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By Saba Hamedy, Daily Free Press Editor-in-Chief Fall ‘11

A lot of my peers ended up going to Italy and Spain for spring break, but something made me and two of my friends want to try somewhere different. Somewhere historic. Somewhere unique.

Somewhere like Berlin and Prague.

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Saba Abroad: Camden Town

By Saba Hamedy, Former Daily Free Press Editor-in-Chief, Fall ’11

Home to the punk rockers, foodies and everyone in between, this London hub is probably one of my favorite places I’ve adventured in so far. From eating “Dutch dunkers” at the open market – which features stands of dishes from all over the world – to buying a 9 pound hand-crafted clay ring – the neighborhood isn’t a disappointment for anyone who visits, including me. Both during the day and at night, the area is filled with the most eclectic group of people and has something for everyone.

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