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Love what you do

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Come graduation, will you love your job?/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Bing

Come graduation, will you love your job?/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Bing

Once again it’s the time of year where seniors (and sometimes juniors) graduate and begin living in the “real world” — a world where you enter true adulthood and (hopefully) land a job that both pays the bills and makes you happy.

As a rising junior, quite frankly this whole idea terrifies me. Luckily, I’ve still got two years to figure out what to do. But there are those of us in the B.U. community who will be graduating in less than two weeks. For these almost grads, Huffington Post complied a list of “15 Revealing Signs You Genuinely Love What You Do.”

Some are goals that are attainable (not looking at the clock all day, thinking in terms of positives rather than negatives), and some are a bit far fetched (I’m not sure if anyone will ever enjoy meetings). At the end of the article you can add up your points received for each answer provided to see which end of the spectrum you fall into: you really do love your job, or you should seek other employment opportunities.

In times like these, finding a job that fulfills the checklist can be difficult to do, due to financial concerns and job openings. People often find it hard to be picky about their opportunities, and being passed over for a job is bound to happen sooner or later. Despite a bleak outlook at the economy and job market, things are actually looking up.

According to the New York Times, the job market for college graduates is actually improving (even if it is only a slight improvement, it’s better than nothing). So, soon-to-be graduates, don’t give up just yet!

Leaving college can be scary, but you should know that there are jobs out there that will bring you happiness. You may get lucky and land it immediately, but if you don’t, be patient. Work hard, do your best to find ways to love what you do, and don’t get discouraged. Good luck and best wishes to the Class of 2014!


Chipotle plans to hike prices

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Your beloved burrito bowl cost a bit more from now on./ PHOTO BY Robin Ngai

Your beloved burrito (bowl) may cost a bit more from now on./ PHOTO BY Robin Ngai

As a California native, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad burritos. However, when I’m away from home, I’m a pretty big fan of Chipotle. It’s a five minute walk from my dorm room and to have a full delicious meal for under ten bucks is a pretty sweet deal.

This might not be the case anymore: for the first time in three years, Chipotle is hiking up its prices. They are said to go into effect in the next three to six months, and as a loyal customer (and broke college student), this saddens me.

The reason for the price hike is that their food products are rising in price. Avocados are just one of the many products that have risen dramatically in the past few years. With Chipotle’s promise to using fresh foods and having healthier options, it is hard for the chain not to add a couple dollars for their meals.

This may be the point where customers ask, “why doesn’t their owner McDonald’s just save them?” Despite the popular belief that McDonald’s is the parent of Chipotle, Chipotle actually has no ties with the fast food chain. Briefly in 1998, McDonald’s took a minority stake in the business but decided to quit soon after, predicting that the burrito chain would not make it big.

Oh, how wrong they were. People have grown to love the fast food burrito chain so much that it is predicted to still make sales even if the prices rise (watch this guy inhale four of them in three minutes).

I for one, will still be a customer to Chipotle. If the price hikes scare you, just use these handy tips that will make your trip (and extra bucks) worthwhile. Me and my roommates have created a tradition since freshman year to go there once a week, and it’s something that we won’t be giving up any time soon.

“Boy Meets World” spin-off trailer released

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

If you were a true 90s child, then “Boy Meets World” was something that you watched every day when you came home from school. As the years went on, you grew up with Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Eric, and Mr. Feeny. From their young and awkward middle school days to their angst filled high school years and finally to college and eventual marriage, you stuck with them through thick and thin.

Now, after almost 14 years, it’s back (and with a teaser trailer to prove it). Your favorite gang has come together once again, and this time it’s to inspire a new generation of preteens (but let’s be honest, a large amount of twenty-somethings will be tuning in as well).

“Girl Meets World” is a spin-off that is centered around Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley, and their son, Auggie. Though it will be centered around their lives, guest stars of the original show are rumored to appear as well.

While you’re waiting around for “Girl Meets World” to premiere, check out photos of the cast and a video of the new cast discussing the original show.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a Cory and Shawn reunion and an appearance from the one and only Mr. Feeny. I could not have imagined my childhood without this show and for them to be reuniting is a dream come true. I’m pretty sure I’ve learned a majority of my life lessons from “Boy Meets World” (and also “Full House”), and I’m hoping that “Girl Meets World” will continue the legacy.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

The double standard against women in the media

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton spoke at the Women in the World conference in New York. There, she boldly stated that there is a double standard for women which is created by the media. Clinton claimed that the media should be more aware of how they present women in the media, and despite the progress women have made, this double standard still exists.

Clinton’s statement can surely be backed up with reliable evidence. Recently, the Women’s Media Center released their annual report on women and their impact on the media. Time collected the nine most depressing facts from the study, and it shows that Clinton’s claims are right.

Just a couple standout facts is that women are barely represented in newsrooms (in fact it’s gotten even worse over time) and women have had fewer speaking roles in movies in 2012 than any other year since 2007.

I find this is absolutely absurd.

It concerns me to see that women are being so misrepresented in the media. The media controls what information the public has access to and shapes their views, and to have these views be dominated by one race and gender is highly detrimental to society. As a society we need to strive to have a more equal representation and the first step to do so is to change the way media perceives and treats women. We need to have more women in advertising, television, film, and news. We must see the change in order to make it.

I understand that women have made great strides in the past few decades. There are many things to be celebrated, but there is still much to be worked on. The Representation Project produced a video titled, “How the Media Failed Women in 2013,” which documents a few great moments for women in the media. It echoes the fact that there isn’t enough progress being made.

There is no quick way to fix this problem. Instead, we must strive to have the media incorporate women in a positive light in order for this double standard to slowly recede and hopefully one day, no longer exist.

Check out the Representation Project’s video below:

Coat hanger necklaces spark criticism without the whole picture

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer @bluebird1278

Coat-hanger necklaces cause some to re-evaluate the meaning of feminism./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Kate Ausburn

Coat-hanger necklaces cause some to re-evaluate the meaning of feminism./ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Kate Ausburn

Earlier in the week, Sara Ryan, a fellow Freep writer posted her opinion about Planned Parenthood and protesters. A few days later, the subject was brought to the media’s attention once again when people realized that the DC Abortion Fund was giving out necklaces.

But these weren’t just any ordinary necklaces, they were necklaces with miniature coat hangers attached to them. And the necklaces were given out to those who donated to the fund in order to support women who could not afford to pay for an abortion.

This caused an uproar within the conservative and anti-abortion community. People began to attack the DC Abortion Fund and those who donated.

Now, before I go any further, I’d like to state my opinion real quick. Personally, I am pro-choice. This does not mean I put down those who aren’t, it is just my own personal opinion. You have a right to your choice and your opinion, as do I.

With that being said, I feel as if people targeted those who wore the necklaces as being “feminists”, thus giving feminists a negative connotation. I don’t believe that it’s fair that women who support this cause are being labeled as bad feminists.

Aren’t feminists supporters of equal rights for all sexes? So, to be a true feminist, shouldn’t one allow for different opinions to be available?

Abortion has and always will be a touchy subject among people, but they are also a choice that women make for themselves. We should not limit their freedom or punish them by calling them names or anti-feminists.

The DC Abortion Fund is set up for women to safely have abortions and not practice dangerous methods instead. As stated on their website, the coat hanger necklaces represent the mistakes of the past. It represents the suffering of women in the past, and those who still suffer today due to a lack of resources— resources that the DC Abortion Fund now tries to provide to women.

Windowless jets and the future of air travel

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Will windows on planes become a thing of the past?/ PHOTO BY Robin Ngai

Will windows on planes become a thing of the past?/ PHOTO BY Robin Ngai

Imagine a world where planes don’t have any windows and you can choose to see whatever you want. As you sit in your plush leather seat, you can pull up your email or whatever city skyline of your choice on the inside wall of the plane.

No need to imagine it any longer, thanks to Spike Aerospace, an up and coming company made of up engineers who want to make air travel more advanced than ever.

The Boston-based company has come up with a windowless jet that allows passengers to enjoy the personal flying experience they desire. Passengers can choose to literally fly among the clouds and see a view of their journey projected on the interior of the plane.

In addition to featuring maximum comfort and special effects, the jet is will be going at supersonic speeds. Spike Aerospace has predicted that it will be able to take travelers from Los Angles to Tokyo in just five hours.

As someone who travels across the country for seven hours to get to school, this jet sounds too good to be true. This kind of speed would allow people to travel faster for work, school or even emergencies.

In countries such as China, they have advanced towards this type of speedy traveling. For example, running through China is the bullet train which goes at high speeds in order to carry its passengers through the vast terrain.

So, what does this mean for the future? I hope that it means this sort of transportation will be more accessible to the general public. I know that at first it will be ridiculously expensive, but maybe some day even the average traveler can fly from Los Angles to Tokyo in just five hours.


‘Ban Bossy’ campaign encourages girls to be leaders

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Bossy. We’ve all used it as a way to describe someone we know in a negative way. A campaign dubbed “Ban Bossy” has emerged to stop the usage of this word.

The two sponsors behind Ban Bossy are Lean In (founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg) and Girl Scouts. In addition, celebrities Beyonce, Jane Lynch and Condoleezza Rice have come together in support of this foundation.

The message at hand is that bossy is a term we use towards girls and women everywhere to degrade them. Instead of using words like leader to describe girls’ attitudes, bossy is used instead. This Pantene commercial is a perfect example of how words can be twisted when it comes to describing the different sexes.

So, instead of discouraging girls to take charge, Ban Bossy is embracing it. They believe that the confidence gap between girls and boys tend to begin to grow at an early age. If we can come together to get rid of this word, then we may be able to stop this gap. Girls will continue to raise their hands, speak up in class and have higher self-esteem.

I think this is a fantastic campaign that will really encourage girls to be less self conscious about speaking out. This campaign has the potential to convince our communities and future generations to be brighter, stronger and more passionate about what they do.

On the Ban Bossy website, there are leadership tips for girls, parents and teachers. In an effort to reach out to girls everywhere, Ban Bossy also has a multitude of tools that can help to boost confidence.

This is a campaign that not only women should be a part of, but men as well. It’s important that as a society, we come together to #banbossy.

LOLThursday: Harry Potter Cast Sings Taylor Swift

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if the Boy Who Lived could recite every word of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” heartbreak anthem? Well, thanks to the editing magic of YouTube team SilvaWare Productions we know exactly what that sounds like.

Just in case you forgot or don’t know who Harry Potter is (or you just want to relive the story), AVbyte did a fantastic “Draw My Life” video that will answer all of your questions. Also, because everyone needs a little more Harry Potter in their lives, check out this short clip depicting what it would be like if the boy wizard came to life.

While avoiding writing an essay, I stumbled upon a video that includes two of my favorite things: Harry Potter and Taylor Swift. This three minute video strings together clips of the cast saying words from Swift’s song in ways that will make you wish you had these editing skills.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of the gang come together to create the musical number. It even features Draco, who demonstrates how his seemingly menacing voice can actually churn out a beautiful melody. It’ll bring a good chuckle while you reminisce on scenes you’ve forgotten from Harry Potter.

So muggles, take a break from studying for your midterms (or procrastinate for another few minutes), and enjoy the wonderful voices of the wizarding world.

Why Saying Goodbye to Traditional Marriage is a Good Thing

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

What's your stance on the marriage debate?/ PHOTO BY Robin Ngai

What’s your stance on the marriage debate?/ PHOTO BY Robin Ngai

The ideals and values of traditional marriage are being destroyed and redefined all around America today. And honestly, it’s about time.

On Thursday, Carina Kolodny of the Huffington Post published a piece speaking out against traditional marriages. In it, Kolodny expresses her support of creating more equality between men and women in traditional marriages for issues like career advancement and child care.

With an increasing number of states supporting gay marriage, it’s hard for Americans to avoid talking about how traditional gender roles no longer apply to 21st century marriages.

According to the United States Department of Labor, women make up 47 percent of the total U.S. labor force. This means that fewer women are staying home, and more women are helping to bring home paychecks.

This will affect how traditional marriage couples will handle child care, and whether kids will even be a part of the picture. These questions will have to be answered because marriage equality is no longer a thing of the past. It’s here and we must be prepared for change.

Same-sex couples will be making choices such as which parent stays home with the kids, who will be working more hours at the office, and what last name their future child will take on.

These couples will not be making their decisions based on gender, tradition, or stereotypes. This is something that traditional married couples should take into account. They shouldn’t let stereotypes and tradition control the choices being made in their marriage, rather they should do what is right for them.

We tend to value tradition in an age where equality needs to be more prevalent for men, women, same-sex couples, and Americans everywhere.

Same-sex marriages are changing the face of traditional marriages and I, for one, support it.

“Lego Movie” Gets Great Reviews, Still Ridiculous

By Robin Ngai, Staff Writer

Are you going to "The Lego Movie"?/ PHOTO BY Robin Ngai

Are you going to “The Lego Movie”?/ PHOTO BY Robin Ngai

Since “The Lego Movie” came out two weeks ago, my Facebook news-feed has been filled with statuses raving about it, my friends have been raving about it, and even Rotten Tomatoes has been raving about it (the movie has a 96% rating, beating The Dark Knight!)

My point is everyone is raving about it, except me. No, I haven’t seen it yet and I’m not here to claim that it’s a horrible film. And I’ve heard nothing but praise. But I’m just a bit skeptical as to how brilliant this children’s movie could be (and whether it’s worth the $12 movie ticket).

My childhood was never centered on these tiny plastic blocks (“books or bust” was my parents’ motto) so it’s hard for me want to shell out some time to watch this movie. I’ve seen the trailer in theaters and wasn’t blown away by the cheesy jokes or story line.

It seems that animated movies are the thing of the moment. Last year we had “Monsters University,” “The Croods,” and “Despicable Me 2,” among others. The past few months we had “Frozen” melting hearts all around the world. And now, “The Lego Movie” has stepped up and taken its place.

Despite my skepticism, it’s been rated as a film that should be watched by all ages. Adults love it, children love it and my roommate who hasn’t even seen it yet, also loves it. She’s been trying to convince me to watch it for weeks.

I give it credit for being well animated and for taking the nation by storm. Maybe one day I’ll watch “The Lego Movie,” but I don’t think it’ll be any time soon.