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Five reasons to live in specialty community residences

By Heather Goldin, Multimedia Editor

The time has finally arrived to choose a housing option for next year. You know you don’t want to be stuck in one of the freshman dorms, so you may want to start doing research on the Boston University Housing website. Do you go for one of the well-liked sophomore dorms? Cross your fingers and hope to get pulled into Student Village? Ditch your housing deposit completely and opt for somewhere off campus? How about a specialty community residence?

It’s not the first residence option that comes to mind, but there are actually several benefits to specialty community residences at BU. Not convinced? Here are some reasons to consider an SCR.

1. Sweet Crib

SCRs are far different than your average college dorm. Forget sharing a bathroom with your floor of 30-something, brownstones limit your entire floor to no more than eight residents. It is also notable to mention that each floor of the brownstone has two bathrooms, complete with little cubbies for your bathroom storage needs. Did I mention there’s a kitchen in the basement?

PHOTO VIA/ tumblr.com

PHOTO VIA/ tumblr.com

2. Kitchen Access

Love cooking? SCRs allow students the luxury of making a meal at home when they don’t feel like trekking to the nearest dining hall. You can bake goodies for friends, or invite the friend group over for a dorm-cooked meal.

PHOTO VIA/ holidayhotmess.tumblr.com

PHOTO VIA/ holidayhotmess.tumblr.com

3. Common Ground

SCRs give students a way to instantly forge a connection with their roommates. Whether you share a common language, major or passion, SCRs are a great way to make friends with common interests.

PHOTO VIA/ le-coeur-noublie.tumblr.com

PHOTO VIA/ le-coeur-noublie.tumblr.com

4. Role Models

Where do you see yourself two or three years from now? Your special community resident adviser might be none other than future you. RAs and upperclassmen in SCRs have great insight on leadership positions and events. Older students are also great to talk to about anything really: stress, life, the universe, you name it.

PHOTO VIA/ thegifofthemagi.tumblr.com

PHOTO VIA/ thegifofthemagi.tumblr.com

5. Adult-like Responsibility

Forget waving your BU IDs in front of security guards (and the hassle of signing in your overnight guests), SCRs program your IDs with tap access to the residence. In addition, only residents who live in a specific specialty residence can get in with their ID. With so much freedom, SCRs are a great way to mature during the college years.

PHOTO VIA/ niketalk.com

PHOTO VIA/ niketalk.com

Don’t believe me? Take it from current students living in specialty community residences this semester.


Trident Café Hosts Launch Party for BU Literary Magazine

By Heather Goldin, Multimedia Editor

The launch party for "Coup de’Etat."/ PHOTO VIA Heather Goldin

The launch party for “Coup de’Etat.”/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

Trident Booksellers and Café is the ideal location for a literary magazine launch party. Lined with shelves upon shelves of colorful books, the Newbury Street bookstore’s dim lighting is perfect for a poetry reading, and their menu has everything a college student needs to convince their friends to show up (namely beer and Trident’s deluxe grilled cheese).

Boston University’s Literary Society came to the same conclusion when they decided to book Trident for the launch of their lit mag, “Coup de’Etat.” BU Literary Society President Abigail Clauhs explained that the lit mag title translates to “overthrow of the government.” Putting a creative spin on the French motto, Clauhs said that they chose the title to symbolize an “overthrow of literary forms and traditions.”

The lit mag’s message comes across loud and clear, the logo of their lit mag featuring a grenade topped with the head of a fountain pen.

At the launch party, Clauhs introduced several contributors from near and far, without which the publication would be nothing but blank white pages. Several of the contributors — including a man from Michigan— took turns reading excerpts from “Coup de’Etat,” from humorous prose to heartfelt poetry.

Although it is hard to pinpoint my favorite contribution, one of the most entertaining entries had to be a prose piece submitted by Graduate College of Arts and Sciences student Kyle Jepson. His fictional story involved an enraged man who lost his love to someone else, a knife and a picnic (I know, I wanted to know what the ending was too). Sadly, Jepson stopped reading just when it was getting good, and everyone in the room was left wondering what would happen next.

‘We the People’ site attracts hilarious petitions

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

One of the strange petitions demanding attention from the White House on the 'We the People' site/ SCREENSHOT VIA petitions.whitehouse.gov

One of the strange petitions demanding attention from the White House on the ‘We the People’ site/ SCREENSHOT VIA petitions.whitehouse.gov

In September of 2011, the Obama Administration created “We the People,” a site dedicated to the right to petition for all American citizens. The “We the People” platform has resulted in addressing many important issues from the economy and foreign policy to technology and the environment. But for every well-thought out petition important to thousands of Americans, there is an equally ridiculous petition conceived by a citizen hoping to entertain fellow people of the United States.

According to recent Mother Jones blog, a particularly unreasonable petition to construct the Death Star from Star Wars Episode IV received a response after meeting the signature requirement, prompting moderators to increase the minimum signature threshold. In keeping with the policy that all petitions will be answered as long as the minimum signature requirement is met, White House officials responded with a statement saying they do “not support blowing up planets.”

There have been some absolutely ridiculous petitions in the past, but more often than not these crazy petitions do not meet the minimum number of signatures needed to receive a response from the White House. Here’s a few less popular (but no less odd) petitions:

1. Officially recognize the religion of Pasatarianism whose god is The Flying Spaghetti Monster

2. End Daylight Savings

3. Change the national anthem to R. Kelly’s 2003 hit “Ignition (Remix)

4. Designate May 20 as Macho Man Randy Savage Day

5. Convert At Least One (1) National Park Into A Dinosaur Clone Park

Landing your summer internship: tips and resources

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

Aside from an excellent learning experience, internships may be a step towards landing a job. According to the 2011 NACE Internship and Co-op survey, cited in the internship workshop by BU's Career Development Center, about 58 percent of interns get hired full-time/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

Aside from an excellent learning experience, internships may be a step towards landing a job. According to the 2011 NACE Internship and Co-op survey, cited in the internship workshop by BU’s Career Development Center, about 58 percent of interns get hired full-time/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

With the start of spring just around the corner, internship season is in full swing. Companies are in search of eager college students who are willing to learn the ins and outs of their trade.

Internships are a win-win for both students and employers. We obtain a valuable learning experience and great connections while the employer gets to work with driven students who want to succeed and help in any way they can.

I did some research in order to find advice and resources that I thought would be most helpful during an internship search. I also attended an internship workshop at the Career Development Center here at BU.

Personal Goals

According to the Quintessential Career Site, the first major step in internships is to understand your own internship goals. Before you start sending out applications you should probably know basic things such as what you hope to gain from an internship, what your career interest is, and what type of companies you are looking to work for.

Some other things to consider (mentioned in the Career Development Center’s internship workshop) are whether an internship is paid or unpaid, part-time or full time, and whether or not you are awarded academic credit for partaking.  All of these factors will help drive you to your best-fit internship, sort of like how we all chose Boston University as our ideal school.


Before you start your internship search, an organized resume is important. Sometimes that resume is the only document between you and an interview.

The Center for Career Development, located at 100 Baystate Road, offers multiple workshops on internship throughout the year as well as open office hours to look your resume over without the hassle of making an appointment. These office hours are also for reviewing cover letters, which vary depending on which company you are applying to.

If you are like me and aren’t sure how to start building a resume, the CDC  has a page specific to the format of a resume, which is pretty convenient if you ask me.

The Career Development Center offers helpful tips and resources for your internship search/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

The Career Development Center offers helpful tips and resources for your internship search/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin


Finding an internship can be daunting at first, but if you know where to look the process gets a lot easier.

The BU Career link  features internship postings that can be sorted by position, location and school affiliation, as well as employer directories that can be searched through easily with key words.

Another great resource for local internships is Bostinno’s Internship Hub, where new job opportunities are constantly updated.

Sometimes if you already have a specific company in mind, you can go directly to the companies website and check out their career opportunities and internship descriptions or qualifications.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you probably won’t find your dream internship right away. It is good to gain experience from other job opportunities instead of tossing them aside because you’re determined to start with your favorite, top-notch company.

Also, don’t get discouraged if your first applications don’t get you internship offers right away. Internships are just as much about employers finding individuals who will be the best fit for a position as it is about us finding the companies that give us the best overall experience. Don’t give up!

Network, and do it frequently. Speaking with guest lecturers, professors, and even your peers about internships may give you a step up in the search. Connections can get you far, but be sure to follow up with your contacts to demonstrate that you are serious about any offers they might send your way.

Dorner case lends itself to continuing gun control debate

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

In the past, guns have symbolized anything from protection and freedom to a terrible evil. But as far as I can tell, in 2013, guns seem to have been more of a tool for violence than anything else.

Obama’s gun control agenda includes many ways to eliminate gun-related crimes. One solution proposed is financing officer-training programs on how to respond to active armed attacks.

My concern is that officers won’t be properly trained for the rare occasion that a fellow officer is the one shooting.

Ill-preparedness for such circumstances seems to have been what happened in the case of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, who was fired after filing a fake police report against his training officer.

This reaction from Dorner resulted in an online revenge plan involving other LAPD officers and even their families.

You could imagine the horror when a plot straight of Law and Order: SVU appeared on the headlines of most major newspapers in the nation.

On Feb. 3, Dorner murdered the daughter of former LAPD Captain Quan and her fiancé to get back at Quan for not defending him at his hearing in 2008 for the accused fake report. From there a manhunt for Dorner ensued, but before he could be tracked down Dorner had already killed a Riverside police officer by the name of Michael Crain on February 7th.

Fast forward to a cabin in Big Bear, CA where a police force has Dorner surrounded. The search for Dorner ended here after Dorner drove to the scene in an SUV belonging to the owners of a vacant cabin Dorner was hiding out in until the owners came back. Dorner tied up Karen and Jim Reynolds before he stole their car.

According to CBS, a shoot out between ex-officer Dorner and police officers in Big Bear resulted in the killing of a deputy sheriff before Dorner killed himself with a single bullet . At that point, the location was already on fire, after officers tried to obstruct Dorner’s vision with a combination of smoke bombs and tear gas. Although the fire was not intentional, it did stop a man from taking revenge on a lengthy list of LAPD cops.

Tweets like this, sympathizing with Dorner, have offered an alternative viewpoint via social media/ IMAGE VIA Storify and Twitter user @BrianBrownNet

Tweets like this, sympathizing with Dorner, have offered an alternative viewpoint via social media/ IMAGE VIA Storify and Twitter user @BrianBrownNet

Still, according to USA Today, many that engage in social media are protesting; sympathizing with Dorner and saying they believed his claims that he faced racism and was treated unfairly. Thankfully, they don’t actually agree with his violent actions. Some supporters even went so far as to protest outside of the LAPD office last Saturday. Dorner seemed to be just an average, all around good person, which lends sympathy to his case.

Either way, the horrendous shooting spree ended with suicide by gunshot. Hopefully, new gun control policies can help to eliminate such tragic occurrences.

“Spring Breakers:” Breaking the hearts of Disney fans world wide

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

We all love trashy teen movies, but why does it seem to be like the next career move for recently “graduated” Disney Channel stars? Is it really the smartest way to go? Actresses Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens seem to think so, judging by their decision to star in “Spring Breakers.” Directed by KIDS writer Harmony Korine, “Spring Breakers” is a movie about every way that spring break can go wrong, in the worst possible way. Between the guns, drugs and girls in bikinis, there isn’t any cliche that this movie doesn’t cover. It kind of makes me feel bad for all the parents that will have to explain to their children why they aren’t allowed to see the film starring their former Disney idols.

What inspired these previous Disney stars to go to such lengths to change their public image? Perhaps they were following the lead of former Disney child-stars (like Britney and Miley) whose careers quickly took a turn for the scandalous. Regardless, it seems Hudgens and Gomez  are determined to change the way the world views them, and fast. Some even speculate that Korine chose the girls specifically for an added shock factor. To make things more interesting, the cast also includes “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson, actor James Franco (complete with cornrows and a glimmering grill), and Korine’s wife, Rachel.

The movie seems to have a Project X-like quality to it, with less partying and more trouble making. I have a feeling, however, that it will remain the must-see movie for Spring Break.

I am still curious as to why more and more adolescent celebrities are so eager to jump on the controversial bandwagon. Do they think they need to prove to the world that they are capable of more than cheesy family entertainment? I don’t understand why they can’t switch up their roles in a less dramatic way, such as signing on to a PG-13 that doesn’t involve nudity, illegal substances, etc. Maybe even a movie with a valid, well-written plot.

Or better yet, why can’t they be happy with their success on shows aimed at younger audiences? Can you ever have too much of a good thing? I understand that in the entertainment industry sometimes you have to be a little selfish. But I think the celebrities should be a little courteous and give their fan base more notice before doing a 180.

After all, the fans are really what drive a star’s career. If everyone hates the actor, then they are far less likely to book another job in the future. The saying goes that any publicity is better than no publicity, but that can only carry someone so far. Speaking from the perspective of someone with younger siblings, I know if they catch word about this new movie they will be wondering when they can see it. Sorry girls, you can’t watch the people you look up to in their most recent movie because they smoke, swear, and strip their way through this new blockbuster.

Check out the preview and see what you think:


By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

The Lonely Island takes the popular phrase “Yolo,” to another extreme in their new song featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar. Although, The Lonely Island’s song is more accurately described as the anti-yolo. It’s actually a humorous guide to protecting your life as much as possible.

The satiric song sums up its message at the end: “You Outa Look Out,” which seems to be the band’s revised version of the acronym we are so used to hearing as a disclaimer to stupidity.

I suppose what The Lonely Island is getting at is that there is a balance between taking no chances in life, and throwing your life away by taking too large a risk. Though sung in jest, the song is actually right. You only live once, so in general, you should probably be more careful than careless.

Know your own limits, because YOLO.

Not all of America runs on Dunkin’

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

A classic DD breakfast/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

A classic DD breakfast/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

Dunkin’ Donuts is packing up its shorts and RayBans and moving to California. The famously affordable coffee and donut chain recently announced their plans to expand to the West.

When I heard the announcement, I didn’t exactly raise my hands up and jump for joy. As a native Californian I had never really heard about Dunkin’ Donuts before moving to Boston. DD had a short stint in the 1990’s but the location closed back in 2002, way before I would experience the joy of coffee for the first time.

So when I had Dunkin’ Donuts for the first time I guess you could say I had high expectations.

What a let down.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the coffee is decent, and I also like the donuts. However, with a name that includes “Donuts” in the title, I think their donuts should be a little more epic. I don’t see what makes it so special. Yea I get it, Dunkin’ is cheaper, but I believe the phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here.

DD’s biggest competition on the west is most likely Starbucks, and while Dunkin’ dominates here on the east with practically 10 DD shops for every Starbucks location, Starbucks reigns supreme on the Pacific side of the U.S. Besides the large variety in drinks and food items, Starbucks draws in customers with their reloadable gift cards. Starbucks offers fancy incentives. Dunkin’ offers…cheap coffee.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who are excited about having DD on the West Coast. The CEO of Dunkin’ definitely is. But as for me, not so much.

Facebook’s newest feature: good or bad?

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

A Facebook user checks out Graph Search, the social media site's latest feature/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

A Facebook user checks out Graph Search, the social media site’s latest feature/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

On Jan. 15, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature that goes far beyond the introduction of a Timeline or Newsfeed. The new feature, Graph Search, is a potential rival for competitors such as Google or even the typical online dating site such as eHarmony or Match.com.

Graph Search gives the user the option of sorting through pictures, places, people, and other interests. Graph Search also specializes in the ability to search with natural language, or a style that people use in everyday conversation. Examples include phrases like “the best coffee houses in downtown Boston” or “people in my city who enjoy rollerblading.” As if this new feature didn’t sound interesting enough, phrases such as “single men from California who attend Boston University” can also be searched, resulting in a long list of Facebook users who fit the search parameters.

Crazy? Yes. Creepy? Possibly. I think it could be used  like a free version of online dating without the long sign-ups and required information. Facebook doesn’t need that information because you already put it on your Timeline.

Online dating is popular, which makes Zuckerberg’s interest understandable despite his statements from the founding of Facebook that the site would avoid being branded as an online dating site. It would definitely be a way to keep Facebook users online longer and away from other sites. More Facebook time is what Zuckerberg needs from users with the lack of growth in adding friends recently. The Facebook Team hopes that with Graph Search, users will be more drawn to adding friends faster, a necessary variable of Facebook’s functionality.

For now, the Graph Search is not yet a threat to other search engines, since it’s still in its beginning stages. Currently, the possibilities of Graph Search are extremely limited and only available in English. In addition, Facebook is the only site Graph Search uses to function, which limits its resources as a search engine. Since it uses user’s “likes” to provide answers for searches, it might not be up to date. Users are bound to have liked something in the past that they no longer like, or to keep activities that they no longer participate in posted on their timeline.

On one hand, Facebook’s new feature appears harmless to bigger sites, but if the loyal users of Facebook jump on board with the new feature they will soon be spending more time on Facebook to update those outdated interests and likes. When Graph Search finally makes its debut, maybe think twice about allowing Graph Search to have access to your data. If you do, remember to update your likes. Otherwise you might end up with a friend request based on a common interest in that band you liked in middle school.


By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

PSY’s Gangnam Style video became the most viral video of all time last week. It has hundreds of millions of views and has also become the most “liked” video on YouTube. The Korean rapper sensation’s video may soon become the first video ever to reach a billion views. With an average viewing rate of seven million views a day, the record may not be too far out of reach. You have probably seen this humorous music video at least once. If you have access to the internet and a computer, there’s little chance that this video has fallen outside your social media radar.

The Gangnam style video has inspired a multitude of parody styles, including but not limited to “Jewish style,” “Mitt Romney style” and “Korean Pageant style.” Like any catchy song that can be set to lights, Gangnam style is no exception to the synchronized Christmas light craze. In the spirit of the holidays, I present to you Gangnam style done to Christmas lights!



Use your study break to dance to some Korean pop music while getting in the holiday spirit. Two necessities, one place. You. Are. Welcome.