LOLThursday: Worst “Wheel of Fortune” contestant makes viewers cringe

By Ann Singer, Staff Writer

Is it possible to be one of the worst “Wheel of Fortune” contestants ever while bringing shame to all college kids around the nation?

Julian Batts, a freshman and honors student at Indiana University, achieved this feat during the College Week episode of the show. He managed to miss three easy puzzles, which his neighbor Shelby seemed to pick up right away.

You would think that after a lifetime of schooling one would know how to pronounce the name of the well-known mythical figure “Achilles,” yet even with the completed puzzle right in front of him, Julian managed to butcher it, costing him one million dollars.

His second slip-up was slightly more understandable, even though he was only missing two letters. But by the third round, he was definitely thinking way too hard and this time it cost him a car.

Pat Sajak is an absolute doll throughout, giving Julian the old uncle-who-chuckles-at-your-stupidity shtick.

Nevertheless, Julian still managed to go home with $11,700 and advance to the bonus round of College Week. He told the Indianapolis Star on Monday that he blamed his mistakes on nerves and adrenaline and that he still went home as the champion of the episode.

Anyway, his mistakes still make me laugh. Take a look:


LOLThursday: Pups in Pantyhose

By Danielle Cantey, Staff Writer

We all know someone who is obsessed with their furry, four-legged canine companion— the type of owner to carry their pooch around in a purse and dress them in the latest canine fashions. I myself am guilty of occasionally dressing my pups in sweaters during the winter. Well, look out there’s a new canine fashion trend dominating social networking sites like Instagram and Tumblr tagged “pups in pantyhose.” The viral trend was popularized by Chinese social networking site Weibo, according to an article on Refinery29.com, and features pictures of dogs dressed pantyhose and in some cases, shoes. This trend makes these canine companions look almost human, if not in a creepy way. It has even gotten attention from Boston’s Channel 7. Of course, some people are saying it’s animal cruelty, some are saying it’s humiliating, and some just think it’s downright funny. Whatever your take on the issue, it’s worth a look!

Several of the canine victims/ PHOTO VIA marcus66ed.tumblr.com

Several of the canine victims/ PHOTO VIA marcus66ed.tumblr.com

LOLThursday: Spray-on jeans from American Eagle

By Samantha Wong, Staff Writer

If there was a statue that allowed me to pay homage to skinny jeans, I would gladly pay tribute. Skinny jeans are generally the most flattering form of denim to date. I, along with most of the female population, have more than four pairs in my closet. Skinny jeans are not just limited to females either. Males (sadly) can and do take part in this fashion innovation.

However, as of late, the problem that has arisen is that some skinny jeans are not skinny enough. They do not fit because some jeans sag and bulge and make for an unflattering look, because each body is different.

American Eagle has recently come out with ‘Skinny Skinny’, the most flattering, most fitting jeans one can possible find. I rushed to the store’s website, only to find, what is understated as disappointment when the jeans were no longer in stock.

‘Skinny Skinny’ is American Eagle’s newest, possibly skinniest jean. The jeans are limited edition.

More notably, the jeans are from a spray can. One sprays on the jean for varying thickness and length, and creates the most flattering look for oneself.

However, as of right now, the cans are temporarily unavailable. No doubt due to the cans being sold out as soon as they hit shelves. The spray can jean, is not only unisex, but comes in two colors: ‘indigo’ and ‘bright light’.

Just kidding.

According to an article by the New York Daily News, it is all a sad joke on us folks who really want skin-tight jeans. AE’s new product, the very versatile spray-can skinny jeans, is the brand’s humorous marketing attempt at selling form-fitting jeans that targets a wide range of people. Nay, everyone. It allows more people to be able to happily indulge in skinny jeans without worrying about them being unflattering or worse, not fitting, since they spray right on to your skin.

Unfortunately, the jest at the skinny jeans craze means these spray-can jeans cannot be worshipped like their less versatile predecessors. Sigh.

Get the skinny on the skinnies here:

LOLThursday: ‘real’ endings to Disney classics

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

As if you couldn’t get enough, yet another Disney YouTube video has gone viral. First there were the hipster princesses now there are alternative endings to our favorite Disney Princesses. Featuring the heroines of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, and Aladdin, this one man creates an amazing a cappella arrangement that suggests some more realistic endings. For instance, the movie Aladdin failed to show that Aladdin actually gets taken to Guantanamo Bay, isn’t that scandalous? So if you like your fairytales as depressing as everyday life can be (but still set to some catchy melodies), you might want to mosey on over and take a gander.

LOLThursday: hipster Disney princesses

By Devon Delfino, Staff Writer

Everyone knows the Disney princesses: Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, etc.

Well, they’re real. And they’ve gone hipster.

That’s right, all of your favorite royal songstresses are encouraging us to “be a hipster” by drinking Starbucks coffee, shopping at thrift stores (a.k.a Urban Outfitters), drinking Kombucha tea and buying vinyl records.

The princesses emphasize their “uniqueness” in the typical hipster fashion, and encourage others to “embrace your inner irony” and be an “individual.” The video features several pointers on how to become a hipster and leave the mainstream behind.

It features a sushi-loving Little Mermaid, plenty of princesses wearing oversized frames and Snow White bragging about talking to birds before the Twitter craze. Not to mention an organic bra and a subtle nod to the hipster-crazed bloggers on Tumblr.

The video has well over 3 million views on Youtube, and already has a few parody video’s imitating it. Its creators, the AVbyte brothers, post tri-weekly musical videos, including “Google is Your Friend,” “Slender Real Life!-The Musical,” and “Disney Princess Leia.”

Now you too can be “so unique that [you’re] all the same!” So sit back and relax to the sound of Disney beauties singing their little hipster hearts out.

LOLThursday: I Knew You Were Trouble, goat edition

By Samantha Wong, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift is often recognized for:

1. Her honest-yet-bordering-psychotic lyrics (see: Better Than Revenge, Mine, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, etc.).

2. Her serial dating.

3. Her versatility.

She began her singing career as a country singer with her freshman and sophomore albums. Her later albums departed from country to pop, where Swift reigns steadily as a chart topper. Taylor Swift’s latest pop album Red features the song, I Knew You Were Trouble. Swift passionately recounts the heartbreak and loss resulting from an apparently troublesome fling. From hope to heartbreak, Swift’s versatility knows no bounds.

Even when her song features a goat.

YouTube artists have decided to put their unique spin on the single. Instead of the standard, dramatic guitar strumming that accompanies a Taylor Swift chorus, the listener hears a goat crying, emblematic of Swift’s grief. The original I Knew You Were Trouble chorus may have angry dubstep-reminiscent qualities, but this goat seems to better communicate Swift’s feelings of hurt.

Taylor Swift and this bleating goat are a YouTube sensation. The number of people who have given the video thumbs up far supercedes the number who gave the video a thumbs down.

And why not? Come on, it’s the lyrical talents of T-Swift and a goat.

LOLThursday: Banana University

By Samantha Wong, Staff Writer

You think this is awkward? Banana University's Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts have hundreds of photos of unsuspecting banana-eaters.

You think this is awkward? Banana University’s Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts have hundreds of photos of unsuspecting banana-eaters.

The description reads, ‘Have you ever seen the movie Accepted? We’re like that but with more bananas.’ Like it says in its description, Banana University is a Facebook page, a Twitter and a Tumblr that hosts photos of Boston University students–eating bananas.

Banana University is a simple idea that ends up, after scrolling through countless photos of Boston University’s banana eaters, as a good source of entertainment. Why? Pictures upon pictures of people eating bananas becomes, in a word, awkward.

Boston University’s candid addition, which made its debut earlier this month, has become somewhat of a sensation among students. Most students are happy, proud even, to have their photos as contributions to the site, whether or not they were aware that their photos were being taken.

Bryan Cosca, CAS ‘14, one of the depicted banana-eaters says, “I think it’s funny that I’m on Banana University, I think the page is great and shows off the candid side of students we don’t normally see. It’s [also] hilarious seeing other people eating bananas.”

The hilarity from Banana University may or may not have something to do with innuendo, but regardless, Banana University is definitely becoming a household (or dorm-hold?) name.


By Brandon Lewis, Staff Writer

Every year the Super Bowl ignites national frenzy amongst sports fans. Those who can’t watch the football championship live watch it from the comfort of their living room sofas. The perks of the later option: the entertaining commercials. This year my favorite ad was the Best Buy commercial featuring the comedian and actress Amy Poehler. The commercial commences when a sales representative asks Poehler whether she needs assistance. Then Poehler goes on to ask awkward questions about the merchandise such as, “Will this one read Fifty Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice?” The funny thing is that Poehler’s concerns are questions that us customers really want to ask but usually don’t. Like Poehler, I always wondered what makes a smart TV “smart.” And admit it, you do too. Best Buy effectively portrays the message that they have the answers to all the customers’ questions, even the unconventional ones.


By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

The Lonely Island takes the popular phrase “Yolo,” to another extreme in their new song featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar. Although, The Lonely Island’s song is more accurately described as the anti-yolo. It’s actually a humorous guide to protecting your life as much as possible.

The satiric song sums up its message at the end: “You Outa Look Out,” which seems to be the band’s revised version of the acronym we are so used to hearing as a disclaimer to stupidity.

I suppose what The Lonely Island is getting at is that there is a balance between taking no chances in life, and throwing your life away by taking too large a risk. Though sung in jest, the song is actually right. You only live once, so in general, you should probably be more careful than careless.

Know your own limits, because YOLO.


By Brandon Lewis, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what NFL players and coaches are yelling during competitive games? I always assumed that the coaches were calling plays or making sure their players understood their purpose on their field. I also believed that the players were either trash talking to the opposing team or making sure everyone knew the plan of action. Well, the Bad Lip-Reading series has targeted the NFL as its latest victim revealing the players’ humorous small talk. The small talk consists of random things such as pretty female parts, pregnant cows, magical potions, and making chicken rolls just to name a few. It’s dead-on.

“An orange peanut! Well, I accept you!”