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A List of Ridiculous Lawsuits

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

If someone could sue over these, what else could you sue for? /PHOTO VIA Flickr user Raphael Quinet

Not every “conflict” is worth suing over, let’s just be up front about that. Through the years there have been so many outlandish lawsuits to supply a never-ending list. I even found a top ten most ridiculous “lawsuits of the month” list. That is roughly one third of the month taken over by nonsense lawsuits. Now, I am here to provide some direct proof that sometimes we shouldn’t take advantage of our right to sue.

1)    A Time Magazine article recently wrote about a man who won $1.6 million in a lawsuit over frogs. This man has a frog phobia stemming from his time spent on his parents vineyard, and after a construction project had been diverting water (turning his property into a wetland), he has not been able to even leave his home due to swarms of frogs.

2)    An online list provides 25 of some of the very best lawsuits, one being a family of a victim versus Sea World. Now the fact that it involves a victim is concerning until you know just how it happened. Daniel Duke managed to stay in Sea World after closing and was discovered the next day at the bottom of the killer whale tank. Why the lawsuit? Apparently Sea World did not clarify how dangerous “killer” whales are.

3)    On the same list is yet another dumbfounding case, this time between Richard Overton and a beer company, Anheuser-Busch. Overton is suing the beer makers after the lack of beautiful women despite how many beers he had.

4)    Another unbelievable lawsuit was RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) v. Everyone. This is a constant battle against illegal downloading, which is a just cause, but sometimes they overstep their boundaries. For instance, one case was against 83-year-old Gertrud Walton, who had not only never owned a computer but also died the previous year.

5)    Some lawsuits live entirely in the tech world, such as the case provided by MSN’s tech news page. One case was a woman suing against a driver who hit her while crossing the street. It seems pretty justified but then you consider she was walking in the dead of the night on a busy highway. How is this technology related? Well she’s also suing Google Maps, as it was their walking directions that lead her to walk there.


A letter addressing a tragedy of Muenster proportions

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Dear Veniamin Balika of Illinois,

Munster Cheese

Cheese, of the Muenster persuasion, which was stolen in Wisconsin recently./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user “bl0ndeeo2”

I recently read on Time Magazine’s website that you have stolen $200,000 worth of Wisconsin Muenster cheese, and this greatly disturbs me. Due to my education, I have relocated to the east coast, but my heart has and will always lie in my home state. It truly upsets me to hear that someone could be so cold-hearted as to steal some of our prized dairy products. Now, don’t get me wrong, the entire world knows how amazing our cheese is, so I can’t blame you for wanting so much. But really Sir, was it necessary to trick a kind Wisconsinite into giving you all this edible gold simply to make a profit on the east coast? Perhaps, you’ve felt teased being so close to our kingdom of cheese geographically and thought it was time to take vengeance, or maybe you just had a bad day. But, again, there is no reason valid enough to steal over 42,000 pounds of our cheese.

For your sake, I hope you think about what you have done. Not only did this directly affect one man’s business, but it has left Wisconsin offended. We have been nothing but kind to you, even sharing a border with your home state, and this feels much like a friend stabbing us in the back. Take some personal time Veniamin, and find the real root of outlandish outbursts such as this and try to fix it in a healthy, positive way. I mean, if this anger is all due to the fact that auto-correct constantly wants to change your name to “vitamin,” that is not Wisconsin’s problem. All in all, next time you want cheese that bad, why don’t you just buy some?


Jasmine Ferrell, a Wisconsinite

So you want to go Steampunk?

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Since the dawn of time there have been subcultures, or at least I would assume so. I mean back in the cave man days I’m sure there were jocks, in the renaissance some sort of minstrel society and now there’s Steampunk. So if you feel like you lost in your life and need a new niche, why not give this a shot? Even though steam punk culture has been around since the late 80’s, it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon. But before you jump, it’s best to be prepared. Here the basic of all things Steampunk.

What is it?

Even steampunk.com has a hard time defining it, but in short, it’s juxtaposition between the romance and the mechanics of the 1800’s. Think rebellious Victorians who have a fondness for all things metal.

How did it start?

It originally was a literary movement, with science-fiction books written back in the 1960’s and 70’s. It was Jeter, an author at the time, who coined the actual term in order to group his and other similar works at the time. All these books played with ideas like an alternative past and steam-based technology, but also imitated actual conventions of Victorian speculative fiction.

What should one wear?

Goggles. Goggles are huge in steam punk and are instant identifiers. But other than that just remember typical Victorian wear and rough it up a bit with mechanical accents. That means snappy vests, top hats and over coats for the lads; corsets and lace for the ladies. Why we would bring back corsets… as a woman, I’m not rightly sure.

What does one do when all duded up?

Well the real question is what does one not do. With the explosion of steam punk culture (there’s an episode on ANTM about it, it’s pretty big) there has been an equal outburst in steam punk activities. Besides all the classic movies and books, there’s also games, expos, music, art and of course the invention of gadgets.

Is it necessary to have said gadgets?

I’m no expert, but just look at all the pictures. If you don’t have a proper gadget you better have some pretty elaborate goggles.

All in all, Steampunk is a complex but ever growing sub culture, and even if you decide to refrain from strapping yourself up in leather and bronze…you should at least know what it is. Plus if you do happen to be handy with making custom goggles or corsets, there’s huge profit potential in this market.

A Panic! At The Disco video in which Steampunk style is used:

LOLThursday: ‘real’ endings to Disney classics

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

As if you couldn’t get enough, yet another Disney YouTube video has gone viral. First there were the hipster princesses now there are alternative endings to our favorite Disney Princesses. Featuring the heroines of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, and Aladdin, this one man creates an amazing a cappella arrangement that suggests some more realistic endings. For instance, the movie Aladdin failed to show that Aladdin actually gets taken to Guantanamo Bay, isn’t that scandalous? So if you like your fairytales as depressing as everyday life can be (but still set to some catchy melodies), you might want to mosey on over and take a gander.

Caterpillars confiscated from traveler’s luggage, and other airport oddities

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Spring break is finally within our grasp and for many of us this means flying out this very Friday to some exotic destination (or at least away from here). The whole flying process has gotten increasingly complex and frustrating, especially within recent years, and the worst part of all? The security. From going through all those machines, remembering 3-1-1 rule, and trying to still get to your flight on time, none of it adds up to a pleasant experience. The only saving grace is that every once in a while, a fellow flyer decides to spice things up a bit and get creative with their carry-ons.

The airport security often confiscates many objects when they’re processing all the people and if you’re lucky it might happen to the person in front of you. Think of it as in-line entertainment. Personally, the only thing they’ve ever taken from me is some smuggled Nutella but there are enough stories to fill a book of more extravagant confiscations. Take for instance in occurrence in a U.K. airport. A 22-year-old attempted to bring with him, a 207 lb. bag filled with individually wrapped caterpillars. The first question you may want to ask is why, but he has a simple answer: they were for personal consumption. A completely natural reason, especially for such a large amount, and for all we know he was having some crazy caterpillar themed soiree. But this is all beside the point, the airport confiscated it and the sack-o-pillars is no more.

This 22-year-old is not alone is his bizarre luggage. From concealed weapons to dead snakes, the people of this world are not boring. One of my personal favorites is a man who attempted to bring two doves with him on the plane by concealing them in his pants. Brilliant. If this is not enough to sate your desire for the weirdest airport security encounters, below is a wonderful graphic that highlights the best of the best. So even if you happen to be stuck in line filled with boring people and perfectly normal luggage, entertain yourself with these tales of fancy.

Weird Things Found in Airport Security

MC Hammer arrested

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Over the weekend CNN reported on a monumental event: MC Hammer’s arrest.  Here’s the general low down.

It was last Thursday night when the 90s icon was pulled over due to an expired vehicle registration.  The officer inquired if MC was “on parole or probation,” and attempted to get the rapper out of the car. Hammer refused to co-operate with the officer and was arrested for suspicion of resisting arrest and obstructing an officer.  He paid bail and has been released. But it gets more interesting.

MC Hammer, a twitter enthusiast, took this opportunity to release a barrage of tweets mocking the officer. This is just a couple:

Needless to say, this incident started a bit of a controversy. But don’t worry, our friend is taking the high road and wants his experience to educate others. And it doesn’t hurt that a plethora of people are in full support.

Pizza hut creates perfume, smells good enough to eat

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Scent that sizzles. Like a hot pepperoni pizza/ PHOTO VIA cookingwithvinny.com

Scent that sizzles. Like a hot pepperoni pizza/ PHOTO VIA cookingwithvinny.com

Did your valentine fail to get your favorite scent? Well you’re about to feel even worse. Unless you were one of the lucky seventy-two winners, you missed out on the miracle that is Eau de Pizza Hut.

That’s right, a Pizza Hut perfume.

It originally started out as a gag photo on Facebook, but when people were inquiring where to get the scent, the company jumped on the opportunity. After making it big in Canada, it ventured into the U.S. just in time for a Valentine’s Day package.

Now I bet what you’re really wondering is what on earth does pizza perfume even smell like? Well, in short, it smells something like freshly baked dough (although some say it smells closer to a cinnamon roll) and spices. Mmm, tasty. Also keep it in mind that this is one of the rarest, most sought after fragrances.

Not quite your style though? Do not fear, Pizza Hut is not the only one venturing into this field. In addition to smelling like Pizza Dough, you can also smell like sushi, a republican, a Burger King scent of “flame broiled meat”, and even Sex Panther as seen, or smelt, in Anchor Man.

So all of this raises a very important question: With all of these scents out there, why do we still choose to smell like flowers?

Grammy’s recap

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

J-Lo pushes the boundaries outlined in the dress-code memo sent to all Grammys attendees/PHOTO VIA extratv.com

J-Lo pushes the boundaries outlined in the dress-code memo sent to all Grammys attendees/PHOTO VIA extratv.com

Last night was one of the biggest events of February. No, not Groundhog Day. It was the GRAMMYs. As with any award ceremony, there are just as many people watching to see who wins the awards as there are to see what unfolds during the ceremony. When approaching something of this magnitude it always helps to break it up.

First off: the fashion. Before the event even took place the fashion was causing a stir. Prior to the GRAMMYs, a memo had been sent out to all the attendees, asking for a more conservative attitude when dressing for the awards. This meant less cleavage, less side boob, and more clothing.

The first to test the memo, and arguably the person who caused it to be sent out in the first place, was J-Lo. She wore what is sure to be an unforgettable leotard, dress mash-up. In her defense, the memo didn’t say anything about the legs.

Carrie Underwood's stiff gown, onto which cheesy images were projected throughout her performance/PHOTO VIA usmagazine.com

Carrie Underwood’s stiff gown, onto which cheesy images were projected throughout her performance/PHOTO VIA usmagazine.com

My ultimate favorite of the night was Carrie Underwood. During her performance, her stiff dress caused her to stand absolutely still. And as if that weren’t bad enough, she then proceeded to have horribly cheesy computer graphics projected onto said stiff ball gown. Someone really should have stopped her.

Then there were the performances of the night, ranging from anti-climactic to completely bizarre. The night started with, for lack of a better word, a confusing performance of “We are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift. The performance was set up to be a mix between a three ring circus and Alice in Wonderland and I’m pretty sure she had the stage maxed out to capacity. The worst part? I don’t even see how all those characters related to the song. Later, it rained onstage, but that was just for Fun. (Feel free to enjoy that pun.)

And finally, the actual awards and acceptance speeches. Among the outrageousness here, Kelly Clarkson managed to insult and then compliment someone in about fifteen seconds, saying, “Miguel, I don’t know who the hell you are, but we need to sing together.”

The night was not without its fabulous highlights and embarrassing disasters. As always and we can all relish and relive them on YouTube until next year, or at least until the Oscars.

Taylor Swift’s GRAMMY performance of “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

Taco Bell might hate vegetables, and is coming to BU

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Construction on a Taco Bell inside the City Convenience under Warren Towers is scheduled to begin during summer 2013. PHOTO BY SARAH SIEGEL/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Construction on a Taco Bell inside the City Convenience under Warren Towers is scheduled to begin during summer 2013. PHOTO BY SARAH SIEGEL/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Yesterday, the Daily Free Press reported this summer construction will begin on a new Taco Bell under Warren Towers. This is monumental. A reintroduction into the family of BU connected restaurants is not to be ignored, especially when it’s of the taco variety. Then again, perhaps we should really look into this returner and make sure it’s worthy of its old spot.

And wouldn’t you know it? Taco Bell has a few skeletons in its closet, the most recent being a scandalous commercial meant to air during the super bowl. This commercial called for an actress to bring a veggie tray to a super bowl party. As she was greeted at the door, a voice over stated that her action was “a cop out” and that people will “secretly hate you for it.” To many, this was seen as Taco Bell promoting its hate for vegetables. After so many write-ins and complaints they had to pull it.

Hmm, that’s a bit far-fetched. In my personal opinion, this idea of veggie trays being a bit lack luster is a common truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually the one in the corner obsessively dipping my carrot sticks, but compared to a platter of tacos….eh, you can tell which one will be the more exciting donation. Also, not that it matters much but there are some vegetables present in a standard taco, though they may be without much nutritional value. And one last point: this is a super bowl ad. Can we expect that much from it?

In the end, the multitude of people got so worked up over the supposed veggie discrimination won’t stop Taco Bell from coming back to BU. Perhaps in the spirit of good-will we can all pitch in and get them a veggie tray for the grand opening.

The infamous, “veggie-hating” ad, pulled from TV after much controversy.

Justin Timberlake releases new single

The Justin you remember from middle school/ PHOTO VIA www.20somethingawesome.com

The Justin you remember from your elementary school years/ PHOTO VIA http://www.20somethingawesome.com

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Justin Timberlake recently released a single called “Suit and Tie”  featuring Jay-Z, and it’s kinda turning out to be a big deal. Rolling Stone magazine stated that it after the high was projected to be his best week in song sales ever, which is saying a lot considering Timberlake’s previous success. The whole album, The 20/20 Experience, won’t be released until March 19, but until then, let’s all gather around our dormitory heaters and reminisce about the highlights of J.T.’s memorable existence.

He got started on “The New Mickey Mouse Club”, but who really cares about pre-eye candy JT? It all really started in the age of the boy bands, where as a member of N*Sync  he  charmed his way into every girl’s heart with his bleached hair and ultimate swag.

  • While Justin was in N*Sync, they released a couple pretty big hits, likely to have been played at a couple of your school dances. There were the classics like, “Tearing up my Heart” and “Girlfriend,” but nothing can compare to the glory that is “Bye Bye Bye.” That song marks a generation.
  • He also dappled a bit in acting and his first film happened to be a little Disney channel number called Model Behavior. A poetic tale of two girls switching places, and wouldn’t you know it? JT plays a love interest.
  • Then there was the first solo experience: Justified. His debut CD was released in 2002 and was released at the number two spot on the Billboard charts. It also leads to yet another monument in JT history, the single “Cry Me a River.”
  • The whole JT and Britney thing was actually a highlight in itself.  What romance of the early 2000’s could’ve been more perfect? Two of the top pop culture icons merging into one glorious couple, brings tears to my eyes still.
  • Later in the decade brought more acting to Justin, but more importantly his most famous contribution yet. Future Sex/Love Sounds.  Is it even necessary to explain this? No.

Now as we journey closer to the present things die down. Justin seemed to go on a musical hiatus as he acted in some more movies (all rather hit or miss) and well you know, got married. But man, is it good to have him back where he belongs. Let us all gather and celebrate a man we all grow up with and say to the world:

“If you wanna fly, Come and take a ride, Take a space ride with a cowboy, baby.”