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LOL Thursday: Fake Bear Terrorizes New Yorkers

By Shivani Patel, Staff Writer

During the Super Bowl, Chobani aired a commercial in which a bear ransacks a mom and pop grocery store, leaving only a section of Chobani greek yogurt in tact. The bear even takes one of the yogurt cups and puts it on the counter, as if ready to pay for it. The bear then pushes a magazine with his “purchase” of a yogurt. After the police deem the store safe to enter, they survey the damage only to see that the yogurt is still perfectly fine in the store.

Last week, the yogurt company followed up on the ad by dressing up an actor in a bear costume, making him look as authentic to a wild bear as possible. The bear’s mission is to find food with natural ingredients (because it wouldn’t be an ad without some sort of agenda). The company places the bear at a street corner, ready to scare New Yorkers going about their daily routine (I think we can all appreciate the fun in this publicity stunt).

The terror in some people’s faces is so sad, but so, so funny. And of course you have the people who aren’t fazed at all by a bear on the streets of NYC. And there are even some people sneakily taking video on their phones of this incredible random stunt.


Pop Culture Countdown: Jimmy Fallon, Pitch Perfect 2, and Snowbrawl 2014

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

6. Britney Spears Saves “How I Met Your Mother”:

We’re starting this week off with the Princess of Pop. After guest-starring on the popular CBS comedy, Britney Spears has been credited with saving “How I Met Your Mother” from getting canceled in its fourth season, according to HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. She portrayed Abby, a stalker-eque, crazed receptionist in love with Ted Mosby. Her appearance came right after the writers’ strike, and HIMYM was teetering on the edge of getting the axe. Luckily, Spears swept in and boosted ratings that have been high ever since. Now the show is nearing the end of their ninth and final season, with the last episode set to air on March 31.

5. Justin Bieber:

By now, everyone’s eyes are on Justin Bieber. From peeing in buckets to posing for pictures with ladies of the night, he is one train wreck that we just can’t give up. But his latest legal woes have a bit of a new development.

Police pulled Bieber over  for speeding late last month but it turns out he wasn’t actually speeding at the time he was pulled over. Although, according to his rented yellow Lamborghini, which has a built-in GPS system that recorded the car’s speed just hours before his arrest, Bieber was going over 136 mph at one point in his joyride. That, paired with the alcohol and drugs in his system, could have had serious repercussions. On the bright side, no one was hurt, and the pop star hasn’t become another prison cautionary tale (yet).

4. Jimmy Fallon’s last show:

Moving on to big and better things as the newest “The Tonight Show” host, Jimmy Fallon wrapped up his last episode on his “Late Night” show. In true Fallon fashion, he went out on a high note with jokes and music, saying he would really miss his 12:35 a.m. time slot and competing for viewers with a “vegan chopper commercial.” He ended his show with The Muppets — because of course why wouldn’t he — and got a little emotional in his monologue.

Fallon will replace Jay Leno as “The Tonight Show” host, as Seth Meyers moves into “Late Night.”

3. Sage Kotsenburg:

American Olympian Sage Kotsenburg won the Winter Olympics’ first gold medal by utilizing a move that he had never used before. And that’s all fine and dandy, but what I think the real story here is just how much of an awesome bro Kotsenburg is. He has a brother named Blaze, and he uses words like “mega” and “stoked.” It’s nice to see an Olympian with a real, honest personality. I’m not afraid to admit that I want him to be my best friend.

2. Pitch Perfect 2:

Pitch Perfect 2 is happening and I am getting all of the feels again. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have signed on, and Kendrick even signed on without reading the script. I don’t even know if the movie even needs a script. In my opinion it only needs Kendrick reading her Tweets, Wilson speaking words, and a capella versions of “We Can’t Stop,” “Young and Beautiful” and “Timber.” You heard it here first, readers.

1. BU SnowBrawl 2014:

Okay, this might not be worldwide pop culture news, but it sure has a big impact on our little community. Wednesday, Boston University declared a snow day for the Charles River Campus, as I’m sure you are all aware. And if you’re not aware, then seriously what were you doing?

Anyway, in true snow day spirit, a Facebook event was created for one fantastic, gigantic mega-blowout snowball fight on the Esplanade. It was epic and beautiful. And — shameless plug — if you check out BU Today’s Instagram account and look up their SnowBrawl picture, you’ll see me. You’re welcome, world.

Top Three Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials

By Kyra Louie, Staff Writer

With the anything but close game Sunday at Super Bowl XLVIII, it’s only fair to focus on the things that made the Super Bowl interesting.  Don’t get me wrong, football is always fun to watch, but with the Seahawks already winning by 22 points going into the third quarter against the Denver Bronocs, the only real entertainment was Bruno Mars, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the commercials.

So, without further ado, here are my top three commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII (in no particular order.)

Pistachio’s “Wonderful Pistachios” featuring Stephen Colbert:

This string of commercials supremely tops last year’s pistachio commercial. No offense to Psy, but the parody of “Gangnam Style” probably did not have the exact effect the company was looking for.

On a lighter note, Stephen Colbert and the bald eagle were wonderful. The next pistachios commercial 30 seconds after the first was both unexpected and the key part of this commercial’s cleverness and charm. Also, anything involving Stephen Colbert is sure to draw a lot of attention.

Coke’s “America the Beautiful”:

Lately, this commercial has been getting a lot of controversial attention. Personally, this one ties the Coke Polar Bear as my favorite Coke commercial ever. I love that the song is a cappella, but more importantly, I love that it isn’t only in English. The diversity in the song represents America itself, and what better way to broadcast our diversity than at the Super Bowl? Even cooler, Coca Cola put a series up on YouTube interviewing the different singers of their #AmericaisBeautiful ad 

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”:

Budweiser always gets me. Always. Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot in my heart for animals. But come on, Clydesdale horses and golden retrievers make a good mix! What their friendship has to do with beer, I have absolutely no clue. You just really can’t go wrong with horses and puppies.

I salute all the other commercials that didn’t make it into my top three. Everyone loves Doritos, as well as watching David Beckham run around in his briefs, but these three stood out the most. Hopefully next year the game will be half as entertaining as the commercials.

Everything You Need to Know for Super Bowl XLVIII

By Sarah Kirkpatrick (@Kirkpatrick_SJ) and Andrew Battifarano (@Squidthoughts)

Not familiar with the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos? Only going to your friend’s Super Bowl party for the snacks? Don’t worry — here’s everything you need to know about each team, plus some final score predictions from the DFP sports staff.


Regular Season: 13-3 overall record

How they got to the Super Bowl:

The Seahawks, as the top overall seed in the NFC Western Division— fueled by a dynamic running game and the NFL’s best defense — earned a first-round bye and met the fifth-seeded New Orleans Saints in the divisional round. The Seahawks jumped out to a 16-0 lead, but the Saints fought back. They came within eight points twice, but an illegal forward pass by Saints running back Marques Colston in the dwindling seconds to end the game allowed Seattle to exhale, giving the Seahawks a 23-15 win and a berth in the NFC Championship Game.

But in order to advance to the Super Bowl, the Seahawks had to beat their biggest enemy — the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers jumped out to a quick 10-0 lead, but a field goal right before half and a Marshawn Lynch touchdown five minutes into the third quarter tied things up. Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick connected with wide receiver Anquan Boldin for a touchdown shortly thereafter, but a field goal and a touchdown from Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to wide receiver Jermaine Kearse gave the Seahawks the lead for good. The 49ers attempted to stay in it, though. On Kaepernick’s attempt at winning the game, cornerback Richard Sherman tipped a pass intended for 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree into the hands of Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith to end the game and give Seattle an exhilarating 23-17 win.

Players to Watch:

Loudmouthed corner Richard Sherman has divided America — confident or cocky? You’ve all seen the interview— but he has the stats to back up his talk. He led the NFC in interceptions this year, with eight.

Marshawn Lynch has also made headlines with the opposite problem — he is succinct with the media  — but has quietly been the difference-maker for the Seahawks. He has had 249 rushing yards in the postseason, the most of any player, and tied for the most rushing TDs in the NFL during the regular season (12).

Doug Baldwin isn’t quite as talked-about as Lynch or Sherman, but the wide receiver has been reliable this postseason, including three receptions for 20+ yards. His quarterback doesn’t pass to him often — only 10 times this postseason — but Baldwin has been there nearly every time, catching eight of those attempts.


Regular Season: 13-3 overall record

How they got to the Super Bowl: Future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Peyton Manning led the best passing game in the NFL to the top seed in the AFC Western Division. Ever since Manning was cut from the Indianapolis Colts and signed with the Broncos, Denver’s offense has been a powerhouse and a threat to win it all. Last year the Broncos lost in heartbreaking fashion to the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens on a final-minute “Hail Mary” from Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco.

Opening night this season the Broncos had some chance for vengeance against those same Ravens. In that game, Manning and the Broncos not only beat the Ravens, but absolutely manhandled them. Denver put up 49 points, which included an amazing 7 touchdown passes from Manning. The Broncos kept this prolific offense up through the entire season, and with an amazing core of receivers, Manning set the record for most touch down passes in a season with 55.

Rolling into the playoffs with just three losses, the Broncos earned a first-round bye, and eventually took on the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Divisional Round. Although the Chargers made a second half push, the Broncos held on for a 24-17 win.

The next week in the AFC Championship game, long awaited matchup of Manning versus New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady happened. Manning threw for 400 yards, the Denver defense kept the pressure on Brady all game and the Broncos were able to advance to its first Super Bowl since John Elway was quarterback (1998 season). 

Players to watch: It is no secret that the key to the Denver offense is Manning. With one of his best seasons, if not his best, he runs an impressive show that rivals the 1999 St. Louis Rams’ “Greatest Show on Turf” offense. While Manning has been slinging the ball with accuracy and efficiency all year, there is more to Denver than the quarterback.

Without the amazing receiving core of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas, Manning would have not had the numbers he did. Those four each had at least 10 touchdowns this season, proving to be headaches for many defenses. Welker was concussed recently, so it should be interesting to see what kind of factor he plays in the game.

While running back Knowshon Moreno’s pregame emotions have been well documented, he’s quietly had a career year as the team’s starting running back, posting over 1,000 rushing yards and recording 10 touchdown runs.


Andrew (Sports Editor): 23-14 Seahawks. Even with Denver’s prolific offense, Seattle’s defense will be strong, and will stop Peyton Manning. The combination of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch will be too much and the Seahawks should prevail.

Michael Joscelyn (Women’s basketball writer): 24-20 Denver. Seattle’s defense and running game will make this extremely tough on the Broncos but in the end I think it’s Peyton Manning’s game to lose. If the Denver defense can’t slow down Marshawn Lynch, that score may just be flipped around.

Kevin Dillon (Men’s hockey writer and Sports Editor, Fall 2012): Denver 19-17. The cold weather forces Denver to rely on Knowshon Moreno and the short passing game, which means a lot of Matt Prater field goals. His fourth and final one is a last-second game-winner, as Champ Bailey and the underrated Denver defense hold off the Seahawks offense just enough.

Conor Ryan (Associate Sports Editor, Fall 2013): 24-17 Seattle. Lynch runs through Denver’s defense and Peyton can’t handle the cold weather or Seattle’s secondary. Wilson gets SB MVP but hands it to Tom Brady as a lifetime achievement award. All is well.

Meredith Perri (Men’s hockey writer and Sports Editor, Spring 2012):  Can I just predict that regardless of the score all you will hear about for a week afterward is Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman, not necessarily in that order?

Jackie Bamberger (Associate Sports Editor): 28-24 Seahawks. But I predict that no matter the score, Sarah [Kirkpatrick] will be in tears after the game.

Sarah (Editor-in-chief): I’m a diehard Seahawks fan, so I’m not going to make any predictions. I don’t want to jinx anything.


LOL Thursday: More NFL Bad Lip Reading

By Katrina Uy, Staff Writer

What better way to get ready for Super Bowl Sunday than by watching Bad Lip Reading’s latest viral video?

Yep, you heard right – they’ve done it again and they’re back with a sequel to the original, entitled “More NFL – A Bad Lip Reading”.

I know nothing about football, but anyone with a remote sense of humor will find this hilarious. My own personal favorite Bad Lip Reading videos are its spoofs of “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games,” but the channel has also been known to do videos of the political variety, like highlights from the 2012 Presidential Debates, if that suits your fancy.

If you’ve never seen any of the ‘Bad Lip Reading’ videos, you may be asking, what the hell is it? The channel features different muted clips of scenes from movies, celebrities, and politicians and provides voice overs with a lip reading that totally fits their mouth movements but doesn’t always make sense. The result is completely ridiculous, yet totally hysterical at the same time.

Featuring numerous players and coaches with a handful of great lines such as “I will sing for you when you beg me. And you will beg me!” and Peyton Manning’s response to the question that scares you: “Just having somebody yucky like you, denim jeans, uh… Voldemort. Yes, I said Voldemort,” More of NFL Bad Lip Reading is sure to brighten your day.


By Brandon Lewis, Staff Writer

Every year the Super Bowl ignites national frenzy amongst sports fans. Those who can’t watch the football championship live watch it from the comfort of their living room sofas. The perks of the later option: the entertaining commercials. This year my favorite ad was the Best Buy commercial featuring the comedian and actress Amy Poehler. The commercial commences when a sales representative asks Poehler whether she needs assistance. Then Poehler goes on to ask awkward questions about the merchandise such as, “Will this one read Fifty Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice?” The funny thing is that Poehler’s concerns are questions that us customers really want to ask but usually don’t. Like Poehler, I always wondered what makes a smart TV “smart.” And admit it, you do too. Best Buy effectively portrays the message that they have the answers to all the customers’ questions, even the unconventional ones.

Ravens win “Blackout Bowl”

By Gregory Davis, Sports Editor


The Ravens were the victors at this year's Super Bowl/ PHOTO VIA ibtimes.com

The Ravens were the victors at this year’s Super Bowl with a final score of 34–31. / PHOTO VIA ibtimes.com

In a game that many will refer to as the “Blackout Bowl” for years to come, the Baltimore Ravens came just a few yards away from surrendering the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, but the San Francisco 49ers were unable to complete the job with a final score of 34–31. Just in case you tuned out at the blackout (or before) here’s a recap.

It was all Ravens from the very start of the first half. Joe Flacco was firing on all cylinders while Colin Kaepernick was struggling to put a substantial drive together. The Ravens drove 51 yards on six plays and Flacco found Anquan Boldin in the end zone to get Baltimore on the scoreboard first.

While the 49ers settled for just two field goals in the first half, Joe Flacco threw three touchdown passes, including a 56-yard bomb to Jacoby Jones. The teams went to their respective locker rooms with the Ravens in the lead 21–6.

All hopes of a 49er comeback seemed thwarted when Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones opened up the second half with a 108-yard kick return for a touchdown. But after a half-hour delay due to a power outage in the Mercedes Super Dome, the tide quickly turned.

After Kaepernick was unable to convert on a 3rdand long, the 49ers’ defense looked better than it did all game, stopping the Ravens’ drive before it got started. Kaepernick then drove his team 80 yards in 7 plays and topped off the drive with a momentum swinging 31-yard touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree.

The 49ers followed that up with a 6-yard touchdown run from Frank Gore and a 34-yard field goal from David Akers to cut the once 22-point deficit to just five.

But Joe Flacco did not allow his team to fold under the pressure of potentially watching its 22-point lead become a deficit. He led his team 71 yards down the field to set up a 19-yard chip shot from Justin Tucker to put the Ravens up by 8.

After Kaepernick responded with a 15-yard touchdown run of his own — accompanied by a missed 2-point conversion — to bring the 49ers back within 2, Flacco led his team on a clutch drive once again that ended in a field goal.

The stage was set; a 5-point game with 4:19 remaining in the Super Bowl. It was up to Colin Kaepernick to take his team downfield for a touchdown to take the lead.

With clutch passes, well-timed rushes and a crucial completion to Michael Crabtree, Kaepernick got his team inside the 10-yard line. After a rush for a short gain and three incomplete passes — one of which was accompanied by a debatable defensive holding that the referees did not call — the 49ers’ offense could not punch it in.

As miraculous as the 49ers’ resilience and near comeback was, it was not enough to give them the honor of hoisting the Lombardi trophy. Instead, the silver statue belongs to the Baltimore Ravens, who were just yards away from the worst Super Bowl meltdown of all time.