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Pop Culture Countdown: Colbert inherits “Late Show” and new Poehler-Fey movie

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

With the thrum of Spring in full swing, it’s easy to believe that the end of school is nigh! But fear not, because although the semester is winding down, the world of pop culture will never die as long as there are people to care about celebrity Instagrams (aka me). So as is my duty and pleasure, let’s get down to “bidness.”

6. Prince George had a play-date in New Zealand:

We’re starting off with the King of Cute and the Duke of Darling: Prince George! At his first royal engagement since his birth, the little prince went on a play date with the children of notable dignitaries in New Zealand. The parents were all first-timers like Will and Kate, and included both single mothers and same-sex couples. The tiny future King of England was adorable in an overall onesie and is possibly the only person who can trump his glamorous mother, Kate Middleton! I’m looking forward to a lot of cute photo-ops in the future!

5. Stephen Colbert set to replace David Letterman:

We knew that when David Letterman announced his retirement, we could start expecting a flurry of potential replacements in the late night world. And it came as a bit of a surprise when Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” was announced as Letterman’s successor. The shock mostly comes out of Colbert’s distinctive style and comedy, which has some people wondering how it will translate to the iconic late night show. Colbert has assured us that the show will not be done in any sort of “character” and that the public will get to see him being himself. I’m looking forward to Colbert and his take on “The Late Show.”

4. Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon Broadway-ify Rap Songs:

So this is the thing that I never knew I needed until I discovered it. Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon sang show tunes versions of rap songs. It is times like these that I am reminded that Hathaway, despite her impressive repertoire of serious roles, can easily change into a comedic actress. It’s a nice reminder, especially when it comes wrapped up in a Broadway ribbon of “In Da Club.” Brava, Anne Hathaway. Brava!

3. “Games of Thrones” premiere crashes HBO Go website:

Is winter coming? You should probably ask the cast of “Game of Thrones” in their fourth season premiere on Sunday. The hit show, which has captivated audiences with its complex story-lines, nuanced characters and sweet amount of naked butts, premiered on the HBO Go website. The colossal amount of traffic, about 6.6 million people tuning in, promptly crashed the site. The newest premiere marks the largest audience yet, up from 4.5 million in 2013. Word of mouth made “Game of Thrones” popular, and it seems like the fire has not diminished.

2. Miley Cyrus gets a new dog and a magazine cover:

The past week has been quite the roller coaster for Cyrus. Last Tuesday, her beloved dog Floyd passed away. But now she has a new puppy to ease the pain. Her mother, Tish Cyrus, got her an adorable pooch named Moonie. But sometimes a new love cannot dull old pain. Cyrus is grieving for Floyd, and her new Elle cover showcases her sad side. In the photoshoot, Cyrus rarely cracks a smile, preferring to smolder sullenly in beautiful Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin pieces. While the photos turned out stunning, we miss our fresh and wildly fierce Miley Cyrus.

1. Amy Poehler’s new Old Navy commercial & teaming up with Tina Fey for movie:

Amy Poehler and Old Navy have teamed up again and the result is glorious. In the newest ad, Poehler is grilling a woman in an Old Navy dress while making the worst burrito of all time. Poehler is also due to team up with bestie Tina Fey for a new movie called “The Nest,” which will feature the two comediennes as sisters having one last party in their childhood home. If their last project together, “Baby Mama,” is any indicator, this movie will be amazing.

That’s all for this week. If there was anything I missed, put it in the comment section below!


Hip Hop at Harvard

For Nas, the search starts at Harvard University./PHOTO VIA Flickr user Jonene Taddei Photography

Hip hop at Harvard? I’m sure you never expected to hear those two words in the same sentence.

Rap icon, Nas, ventured to Harvard University last week to introduce the Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellowship, a scholarship awarded to two scholars dedicated to inciting change through hip hop music.

The fellowship is designed to help visiting scholars partake in hip-hop related research at the Cambridge institution. The scholarship is the result of a substantial endowment from an anonymous donor who wanted Nas to be the poster child of the unique program.

The donor got his wish when the Queens native agreed to lend his name to the fellowship following an email request from Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates (the current host of PBS’ The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross).

During the introduction ceremony, Nas said, “Hip-hop is important like computer science. The world is changing. If you want to understand the youth, listen to the music. This is what’s happening right underneath your nose.”

I totally agree. If you want to understand why the current generation of young adults and adolescents act the way they do, check out the music they listen to. It’s not the main reason, but it’s a good indicator. Nas’s involvement with this program showcases his support of music as a cause rather than pure entertainment.

It may be ironic that the 18-time Grammy nominee is the face of an Ivy League scholarship despite never obtaining a high school diploma but Nas’s successful rap career epitomizes the belief that music is more than just lyrics and tempo.

Nas claimed that he was drawn to hip-hop because it is an education in it itself, aiming to address different problems. Despite being a middle school dropout, Nas used hip-hop to abandon his past mistakes and channel his struggles into songs that uplifted others.

Throughout his career Nas appealed to millions of people with message-filled songs like “The World is Yours” and “I Can.” Now he wants to open the door for others to do the same. Who would have thought he’d start the search at Harvard?

MUSE: Bringing the snapbacks back

By Clemence Pluche, Staff Writer


Flashback to the early 90s where hip hop artists as Dr. Dre and Tupac stand there wearing oversized clothes and flaunt their go-to cranial accessory: the snapback. Now flash forward to the present, where members of the underground hip hop clan OFWGKTA (led by Tyler, The Creator) stand there with their recycled accessory: the snapback. They are among many urban artists nowadays who are bringing back the trend.

The return of the snapback has been steadily boycotting the fitted baseball caps of the early 2000s since about 2010. It made its first explicit appearance in Tyga and Chris Brown’s “Snapback Back” in 2011, which interestingly enough is a remix of a Tupac song. So, the subculture is bringing back this trend, and it has taken well to many many other subcultures.  It is a favorite of the swagged-out bro, the ironic hipster, the angsty teen, the festival-goer and even the young high-class designer. A cheaper option to the fitted baseball cap, the snapback is really just a stylish option. It’s just that cool.

Although the snapback is a stand-alone accessory, there are many ways to wear it. For the male population, the most common look is a pair of black jeans (skinny, regular – even flared works if that’s your thing) and a graphic T-shirt. It’s pretty basic, but you get the point. For the females out there, the snapback gets a little trickier to wear. You just have to know what you are going for.

Step one: Look at yourself in the mirror (and tell yourself you are beautiful a couple times because I bet you are).

Step two: Ask yourself what look you are going for (you can choose from hipster, high-fashion, grunge or urban street style).

Step three: Proceed to dress yourself. If you chose the hipster style, go for skinny jeans or high waisted cut-offs with some ironic T-shirt or just a plain white one. Wear leopard print platform sneakers if that’s your thing. If you choose grunge, wear lots of black. LOTS of black. Maybe even add a little color with the snapback or a nice flannel, or hey, stick with black, I can’t tell you what to do. And if you choose urban street style, just wear what you like, but please try to refrain from looking like Miley Cyrus. Unless that’s your thing too.

Where to get them? Depending on your price range, here are a couple brands you could get.

For $20-$40: Try HUF, RVCA, Benny Gold, Jiberish, Urban Outfitters, OBEY

For $40-$60: Try Boy London, Club 75, Supreme, BBC

For $60 and onward: Try Stampd LA, Mark McNairy, Braggadocios, and Pigalle.