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Fashion Padawan: The Christmas Sweater

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

imageYeah, we’re going there: the Christmas Sweater.

It’s a strange phenomenon: something so ugly that it becomes chic. But for some reason, I am completely on board. Maybe it’s the mob mentality and maybe it’s my love for thick wool and reindeer. All I know is that I crave Christmas sweaters.

I think Christmas sweaters are so popular because they really symbolize the return of the merry Yuletide. You can’t rock a Christmas sweater in July—if you are, then you need to immediately stop. Please cease.

But when the days get cold, there’s nothing quite like pulling on a warm sweater. And if that sweater happens to have reindeer or Christmas trees or Santa Claus then that’s all the better!

But if you’re anything like me, then you’re a little befuddled as to how to get Christmas sweaters. They seem so ubiquitous, but they’re strangely sparse in the retail world. Everyone and their mother has one, but where do they get them?

There are expensive retailers online or in stores like Urban Outfitters, but unless I’m willing to saw off my own leg in payment, I don’t think those are options. You could scour EBay for hours, but that might end in fruitless heartbreak.

Well, I discovered an answer! H&M!

I don’t know what it is, but I feel like—suddenly—H&M is all about sweaters: warm, funky geometric patterns, bold colors. I was there a few days before Thanksgiving, returning a pair of ill-fitting black pants—an embarrassing story in its own right—when I wandered over to the sweater collection.

I found a dark blue sweater with neon green snowflakes and a white moose, but there were also ones with white snowflakes and red stripes. Best of all, H&M frequently has sweater sales, like “Buy one, get one half off” or “Buy one, get one free”.

So, if you’re looking to find a quick, cheap Christmas sweater to hold you over until your parents finally crack, I’d stroll on down to H&M.


Fashion Padawan: Three Things You Need to Wear This Winter

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

Danny McCarthy

Danny McCarthy wears a trapper hat, Asos scarf and festive socks/ PHOTO VIA Justin Hawk

When the high from chugging that Starbucks venti pumpkin spice latte fades and you’re stuck walking from East to West campus in weather so cold your hands might as well be frozen meat-gloves, you realize that sometimes, winter sucks.

And when you’re waddling to class swathed in layers of clothing, it’s easy to forget that, even in winter, you need to make an effort. Everyone else may be pulling a full-on marshmallow act, but there are things you can do to spice up that dull wintry wardrobe.

Here are the three things you need this winter:

1. The hat: When I’m looking at someone, my gaze instantly goes to their head (and because I am a reliable source and sample of the general population, I’m assuming you do too). And since we focus on the head, we need a head-dress, aka the hat.

I refuse to accept that some people aren’t “hat people.” That’s a lie; you’re just weak. There are some people—me—who have a head for hats, and there are some who have to work hard for it. Maybe it’s a baggy beanie, or a tweed newsboy cap. I personally have a soft spot for trapper hats. They’re so cute and warm and the BU Bookstore has a few of them for a pretty decent price.

2. The scarf: I feel like guys think scarves aren’t “manly” enough to wear. But what’s more manly than wrapping your neck in what is essentially the cloth version of a strip of bacon? Literally nothing. Scarves are warm and can add depth to any outfit. I have been particularly fond of this cable-knit, mustard-yellow scarf from ASOS that I bought back in August—for just $8. If my outfit is leaning towards darker colors (a distinct winter possibility) a yellow scarf can add some oomph. Just avoid the scarf and t-shirt combo; you’re not a fashion savage.

3. The socks: Why are socks always the middle children of the clothing world? As a middle child, I know their pain. But we need to champion the middle children—most importantly me—and value their worth. Boring socks make me want to throw fake blood on the perpetrators—whoops. But if I spot a flash of spots or stripes or bright colors between your shoe and your pant, I want to throw diamonds on you. You can get cute socks anywhere, but I recommend J. Crew for spots or stripes, and Urban Outfitters for the wackier options.

I know it’s hard to get dressed in winter, when all you want to do is curl up in bed and watch “The Vampire Diaries” (I’m projecting a little, but hey, pick your poison), but you can still make the effort. The great thing about accessories is that they can take a mundane outfit to new heights. If you’re wearing a dark sweater and some nice brown chinos, but you add a bright pair of socks and a cute hat, suddenly you’re ultra-chic and knowledgeable; you can become the ‘it’ guy.

May the Fashion Be With You!

Fashion Padawan: Introduction

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

Always looking to expand the current collection./PHOTO VIA Danny McCarthy

I have a lot of clothes, probably a lot more than I need and definitely more than my meager money supply can manage. I think I’ve been spending so much and buying so many clothes over the past few months (cue rolling eyes from my parents), because I need to catch up. I went to private school for most of my life where, horrendously, we had to wear uniforms. every. day.

Clearly, it’s not hard to find the root of the problem. I was depraved of that joy and, like Augustus Gloop in “Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory”, as soon as I could I went hog-wild. Any spare cash went straight into the registers at stores, from H&M to Urban Outfitters, ASOS to J.Crew.

I’ve learned some things on my journey as a fashion Padawan and I would like to share these with you:

1. Men’s clothes are crazy expensive.

2. Men’s clothes are the middle children of the fashion world.

3. J.Crew won’t accept tears and a firstborn child as payment for a cardigan.

So that’s where we are. I’d like to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned from my shopping experience and share them with you. That’s right, you! But first, you should probably know a little about me.

Name: Danny.

Fashion Style: Grandpa Chic with a hint of Modest Hipster.

Favorite color: Green.

Most embarrassing fashion purchase: a horrendously bad, itchy orange sweater (Seriously, it has no redeeming qualities).

I am an excellent sales shopper and recently became addicted to online shopping, as well as becoming addicted to falling in love with the models who wear the clothes in the pictures. It’s a big issue, you guys.

My newest goals are to find more cute, short-sleeve button-downs, which (spoiler alert), I look really great in (and don’t I always look great?), some skinny chinos because sometimes jeans just don’t make the cut and even more crew-neck sweatshirts because I will never have enough crew-neck sweatshirts. Never.

The thing about fashion is that you’re never “done”. There’s always going to be a new season, a new shirt you want to buy and a new style to adapt to. That’s good because as long as our styles change and evolve, it means that we’re changing and evolving as people. I know that I won’t stop changing and evolving until I topple off the top floor of a futuristic Urban Outfitters in the frenzy of a sale. They’ll say it was an accident, but really I was pushed so that someone else could get that denim shirt.

So let’s grow and evolve together, into more fashionable, more savvy and more shrewd shopping individuals! Let’s be Padawans to the fashion Jedi. Seriously.