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Winter hibernation playlists

By Sydney Moyer, Music Editor

You know those nights where it’s starting to snow and you’re walking home, but you forgot your gloves, and you probably should have worn a heavier jacket? But you’re too tired to care—you go home, don about four blankets, make some tea, turn on the fireplace app on your phone (just kidding on that one… maybe) and settle in to watch the snow fall instead of doing homework? Anyone? Is it just me? Well, regardless, Daily Free Press MUSE Editor Marisa Benjamin and I have each compiled our winter playlists to soundtrack those nights. Listen below and try to tell us we’re not as good as John Williams. (Kidding! Maybe!)


The shaky cam: I’m feeling nauseous

By Bryan Sih, Muse Staff Writer

I’ve been growing increasingly alarmed when my peers explain a movie they want to shoot, and they say “I want everything to be handheld.” My first response is always, “Why?” to which they respond with something to the effect of, “I want a documentary look, I want the film to feel indie, etc.”

But what it really sounds like is a sorry excuse to point-and-shoot footage, to be lazy in controlling what is in the frame, and to neglect a film language that has been developed by a long line of filmmakers.

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