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Presidential candidates campaign on Tumblr

By Amira Francis, Staff Writer

Let’s focus on something a little less formal and a little more fun that has to do with this election season: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s Tumblr accounts. These gems (really, gems) reveal a bit about their campaigning styles outside of mainstream media.

Scrolling through President Barack Obama’s campaign Tumblr is like browsing through your favorite website on a quiet afternoon of not doing homework. It’s entertaining and easygoing, yet still maintains focus on politics and campaigning. His page will convince you to become addicted to clicking through the continuous stream of well-placed Instagram pictures and humorous videos.

One of the popular videos posted on Obama’s Tumblr is a message from Will Ferrell to you! The voters! Chock full of Will Ferrell’s humor, this video aims to encourage citizens to vote.

Props, Obama. Hilarious, engaging, down-to-earth. Some could describe it as a little desperate but, hey. It’s Will Ferrell. It works.
Other posts are aimed at younger voters.

Obama Tumblr

A submission on the Obama campaign Tumblr page

It seems that Obama’s Tumblr relies on humor more than anything else. Effective? You decide. His campaign also posted an appealing picture of the popular band OK Go. The colors are vibrant and the photo itself is unique and eye-catching, which draws you in to then read that the lead singer of OK Go wrote a Rolling Stone article advocating Obama’s reelection.

OK Go Obama

Once again, clever play on the part of Obama’s people. Just like the Will Ferrell video, this little Tumblr blurb draws you in and then tries to sway you in Obama’s direction with fame.

In addition to the celebrities and logos, the blog site also has plenty of pictures and comments from Obama supporters around the country. If it were a battle of how many supporter pictures are up, however, presidential candidate Mitt Romney would win.

Click to Romney’s campaign Tumblr, and you instantly see images upon images of Romney supporters, Romney moments and Romney events.

Romney Tumblr
The page is colorful, heavily-instagram’d and attention-grabbing. Romney’s campaign seems to choose a more direct advertising route than Obama’s. Instead of working in famous figures and delivering a subtle message, Romney plays up special moments and uses his fan base to speak for itself. It is still, however, just as interesting to scroll down.

There are a couple of messages to Romney supporters, including a picture of three women supporters.

Romney Tumblr

My favorite Romney post is a more recent one. It touches a funny bone while still maintaining seriousness and a sense of authority.

Romney Tumblr

It subtly compares changing the president to changing the clock: it’s necessary and unquestionably done consistently. Crafty.

Although each president’s Tumblr uses its own style and flare in campaigning over the web, you have to give both props for adapting to the virtual world. Check out their Tumblr accounts in full for yourself, and decide which one captures your heart!


The 411 on Massachusetts U.S. Senate candidates

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

With the election just around the corner, you can’t forget that there are other names on the ballot, including U.S. Senate candidates and district representatives. If you are registered to vote in Massachusetts, then on the ballot you will find candidates Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. After the three widely viewed presidential debates, we should all have a pretty good idea of which name we are marking on the ballot for the president. But what about the senate representatives? If you didn’t pay attention in history class, senators are responsible for representing their respective states. For six years, the elected representatives speak for the people they represent and decide whether they are for or against newly proposed laws. So, who is the right representative for the job? Here’s the lowdown on each candidate to help you figure out  which candidates’ bubble you’ll fill in on voting day.

Scott BrownScott Brown

On Education:

  • Curriculum should be set by local boards rather than nationally
  • Supports the “No Child Left Behind” program

On Healthcare:

  • Wants to repeal Obamacare
  • Believes that states should be able to create health care reform that works for them without raising taxes or cutting off senior care

On Jobs:

  • Wants to reduce the burden of small businesses
  • For hiring returning war veterans to decrease unemployment rate
  • Wants to fund start-up companies

On Energy and the Environment:

  • Supports policies that will help reduce pollution
  • Supports development of alternative energy sources to reduce dependence on foreign oil

On Immigration:

  • Wants to strengthen border enforcement and institute an employment verification system with consequences for hiring illegal immigrants
  • Against driver’s licenses and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

On Women’s Issues:

  • Supports abortion but is against taxpayers having to fund it
  • Supports funding Planned Parenthood
  • Against human trafficking

On Taxes:

  • Wants to keep taxes low

Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Warren

On Education:

  • Wants to invest more in public colleges and universities
  • Supports advanced technical training programs
  • Wants to strengthen grant programs

On Healthcare:

  • Stands with Obamacare, but wants to reduce the cost of health care

On Jobs:

  • Wants to increase jobs in small businesses and simplify small business regulations
  • Supports workers unions

On Energy and the Environment:

  • Wants to invest in clean energy technology to eventually lower production costs for businesses

On Immigration:

  • Believes there should be a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants that requires them to pay taxes
  • Supports existing laws with protecting borders and laws against hiring illegal immigrants

On Women’s Issues:

  • Supports equal pay
  • Wants to protect the current health care plan, which will in turn protect maternity care and safe abortion services

On Taxes:

  • Believes in a tax reform to help small businesses

Should Massachusetts legalize medical marijuana?

By Hilary Ribons, Staff Writer

Voting day is fast approaching! And for all of you who are registered Massachusetts voters, there are some issues that will be on the ballot that are sure to catch your attention.

Now, what’s more interesting than something controversial?

The Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative, or Question 3, will be appearing on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot. Some states, including (and perhaps most infamously) California, have already legalized the medical use of marijuana with disputed results. Many young people advocate not just for its medicalization, but its legalization. But, as I found when I asked a few Boston University students about their take on the ballot question, there are also many who don’t think medicalizing marijuana would be positive.

For those of you who don’t like doing political research and just want the plain and simple facts, here they are:

– Voting in favor of the question will support enacting a proposed law that decriminalizes the medical use of marijuana in Massachusetts. Patients with specific conditions would be able to receive marijuana from government-regulated state centers. In some specific cases, patients would be able to grow marijuana for their own use.

– Voting against the question will have no effect on existing laws.

Below, your peers discuss:

Speakers in order of appearance:
Justine St. Louis, Travis Dane, Victor Cafaro, Kunal Kaistha and Victor Weiss