announced that she isn’t quite certain that Ron and Hermione should have ended up together. The author instead wished that she had put Harry and Hermione together instead. Personally, I can see Hermione and Ron not working out, but Harry and Hermione just seems…weird. Whose team are you on? Ron or Harry?

5. Beyoncé:

As per usual, Beyoncé was flawless at the Grammys. Using only a chair, smoke and her own perfection as props, she gave a sultry, strong rendition of “Drunk in Love”, a song from her new self-titled album, BEYONCÉ. Her husband, rapper Jay-Z, joined the performer later in the song. Despite the song being censored live, parents are in an uproar about the duet, citing it to be a little too risqué for children. What do you think? Was Beyoncé’s dance too sexy for the Grammys?

4. The “Midnight Memories” music video:

I had to put this in here. One Direction, the boy band that’s sweeping the nation, nay, the world, released the music video for the titular song of their album, Midnight Memories. The video, which has over 8.5 million views on YouTube, features the boys hanging out with old ladies and generally getting rowdy, while making it seem like the most fun thing in the world, as only One Direction can.

3. Miley Cyrus, “Unplugged”:

Miley Cyrus had complete creative control over her MTV program, “Unplugged”, taking a decidedly Southern twist on her breakout album Bangerz. The artist, glowing in a platinum pixie cut and bedazzled cowboy gear, had Madonna on as a guest performer, but made it clear that she had originally wanted Dolly Parton to join her. And if there is no other proof that Miley is the new Queen of Pop, there is the fact that Madonna was her second choice. Sorry, Mads.

2. “The Fault In Our Stars” movie trailer:

This one dances close to my heart. The trailer for “The Fault in Our Stars”, adapted from John Green’s New York Times bestseller, premiered on Wednesday, already racking up eight million views on YouTube. Whether you have loved the book since its release, or fell in love with Augustus Waters’ lazy smirk, you know that this is one movie you have to see. With Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort leading an amazing cast, hopefully “The Fault in Our Stars” can live up to the beauty of its source material.

1. “Same Love” marriages:

Keeping up with all the feels, I had to double up on Grammy love this week. 34 couples, gay and straight, were married during the Grammys after a rendition of Macklemore’s groundbreaking song, “Same Love.” Making Grammy history, the occasion proved that music isn’t just for topping billboard charts or making money: it is, has been, and hopefully always will be, a vehicle for change. And it makes for a kick-ass wedding story!

That’s all for this week, if there’s anything I missed, or anything you think should be included in the Pop Culture Countdown next week, sound off in the comments below!


MUSE: Grammy Predictions

By Olivia Shur, Staff Writer

This year’s Grammy nominees are a competitive bunch, judging from the list that includes everyone from veteran winners like Tony Bennett to up-and-coming artists like Lana Del Rey. Here are a few predictions from five of the most anticipated categories.

Record of the Year: “Radioactive,” Imagine Dragons

A band that was little known a year ago has quickly risen to the top of the charts. “Radioactive” is one of their smash hits, and with its unique pop-rock sound that is impossible not to head-bang along to, its a solid candidate for this category.

Song of the Year: “Same Love,” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

With its powerful lyrics and bittersweet melody, this song soon became an anthem for the gay rights movement. The hit single has some tough competition as it goes up against Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Lorde’s “Royals,” but it truly deserves this award out of all the other nominees.

Album of the Year: Red, Taylor Swift

This one will probably cause some groans and eye-rolls, but let’s be honest: It’s Taylor Swift. She’s won Grammys in the past and received a tremendous amount of praise for this album’s diversity, all while successfully transitioning into the pop world and still holding on to her country sound. If T-swift’s album doesn’t win in this category, it’s sure to win for Best Country Album.

Best New Artist: Ed Sheeran or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This is a tough one. Both artists are equally talented and have made a name for themselves this year, but with completely different sounds. Sheeran wooed crowds with his gorgeous vocals and flawless guitar playing, while Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have produced both meaningful tracks and bumping club hits. Either one could take the award.

Best Pop Vocal Album: Pure Heroine, Lorde

At just 17 years old, Lorde would be one of the youngest artists to win this award. She’s skyrocketed to fame this year, wowing everyone with her incredibly mature voice. Her song “Royals” was a smash hit, and the rest of the album is equally good. She totally deserves the win.

Catch the 56th Annual Grammy Awards this Sunday, Jan. 26th at 8 p.m. on CBS.

The Grammys get close to home

By By Olivia DeFrances, Staff Writer

This year on Feb. 10, the 55th Grammy Awards will take place, featuring some of some of the best music of the year as well as live performances. But there’s been a twist this year: Through Facebook, fans also have the ability to nominate their favorite local bands for the chance to win a performance in L.A. during Grammy Live weekend. The finalists from each region of the U.S. have been chosen, and by Thursday we will know which local band or musician will have the breakthrough of a lifetime and will be able to perform during Grammy Live Weekend.

The finalists are as follows: for the Mid-Atlantic Region, a rock ensemble called Nasty Habit; for the Midwest, a mellow two man band called Alabama Capital; from the South Atlantic, outstanding vocalist Doria Roberts; from the Mountain region, Royal Bliss, a feel-good rock band; from the South, Within Reason, a rock band reminiscent of Hinder; and from right here in New England, an indie alternative rock band called Echo and Drake. Even if you’d never heard of these bands, as I hadn’t, they’re all worth checking out. I was impressed by the wide range of unique talent, and I’ll definitely be adding some of them to my playlist.

If you can decide on a favorite or are already a fan of one of the bands, you can vote on Facebook.  But there’s only two days left – visit THE GRAMMYs Gig of a Lifetime page on Facebook to vote. May the best band win! Tune in to the Grammy Awards to see their performance.

A live performance by the New England finalist, Echo and Drake.