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The Muse: Playlists for anytime, anywhere

It’s Music Issue season here at The Daily Free Press, and because we’re all Spotify-surfers, Groovesharks and Pandora nerds, we decided the best way to celebrate — and blow off steam — would be by making playlists. We’re all music lovers here, but it’s more than that — it’s a compulsion. We check follower counts, we trade new artists like Pokémon cards and it’s impossible to walk anywhere without a pair of headphones.

Pretension? Maybe. Okay, yes. But at least we accept it, right? But regardless, we’re providing a service. We’ve compiled our favorite songs for studying, waking up in the morning, turning up, getting underground, throwing back, crying with angst, and finally, after finals, having fun in the sun.

Wake Up: 


3 Hipster 5 U:


Study for Finals: 


Angsty Cry Sesh: 


Old School Rap: 


Turn Up: 


Summer Love: 


The Muse: Our favorite playlists — Sarah Kirkpatrick

By Sarah Kirkpatrick, Editor-In-Chief

My entire life has extremely music-rich. There was a constant supply of classic rock playing as my mom drove me around as a child. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, grunge was part of the culture (I still wear flannel and beanies quite frequently, prompting plenty of reactions from my staff such as “God, Sarah, you’re SO Seattle.”).

I sang in school and church choirs, so I was exposed to a lot of gospel and soulful songs that way. I went through my rebellious Linkin Park/My Chemical Romance/Three Days Grace phase in middle school, and found myself in a brief popular music phase in high school before eventually becoming more well-rounded.

Today, I’m very much into the indie pop and indie rock scene, constantly scouring underground music blogs for new sounds and new emotions, anything that sparks my interest. I don’t return to the songs of my childhood too often, but I believe my current musical interests are shaped from the constant rock and soul to which I was exposed as a kid.

So, tasked with listing my favorite songs, I tried my best — with a few exceptions — to look at the songs that serve as the inspirations or in some way have raw connections to my present-day tastes. From spooky synths to hell-yeah-don’t-need-no-man powerful vocals, to depressing acoustics and flannel-wearing, long-haired rockers, these are the songs that in some way relate back to what I listen to now.

And, of course, Kanye. Because obviously.

The Muse: Our favorite playlists — Ross Hsu

By Ross Hsu, Staff Writer

The way I see it, everyone gets their music taste from his or her parents. I’ve liked a ton of different bands in my time, and most of them have lost my attention as I’ve found new loves. The ones that stay around, though, are the ones that remind me of being a kid — of leaning against the bookcase that held my mom’s old stereo, feeling the voices of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Mike Love and Paul Simon reverberate in my skull.

Raised on the weirdest selection of new wave, early punk, classic rock and folk, I grew up appreciating songs that either defied their genre or lampooned it. This playlist, made in honor of our music issue, is a testament to that. Traversing my tastes from childhood to now, it contains as many of my dirty new wave guilty pleasures as it does my modern electro trash guilty pleasures. I think most of my favorite songs are guilty pleasures.

Listen to this playlist of my favorite songs! It’s an eclectic mix of blues, electronic, new wave, early R&B, modern indie rock, and whatever M.I.A. is. If ever you’ve found yourself wondering what The FreeP’s music subhead listens to in his free time, now is your chance!

Hint: never trust any group of music that calls itself “eclectic.” Unless of course, you’re been given this information by an astute and informed scholar of the popular arts such as myself.

straightens tasteful tie and understated monocle.

Science Tuesday: Spotify Goes Hi-Tech

By Sanah Faroke

Whether you’re jamming out to Kendrick Lamar while getting ready for a party, or taking it easy with some tunes from Xx, your music typically reflects your mood and what you’re doing. A lot of the time, to prep myself for a long day, I listen to fast-paced music and it gets me in the zone.

What if songs were automatically streamed to you based upon what you’re doing? Spotify is trying just that.

Using your heart rate, Spotify will soon be able to deliver music geared to what it thinks you’re doing, whether it be biking, running or sitting. This new technology Spotify is trying to conduct can even help listeners feel warmer on cold days, something I’m not opposed to at all. If it could make me feel like I’m in Miami when it’s 10 degrees outside, I’d probably be indebted to Spotify for life.

So how is this possible?

Well, Spotify hopes to eventually use sensor data, possibly with the motion sensors on smart phones, or even a temperature sensor. Hopefully this idea can be put into effect soon! Although I’m a big Pandora fan, I might eventually switch to Spotify if it can send some Martin Garrix or Calvin Harris through my Beats headphones (you know how you like to walk to class like you own the place). Maybe Spotify can be the next game changer in the music world.

Either way, it’s always good when music makes want to dance like Lena Dunham in this scene out of Girls:

Spotify talks plans to stream video

By Maya Devereaux, Staff Writer

Soon, Spotify might not be just for music/ SCREENSHOT OF SPOTIFY BY Hilary Ribons

Soon, Spotify might not be just for music. / SCREENSHOT via Spotify

I have to admit, Netflix and Hulu Plus are some of my most loyal friends sometimes, especially  on nights when I have no plans except to stay in. Spotify is cool too but only in the musical sense. I can’t quite imagine the privately owned commercial music streaming service crossing over into the video streaming realm. Well, Huffington Post has announced that there has indeed been talk of Spotify introducing streaming video to its service! (Pause for reaction).

The article essentially questions whether or not Spotify would be able to financially support streaming big name TV shows and films, and creating its own series (as Netflix recently did with it’s hit show House of Cards). Existing companies have the funding to offer many options. However, Spotify is currently not as established, and therefore might not be able to remain competitive with other, film-focused streaming services.

Another question to pose: how will Spotify market its new offerings?

By the time Spotify makes clear its video streaming service, and how to use it, it may be too financially burdened to continue offering it. Furthermore, with competition as fierce as it already is among video streaming services, I can’t seem to find a place for Spotify, at least in my mind (and heart!). For one thing, companies like Netflix are streaming a huge variety of shows and movies that seems to expand all the time. Unless Spotify can top what Amazon Instant Play and Hulu Plus already offer to their loyal followers, the company lacks what it takes to survive in terms of video streaming.
Nonetheless, deciding to expand to video seems like a smart move for Spotify as all of these companies are forced to find new ways to keep up with competitors. More competition in this stiff video streaming market is generally a good thing, so only time will tell if Spotify’s expansion pays off!


By Steph Solis, Staff

On nearly every freshman’s checklist is his or her first visit to FitRec. My freshman-year roommate and I crossed that off our list on the first week of school, but instead of working out, we just took the tour and left. We went back in for a minute, realizing we hadn’t ordered the smoothies we wanted.

I went back to FitRec Monday morning after two-and-a-half years.

Why didn’t I take advantage of this extravagant resource that probably cost our alumni (and many of us) a chunk of tuition? Well, unlike many athletes and BU biddies, I don’t live near West, nor did I desire to move there to be closer to the gym. I admire their discipline, but I’d rather have a shorter walk to classes and avoid the crowds in West for the BUS on snowy mornings.

Having a more easy-going schedule this semester, and having noticed that my jeans are much tighter than they were when school started, I decided to attempt working out regularly.

In the process, I have begun to compile my very own workout playlist. Just to warn you, there is no trace of Katy Perry on my playlist. Nor is there any One Direction, Justin Bieber or Britney Spears. Instead, I bring to you a compilation of Classic Rock and Punk with a sprinkle of Hip Hop and Lady Gaga (who, in my world, stands as her own category).

So if you like spunky workout music that you probably won’t find at the clubs, or if you’re new to FitRec-ing like me, give these a chance.

Here are a few highlights.

“Are You Experienced?” Patti Smith Cover

The Pattie Smith cover is much more mellow than Jimi Hendrix’s original, but it’s perfect for stretching.

“The Distance” by Cake

This is probably best if you’re on a track field (because I would clearly know), but it’s one of those motivating songs that make you feel cool and stuff.

“Funk Soul Brother” by Fatboy Slim

Because it’s in every other movie and makes people want to dance (or, in Bruce Almighty’s case, makes him want to take his clothes off).

“Right Here, Right Now” by Fatboy Slim

This is one of those songs where you’re either in a really cool daydream as a spy running from the enemy or a really bad nightmare where you’re about to die first. Either way, it’s worth adding to your playlist.

“Knights of Cydonia” Muse

Listen to this while on the elliptical and imagine yourself running into an epic battle that will determine the fate of the world. Once you’re in a groove, this song can be the perfect energizer.

“Single Ladies” by Beyonce

If the song’s beats don’t give you incentive to work out, you can picture yourself as Beyonce while you workout. Sounds like enough incentive to me.

“Rabiosa” by Shakira

Don’t get distracted by Shakira’s sex appeal here. The song’s bachata-style beats add some necessary flavor to your workout, and might make you want to dance in the middle of FitRec (I wouldn’t recommend it, though).

“Bad Girls” by M.I.A.

One of the best songs to workout to. Not sure if it’s the sick beats or M.I.A.’s empowering message of women’s rights. When I listen to this song, I like to think I’m almost as bad ass as the Saudi Arabian women in the video who defy their male counterparts by driving and brandishing massive weapons. One way or another, I convince myself to keep running until the song ends and tone those thighs.

“BYOB” by System of a Down

It’s one of the heavier songs on this playlist, but it’ll get you to workout. That, or if you’re like some students I know, it’ll scare you into running faster.

“Apple Tree” by Wolfmother

Lyrics aside, it’s a fast-paced, rock song with a feel-good, don’t-give-a-f— tone. If you’re looking for fun, but not pop-heavy, I highly recommend.

Winter hibernation playlists

By Sydney Moyer, Music Editor

You know those nights where it’s starting to snow and you’re walking home, but you forgot your gloves, and you probably should have worn a heavier jacket? But you’re too tired to care—you go home, don about four blankets, make some tea, turn on the fireplace app on your phone (just kidding on that one… maybe) and settle in to watch the snow fall instead of doing homework? Anyone? Is it just me? Well, regardless, Daily Free Press MUSE Editor Marisa Benjamin and I have each compiled our winter playlists to soundtrack those nights. Listen below and try to tell us we’re not as good as John Williams. (Kidding! Maybe!)

Artist to Watch: The Amazing

By Syndey Moyer, Music Editor

The latest new thing in psychedelic prog-rock/folk/acoustic rising up with a debut LP on Partisan Records is a Swedish supergroup of sorts called The Amazing. Oh, what’s that? You’ve never heard of another rising psychedelic prog-rock/folk/acoustic quintet? Of course not because the sound of these five Swedes evades comparison or label, like so many of the greats in the music industry do today. On “Gentle Stream,” their second studio effort, the band opens with the seven-plus-minute musical journey “Gentle Stream,” which effortlessly glides through a myriad of genres and musical styles to create a sound both lush and captivating, qualities that remain notably present throughout the album. Listen for yourself below on Spotify, and if you’re at a loss for what to do this weekend, skip the drunken Allston basement shenanigans and head to Royale on Friday to see The Amazing open for Tame Impala. It’s guaranteed to be a good time.

The Hurricane Sandy Playlist

By Lauren Dezenski, Online Editor


With all of this (legitimate) hype over the superstorm Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy, it’s high time we prepare in every way, shape and form possible. Translation: make a playlist.

You’re welcome, Eastern Seaboard.

Ke$ha’s “Blow” starts things on the right foot–who doesn’t love Ke$ha, or better yet, the visual of that glittery betch getting blown away by the 65+ MPH wind gusts expected in Boston on Monday. Which brings me to the next song…

“Manic Monday” by the Bangles. If classes aren’t cancelled, you bet your bottom dollar shit’s gonna get real manic, especially for those girls’ hairdos undoubtedly mussed by Sandy’s gusts. Monday’s forecast: rainy with a 95 percent chance of topknots. I see you, COM girls.

Not to be forgotten: “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” I personally believe this song’s potential would only be improved by listening to this on the 26th floor of StuVi II as it sways in the wind. BECAUSE APPARENTLY THAT HAPPENS.

Other goodies: “Sandy” by John Travolta (sorry, I had to), “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)” by the Arcade Fire (I just can’t quit those catchy indie Canadians, plus I live in Allston so my power probably will go out), “Hurricane Drunk” by Florence and the Machine (for those Halloweenies still hung over from this weekend’s festivities–not that I would know, I stayed in and watched The Weather Channel. I’m so cool, right?).

Things end with “The New Jersey Song,” a lil’ gem I encountered by searching “New Jersey” on Spotify, and ode to the Garden State’s position as essentially Sandy’s target as it swings westward and makes landfall on Monday evening. Here’s to hoping this weather event calms hostilities between the Real Housewives of New Jersey … and their implants float.

A man on The Weather Channel told me to put bags full of water in my freezer and now I’m telling you to listen to this playlist. When this randomly shuts off in the middle of you blasting it from the speakers in your apartment, it’ll be an epic way to realize you’ve lost power.

FreepOUT: Photo editor Abbie’s playlist

A track listing of Abbie’s chosen beats

If you’ve ever visited the sketchy Freep office, no doubt that I’ll be sitting in my torn up chair in the photo corner, under the tic-inducing flickering light. But today, I did a little more than my usual photo editing and crying myself to sleep due to hunger to present you all with a playlist I use to calm me down when everything else in the newsroom (hi news) is getting chaotic.
P.S. Justin Bieber 4ever.

-Abbie Lin, Photo Editor Fall 2012