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Fashion Padawan: The Christmas Sweater

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

imageYeah, we’re going there: the Christmas Sweater.

It’s a strange phenomenon: something so ugly that it becomes chic. But for some reason, I am completely on board. Maybe it’s the mob mentality and maybe it’s my love for thick wool and reindeer. All I know is that I crave Christmas sweaters.

I think Christmas sweaters are so popular because they really symbolize the return of the merry Yuletide. You can’t rock a Christmas sweater in July—if you are, then you need to immediately stop. Please cease.

But when the days get cold, there’s nothing quite like pulling on a warm sweater. And if that sweater happens to have reindeer or Christmas trees or Santa Claus then that’s all the better!

But if you’re anything like me, then you’re a little befuddled as to how to get Christmas sweaters. They seem so ubiquitous, but they’re strangely sparse in the retail world. Everyone and their mother has one, but where do they get them?

There are expensive retailers online or in stores like Urban Outfitters, but unless I’m willing to saw off my own leg in payment, I don’t think those are options. You could scour EBay for hours, but that might end in fruitless heartbreak.

Well, I discovered an answer! H&M!

I don’t know what it is, but I feel like—suddenly—H&M is all about sweaters: warm, funky geometric patterns, bold colors. I was there a few days before Thanksgiving, returning a pair of ill-fitting black pants—an embarrassing story in its own right—when I wandered over to the sweater collection.

I found a dark blue sweater with neon green snowflakes and a white moose, but there were also ones with white snowflakes and red stripes. Best of all, H&M frequently has sweater sales, like “Buy one, get one half off” or “Buy one, get one free”.

So, if you’re looking to find a quick, cheap Christmas sweater to hold you over until your parents finally crack, I’d stroll on down to H&M.


Snow My Gosh!

By Sabrina Katz, Staff Writer

Snow day in Boston, just like a “white Christmas.”/PHOTO VIA Flickr user wei²

I knew that coming to a city like Boston for school would be a great opportunity to meet plenty of people my age, learn about a historical city and become independent from my parents.

One thing that especially appealed to me was the idea of getting to see snow all winter long. I’ve certainly seen snow before on a couple different accounts, but seeing it snow more than once in an entire winter is completely new to me.

Sure, it’s hard to give up the mild winter season I’m used to in the South, but the Boston snowfall feels like magic. I always thought the song “White Christmas” was a far-fetched hope, but it turns out, it actually does happen in Boston!

There’s really nothing like opening your dorm blinds and seeing the streets covered in patches of white. That was my first experience in snowy Boston. It feels ethereal, especially to someone who’s not used to the temperature dipping below 40 degrees the entire winter season.

When I was able to go outside (I finally got to break in my brand new snow boots!), the snow was still falling. During my first few moments, I just stood there on the sidewalk: breathing in the crisp air, feeling snowflakes fall onto my coat and soaking up this lovely winter day.

Unfortunately, after walking in it for two minutes, the snow became less phenomenal. The flakes were getting in my face and blinding me, I didn’t have a hat to protect my hair from getting snowed on, and taking out my iPod to listen to some music was a big no-no.

Turns out, snow is just like rain! You don’t get soaked right away, but when the snow melts on you, it feels just as unpleasant as the wet stuff in the middle of summer. Looking around at the other students walking down Commonwealth Ave., I thought to myself, “Those people with umbrellas don’t look so dumb after all!”

My first snow day in Boston is definitely something I’ll remember for a while. It wasn’t all pleasant, but it represents the kickoff for all the other snow days I’ll get to experience during my time here. For future reference, I’ll know just how to enjoy the winter weather: by staying inside, sipping on some peppermint tea, and enjoying the snowy view from a comfy spot.