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Life Hacks: The Alternatives to Late Nite

By Shivani Patel, Staff Writer

When in doubt, City Co./PHOTO VIA Shivani Patel

As of now, we’re a couple of weeks into the semester and slowly moving along. We’re slowly taking quizzes, tests and midterms. Because of this, some have been pulling a few all-nighters to keep up – or at least staying up past two in the morning watching YouTube videos while doing a write-up for that chemistry lab.

I don’t know about you, but I know so many people (myself included) who get those late night munchies.

Warren Late Nite will be my downfall.

For those select few who haven’t visited Warren Late Nite, let me paint you a picture. Imagine that you are standing next to a sign with all types of food like pancakes and curly fries (my personal favorite is chocolate chip pancakes). There are three stations and you have to pick your (fried) poison. Just as you’re about to pay, you see a rack full of chocolate and candy. A packet of Swedish Fish won’t hurt…right?

You get the point.

As usual, I am here with a few alternatives to make sure you don’t gain “Freshman 15” from all that fried food.

1. Late Night Kitchen, Marciano Commons

Yes, it is a bit of a walk if you live in Warren (quadruple that if you live in West) and yes, it does close at 11 p.m. on weekdays. However, it is quite the experience because it has a restaurant style format. This means that they seat you, give you menus and bring the food (as well as the check) to your table. If you have the time to go, I’d definitely suggest checking this place out. After all, they have Nutella crepes!

Hours: 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.

2. Extreme Pita, West Campus

West Campus, known for its great food, has this, which serves food such as gyros in Claflin Hall. If you’re looking for something healthy and nutritious, this should definitely be your stop. Plus, if you’re looking to watch some TV, Extreme Pita conveniently has a sufficient amount of TVs for your viewing pleasure.

Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 1 a.m. (Mondays-Thursdays), 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. (Thursdays-Saturdays)

3. City Convenience (located at both Warren Towers & West Campus)

I think this is one of the more underrated places to get food. There is an incredible variety (both healthy & non-healthy). There is a selection of pre-made food, fruit and microwaveable meals. Plus, you will find any drink you could ever want. These locations are usually open until three in the morning, so for any late night cravings, City Convenience will be your best bet.

Obviously, there are more places to go (i.e. Insomnia Cookies), but let’s take a stab at being healthy right?

The best part about these three places is that they accept convenience points. You’re welcome.


Not all of America runs on Dunkin’

By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

A classic DD breakfast/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

A classic DD breakfast/ PHOTO BY Heather Goldin

Dunkin’ Donuts is packing up its shorts and RayBans and moving to California. The famously affordable coffee and donut chain recently announced their plans to expand to the West.

When I heard the announcement, I didn’t exactly raise my hands up and jump for joy. As a native Californian I had never really heard about Dunkin’ Donuts before moving to Boston. DD had a short stint in the 1990’s but the location closed back in 2002, way before I would experience the joy of coffee for the first time.

So when I had Dunkin’ Donuts for the first time I guess you could say I had high expectations.

What a let down.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the coffee is decent, and I also like the donuts. However, with a name that includes “Donuts” in the title, I think their donuts should be a little more epic. I don’t see what makes it so special. Yea I get it, Dunkin’ is cheaper, but I believe the phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here.

DD’s biggest competition on the west is most likely Starbucks, and while Dunkin’ dominates here on the east with practically 10 DD shops for every Starbucks location, Starbucks reigns supreme on the Pacific side of the U.S. Besides the large variety in drinks and food items, Starbucks draws in customers with their reloadable gift cards. Starbucks offers fancy incentives. Dunkin’ offers…cheap coffee.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who are excited about having DD on the West Coast. The CEO of Dunkin’ definitely is. But as for me, not so much.